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  1. Plays our best centre half and our best left back in their correct positions and we win the home leg with a clean sheet and 4-1 away from home. Our coach has come up trumps AGAIN. Happy with Lazio and Stade Rennais but CLUJ again, fucking hell!!
  2. Whit kind of fan arranges his wedding to clash with a match day? Priorities son!
  3. A comfortable 4-0 victory. 3 up by half time, 40 mins of comfortable showboating with Ikpeazu sent off on 65 mins. A fourth goal in the last 5 minutes. Brown smashes Cochran and Lenny rounds it all up with a 'Natural Order' comment for good measure. Bring it on.
  4. https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-scotland-glasgow-west-48403722 Celtic's statement on the latest case was published on the club's website at 16:10 on Friday. It comes on the eve of the Scottish Cup Final which will see the club take on Hearts at Hampden. Mr McGuire, of Glasgow-based law firm Thompsons, condemned the timing as "cynical in the extreme".He said: "The conviction and sentencing of McCafferty was over a week ago. "To put this statement out late on a Friday afternoon before a holiday weekend on the day the prime minister resigns and before a potential Treble Treble weekend for the club is appalling. "It is insult to everyone who suffered abuse and to their families. "It is the worst kind of PR low cunning and casts the club in an even worse light than before. Every member of the Celtic board should hang their heads in shame. " I can't help but agree. IF we felt a statement was necessary we shouldn't have made it look so hollow and insincere. Fuckin' Traynoresque.
  5. Lennon's interview was also restrained and respectful. Full marks to both.
  6. For many of those players this was the first time they've been really tested since the Valencia game in February and too many failed it. Pish performance.
  7. Surely that's why we built such a massive squad? Nearly 40 players even after sending 7 out on loans. How many BIG games do we play in a season? We shouldve rotated far more imo.
  8. Of course but the standards expected should not fall off a cliff in the space of a couple of months.
  9. Agreed. Great result but those players are not giving Lennon as much as they were giving Brendan and we should not have been pushed that close today on our own pitch.
  10. Nothing to do with ambition, they love playing for Celtic and are making history [invincible season, double treble, and more to come].
  11. To be fair, Uncle Peter will use this result as an excuse to get some coin for Tierney & McGregor and dress it up as "balancing the books" thereby paying his masters stud fees for the next year and giving himself another healthy bonus. No chance of either leaving. Ntcham on the other hand will leave for between £10 and £15m.
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