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  1. That final paragraph might be the biggest waffle ive ever read. So you think that he may not be an upgrade on Duffy but probably.
  2. Do you have to wonder? They clearly tried to get Hopkin, circumventing their much-ballyhooed recruitment process and leaving those actually wanted the job (and players) in the lurch, failed to land Hopkin (or weren’t willing to wait on his holiday ending) and then reverted to the original applicants. This whole thing has been worse than the SFA/Regan/O’Neil/McLeish farce, while the actual appointment is utterly deflating.
  3. Well I don’t know what YOU’re talking about but yes, this is taking an age. I just want anyone bar McKinnon announced now and to get on with having a team to support and besting Partick Thistle.
  4. My intuition is yelling me that there will be an appointment today. Thank goodness as then we can get on to the far more interesting period of player acquisitions. So long as it’s not blooming Ray McKinnon who should just take up another profession.
  5. Our owners-in-waiting have today completed the purchase of the land adjacent to Cappielow: https://www.inverclydenow.com/news/local-news/easdale-company-in-3-1million-deal-for-business-park. A seismic day for the club and as such I am very surprised there has been no comment herein or on the Morton Chatter website.
  6. Hello all, is there any reason why the SJFA website - in the West at least - isn't listing fixtures for 14 October?
  7. When will this football club ensure the cessation of songs about the IRA at its matches?
  8. Sensational win for the colourful Rovers today - indeed it may be the best league win in many years.
  9. With Morton being expected to get a positve result from this match, inevitably Falkirk win comfortably.
  10. Slightly off-topic but with the money that is wasted by people going abroad simply to drink beer and sing rebel songs, should the Scottish Government be able to sequester their income in order that it is spent within Scotland's economy?
  11. I don't see a rush to volunteer to put yourself in danger of being punched by someone taking the game too seriously.
  12. Portland is very possibly the best small city in America.
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