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  1. Sorry for being terrible and posting my scores, you guys do a great job that I dont envy Monday: 5/10 Tuesday : 7/10 Wednesday: 6/10 Thursday: : 6/10 Friday: : 6/10
  2. One of those weeks Monday 4/10 Tuesday 8/10 Wednesday 6/10 Thursday 5/10 Sorry for my tardiness, organisers
  3. Finally got a hold of Thursdays quiz and it was a 7/10 Just done Fridays and it was a 6/10 Very tight at the bottom
  4. Thats it up and running again, 6/10 for Wed and a 7/10 for today Puts me on 29 so far, just to help out show runners.
  5. Was unable to load it today and yesterday. Was on a bit of a roll so considering calling upon a stewards inquiry.
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