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  1. Was looking forward to ripping into David Goodwillie this season, lost that now.
  2. Watch what you ask for, you might just curse a Graham Gibson upon us.
  3. With Lyons coming in it's a relief to see Zanatta go honestly. Probably on a sizeable wage and has no dig about him. Was great on his debut and has been anonymous since. Fox was poor last season and with most of us wanting Sneddon to start anyway its convenient for him too leave. Excited to see who McCall signs, desperate for a playmaking cm and a right winger.
  4. Sorry for being terrible and posting my scores, you guys do a great job that I dont envy Monday: 5/10 Tuesday : 7/10 Wednesday: 6/10 Thursday: : 6/10 Friday: : 6/10
  5. One of those weeks Monday 4/10 Tuesday 8/10 Wednesday 6/10 Thursday 5/10 Sorry for my tardiness, organisers
  6. Finally got a hold of Thursdays quiz and it was a 7/10 Just done Fridays and it was a 6/10 Very tight at the bottom
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