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  1. This is definitely the case. In that initial Covid interupted season and the one after the standard was terrible. You still have Falkirk, Airdrie, Montrose, Peterhead and Clyde, and you could substitute Raith for Dunfermline. Apart from that East Fife, Dumbarton, Forfar and Stanraer have been replaced by Kelty, Alloa, Queen of the South and Edinburgh who will all have far bigger budgets than those 4 and all be chasing promotion. As you say the mid to lower table is so much better now. For most of those 2 seasons I'd say most Airdrie fans wanted Murray out and we were awful to watch, yet we ended up finishing 3rd and then 2nd. Our current side is much better than those ones but is struggling due to the higher quality of the league. I think any points comparisons between those seasons and this are almost meaningless.
  2. They've shown the goal line camera angle numerous times yet the clowns in the studio keeping demanding that camera angle, what am I missing here?
  3. He's already had more red cards than the entire team did in 47 games last season (2). Discipline was a big part of our success last year, both in keeping 11 men on the park but also allowing consistency of selection each week. I know McCabe implied after the game that the referee had got it wrong but I hope once he's watched the footage in the cold light of day he'll realise he's wrong and that it was self-inflicted.
  4. What makes it worse is that his first yellow was for basically the same thing 3 minutes earlier so he can't claim to be surprised. It's tired/lazy defending late in the game and it cost us any chance in extra-time (although I think our lack of options on the bench would have seen us lose anyway). He got a stupid yellow last week with about 10 minutes to go when he lunged at a Kelty player on the touchline at the halfway line for absolutely no reason, it wasn't far off a red card. Against Queen of the South his sending off was another lunge late in the game to avoid him having to do the hard yards back towards his own corner flag. It's stupid and lazy defending. His sending off against Edinburgh was a bit different (although still ill judged, especially so early in the game) but his stupid lunges and lazy defending need to stop, we cannot afford to be with 10 men for chunks of games and also cannot afford to have him suspended constantly given our squad size. He's had a couple of good performances but overall I've been pretty underwhelmed by him so far given the expectations when we signed him.
  5. Are people seriously debating whether Ballantyne deserved that 2nd yellow? It's as blatant as they come, takes the easy option of deliberately stepping towards the Dundee player to stop his run instead of actually turning and going with the runner. He is a total liability, 3 red cards by November is unacceptable (or at least would be in a team where we had an alternative..).
  6. Obviously he could be recalled but I wouldn't assume that just because they don't want him getting cup tied. Even if there's minimal chance of him being needed the parent club gain nothing by him being cup tied, I don't see why any club would allow a player to be cup tied unless they were so out the picture that they'd definitely never be needed like our Celtic loans last season. The fact they've allowed McMaster to play does show Jamieson is seen as slightly more in the picture though.
  7. But I think that 'looking at the bigger picture' is in effect you, and others like Wishart at the PFA, conflating various issues. Wishart's statement is a joke. Literally no-one at the club, or anywhere else that I can see, is/was saying that racial abuse should not be dealt with seriously or that it's not an issue, yet his statement reads as if it's a response to someone claiming just that. He comments about a 'litany of racist incidents over the last few years' as if those have any relevance to this particular case. He comments that 'instant action is a prerequisite' - something quite difficult in this case when the allegations were made well after the game and the actual evidence of the alleged abuse seemingly impossible to find. It's like they have completely ignored the ruling of a court case which they themselves asked for and have created a strawman argument to distract from them not getting the outcome they wanted. Like you I will always support any campaign that seeks to stamp racism out the game, but that has nothing to do with this incident.
  8. Dunfermline will win the league by 10-15 points. They remind me of Cove last year - solid, don't lose many goals, score a few late goals, aren't spectacular to watch but will grind out wins each week. Their defence has conceded 10 less goals than the next best defence which is unreal. The likes of Falkirk, QOS, ourselves, Edinburgh and Montrose will flail about winning 4 nil, drawing 3-3, losing 5-1 etc and provide exciting games while Dunfermline will steadily move towards the title.
  9. I'm oversimplifying it obviously but that's effectively like winning half your games and losing half, assuming that you score first 50% of the time. Our points tally backs that up. 1.5 points a game after 16 matches puts you on 24 points, we are on 25. Carry that on for the season and we'd get 54 points. That would generally get you 4th place however there is more quality around the play-off positions this season so we'd probably need more than that. Interestingly we are only 1 point worse off than at the same point last season, and 3 points off our finishing position last year. That doesn't tell the full story as we were pretty average for the first few months last season, it was around this time last year that we started our excellent run of form. But I do think our great form at the end of last season has meant that people are perceiving this season to be a lot worse than it is so far. Clearly our current position ultimately isn't good enough if that continues no matter what spin is put on it, but we're still in a position where we can have a good season. The thing I keep coming back to is the squad depth, for me it would be near impossible to reach the play-offs without adding another 3 or 4 players. Today our bench was effectively ATS (who doesn't seem to be fully fit) and our manager with a cold. We cannot change a game or mix it up, and it's inevitable that we'll get more injuries and suspensions. My hope is that we can hang around mid-table until January and then hope we get some players from somewhere.
  10. Hard to know what to make of that. On one hand we were saying a few weeks back that we weren't able to grind out results and in the last 3 games we've dug out two 1 nil wins and salvaged a late draw. On the other hand those 3 games are against the bottom 3 sides and struggling to 7 points out of 9 against them (with 2 home games) is a bit worrying.
  11. Agreed. The Salim one I genuinely do not get. He's not good enough to be a starter but one thing he has shown a few times is that he is able to come on for the last 15 minutes and be in the right place to get a goal. To put him out on loan when we literally have no substitute strikers is just bizarre. There isn't even any need for him to be fully match fit for 90 minutes anyway given that he's only likely to ever be a substitute, so the entire basis for putting him out on loan is flawed anyway.
  12. Not sure I'd say it is being 'good' to us, they let us have a couple of players who they knew they were going to release at the end of the season and were quite happy for someone else to contribute to some of their wages until then. I thought Wylie looked well short of the standard we'd have been looking for. He's far too slow and didn't have much to his game other than safe possession play. I hoped that him going back would have freed up another loan option but clearly not.
  13. Every week there are examples of this. This week Montrose won 3-1 thanks to 2 late goals from substitutes (as they did against us). Alloa's 4th and 5th goals against Queens were scored by substitutes. For us if our substitutes (or substitute) don't make us significantly weaker then it's a bonus, nevermind them actually making a positive impact. I suppose it makes being a player manager easier if you have no options from the bench...
  14. This ties in with a big issue for us which is that the result seems entirely dependent on who scores the first goal. In the league this season we've scored first 7 times and won 6 of those, drawing 1. We've conceded first 8 times, drawing 3 and losing 5. Obviously all teams will have better results when scoring first but I think it's exaggerated for us because our style of play means we are actually ideally suited to playing with a lead, we are good at keeping possession (when there's no pressure to score) and teams are forced to push out which is ideal for Smith and Jamieson to get in behind. The flip side is that same style of play is pretty useless for getting back into games when you go behind because teams just sit deep and allow us to aimlessly pass the ball around and there is no space in behind. To come back to your point, this makes it all the more crucial that we don't concede pathetic goals like yesterday as it makes it much harder for us to score at the other end.
  15. He's 58, in this scenario by the time he failed he'd be at least 60, I doubt his future career is really something he'd be concerned about when he's approaching retirement age anyway.
  16. If that number 4 plays every week for Hamilton then it's no surprise they are bottom of the table. First goal he decides to not bother closing down Akinyemi and just lets him slot it into the net. The foul for the penalty is inexcusable, just chucking the game away for no reason. Even the 2nd goal although not directly his fault he is floating about marking no-one in no-man's land. Not surprised to read comments that he's been poor all season.
  17. Saw the letter on Facebook and it's scandalous. It includes the line 'they (children) should not be subjected to this type of abuse.' To literally claim he has abused them because he jokingly stuck 2 fingers up to a camera is an utter disgrace. I can only assume the reason behind this is the board getting twitchy over the Quitongo situation and are using this as a chance to show how serious they deal with 'abuse'. A total joke.
  18. Parry has always done this, I remember a few years ago when Alloa beat us on penalties in the play-off semi he was miles off his line for each he saved. Good luck to him, assistants never do their job with this so I'm surprised more goalies don't do it.
  19. As stupid as it sounds I'm probably more pleased with a scrappy 1 nil win than I would be with a 3 or 4 goal win. We've shown when we are on our game we can rack up a few goals but being able to dig out a win when playing poorly has been lacking so far.
  20. Nonsense. Speak for yourself, I don't know anyone who would be applauding this, it is completely disproportionate. And they are 'picking and choosing', similar gestures in addition to all sorts of verbal abuse are made by hundreds of fans at every game within earshot from where the board sit, yet they don't act on that.
  21. Ridiculous. I wonder if the Quitongo case has led to the club overreacting in desperation to be seen as 'family friendly' etc.
  22. Not just the first goal, 3 goals from long balls/passes and 1 from a set-piece. It shows there is no right way to play and an insistence on playing slow, possession based football from the back is just not necessary a lot of the time. I'm not advocating going long all the time but yesterday was a great mix of both. To give your better players space and time on the ball the opposition have to know you are willing to go direct which makes them reluctant to press. Also, one thing defenders at this level hate is being turned and having to run back to their own goal, whereas sitting on their 18 yard line watching you pass the ball about is exactly what they want. I'm encouraged there seems to be an acknowledgement from the management team that there's a need for variety rather than the slow, ponderous and stubborn 'playing the right way' attitude we saw in previous games this season.
  23. The issue on top of this is the lack of senior pros outwith McCabe and Fordyce. I think Watson, Telfer and Gal are the most senior players but they are only 27/28. The rest of the team are young guys learning the game. There is no leadership from the sidelines and not enough on the park. The question is whether McCabe didn't want anybody, whether there was no-one suitable, or whether there was no money for it.
  24. Right from the start the appointment that I never understood was Fordyce as Assistant Manager. I'm normally completely against unproven managers but on this occasion I could understand the thinking with McCabe to try to keep the squad together from last year, and despite the current form things may turn out okay. But making Fordyce Assistant just seemed totally pointless, what does he offer that McCabe isn't already given they are both on the park? Perhaps taking a more prominent role during training, but on match day surely he was already doing everything he currently is in his role as captain? This leaves us with Hutton and Prunty on the bench who have no authority to make any decisions, so you may as well have me or you on the sidelines as they are there to cheerlead. For me a proper 'support network' that the club promised would have been McCabe as Manager, a more senior (non-playing) Assistant Manager and having Fordyce as Captain.
  25. 'Not being clinical enough' or 'not taking our chances' is the same as the 'individual errors' excuse from managers, it's basically shifting blame from the tactics, set-up etc on to individual players. As you say, in the last 5 games we'd have had to have scored 4, 3, 4, 5 and 2 goals to win them. I also wouldn't say we miss any more chances than any other team from what I've seen.
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