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  1. Erskine's winner in the promotion season against Airdrie. Nothing happened all game and then he steps up with magic that cracks the bar. Sent me into delirium, had no expectations of anything happening and a piece of magic appears. Peak Erskine moments are impossible to translate to non thistle fans
  2. That Dunfermline rout is the closest I've ever came to an erection in a football stadium.
  3. I would like to introduce Hitchen's Razor, the philosophical principle that states "Anything what can be asserted without evidence can be dismissed without evidence."
  4. Aye the mad rumour on Facebook that Chien Lee of Barnsley and Nice has bought the club. All the mouthbreathers losing their mind over it. Probably an absolute garbage rumor but to conclude he brought moneyball to Barnsley and a dodgey loan to Nice before they forced him out.
  5. Bit of an anti-climax for the LBGTQ away kit then. Looks tidy but it isn't exactly what we were teased. The home is forgettable and cheap looking.
  6. Yes, a million was touted for months before the transfer happened and then we sell him for a third of that. The party line was that we sold him cheap but with a massive sell on fee. 15% (if true) is not massive and should have been the clause we demanded while selling him for the greater sum that he was clearly worth. Our board had no idea how to handle a transfer apart from skinning 150 grand out of Hendry after 3 games. They got totally exposed in the market and I'm still raging about it.
  7. Why are all the Ayr fans predicting that we are going to stomp the league? Is it that subliminal McCall fascination taking hold?
  8. Don't think any of you are hip enough but the great Jake Phelps, editor of Thrasher passed today.
  9. If we can use some of that money from Fitzpatrick to sack Caldwell then it's %100 worth it.
  10. He did get significantly better. Looked good in the cup game at home v Aberdeen. No saying he was quality or anything but I he became a low-key bae for me that season. Though if we went down, would view him differently.
  11. I thought Ray won his last fight but the boy got an absolute robbery at the weekend. He was far too passive and looked to counter someone with much greater reach than him. He wasnt bad but his output has gotta increase. I doubt being at Tristar will help, lots of people get lost in that massive gym, Jojo being a prime example. Not sure what's going on with James Doolan and his gym but would love to see Ray return there full-time.
  12. Had a look down the League and seen that Abroath have a good lead. Wondered who their manager was , though "ooh he could be someone to look at" Burst out laughing when I found out who it was. I think I want that car crash again just for the SCENES.
  13. 2010 I was playing for the Paisley Pyros. We were travelling to Newcastle for an away day. Got pumped by about 30 points as expected, heads gone. Got tanked on the bus back up. Pull into a service station which probably was Gretna, pitch black. Big c**t sitting next to the driver shouts out "right boys, everyone out the bus now!". Shuffle out the bus mostly expecting what's going to happen. As per, they order us to strip doon. Some people refuse, most pull everything off. I'm no idiot so I put my shoes back on. Tell us to find a partner, next to a lanky c**t from Dumfries, about 6'5, he'll dae. The activities we have to do are wheelbarrow racing, switch then carry the person in your arms facing you. The race starts, there's no prize, survival is the only goal. Wheelbarrow first and he's crawling, uncoordinated so his legs are flailing in my hands and he keeps toppling over. Out of the dark, a 4 year veteran of the team, an absolute mouth breather who probably took 10 years to pass uni got naked himself only for the purpose of pushing us over. Once we gain momentum THWAK, this c**t clatters into us and leaves us in disarray. We manage to recover, switch then I have to carry this lad, I make a bridge from my arms so I don't have to grab his are cheeks, and he holds on to my neck for dear life with his balls slapping against my stomach. We switch and I arch my back to avoid any of that nonsense. And were done. Put my clothes back on, mumble to my partner and avoid any eye contact, get back on the bus and start tanning Sainsburys basic wine.
  14. If theres any P&B expats in Prague, hit me up to watch the Scotland game tonight. Havent been any to find any in over a year.
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