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  1. Rugby - Union And League

    Owen Farrell seems like the most uninspiring captain. You see him talking at the end in the huddle and the players look utterly bored and disinterested. Then you hear him talk and you see why. I think a lack of leadership on the park is England's real problem. When they are good they are great, when it goes against them they don't know what to do.
  2. Champions League 2018-2019 Thread

    Really open tournament this year. Porto are rubbish and will be the prize draw in the quarters, other than that every team will fancy their chances.
  3. La Liga / Copa Del Rey Ole

    Really not sure what is in this for Zidane (apart from a lot of money presumably). It's been mentioned a lot over the last couple of weeks but this is a team coming to the end of a cycle and it's going to take a bit of time to get them back to where they were. Not sure what he's hoping to achieve that he hasn't already. At the very least I'd have thought he'd have waited until the end of the season before taking over and buy some time to prepare for next season. Mind you I suppose that's what separates guys at the top of their game, and everyone else.
  4. Premier League 2018-19

    Pickford is a really poor goalie for this level. He gets an easy time of it obviously as he's the England goalkeeper, but every couple of weeks he is making howlers. His distribution is also poor which apparently is what makes a 'modern day' goalkeeper. Tom Heaton, for example, is a far superior English goalkeeper.
  5. That's not really true though is it? He clearly thinks the current squad are hopeless and has tried to bring in players to address this. However we don't have the resources to bring in anything other than loan players. Unfortunately they aren't very good. Bizarrely, if he actually hadn't tried to improve the team I think we'd be slightly better off as the 'known quantity' of proven League One players (admittedly not very good ones) like Robertson, Miller, Stewart, Gallagher are probably a better bet at this point than boys on loan who look lost and have no investment. That is the dilemma for Murray until the end of the season, does he go for experience or does he persevere with young loanees, who may turn out to be decent players but aren't really going to change much over 8 games. And we are more organised, the back 3 has been a good move and we don't look like conceding too many. The issue is we have no midfield and no threat from out wide. Our strikers aren't very good either but in fairness they get nothing to work with. Since Murray has brought in Glass and tried to play a bit of football we've been worse off. Our mini run of form came when McIntosh was up front, missed out the midfield and just went direct and played off second balls. I'd be looking to bring back a couple of the more experienced guys, go direct and play from there. There is not a chance that we are going to be able to play our way out of this by playing football. We are solid enough at the back that if we can just get more of the game played in the final third then we will get some goals, at the moment the ball isn't even reaching that far up the pitch.
  6. Champions League 2018-2019 Thread

    That is it. As the law is on paper almost all handballs aren't handballs. Refs are obviously being told to interpret it differently.
  7. Champions League 2018-2019 Thread

    Irrelevant. And his arm being away from his body? Can you show me any footballer ever who runs/jumps with their arms glued to their side like a penguin? When the ball hits him his arm is a few inches away from his side. Where would you expect it to be?
  8. Premier League 2018-19

    Lack of squad depth has proven to be Liverpool's downfall. When they really need a change off the bench to go and win it like last week and this week they just have nothing. Guys like Origi and Lallana would be nowhere near Man City's team. Last week and this week I felt Liverpool were too accepting of the 0-0 and didn't go for it, but I actually think they just aren't able to.
  9. Conroy was literally the only player on the park yesterday who had the slightest bit of composure on the ball and a bit of ability. There's times I feel sorry for him when he is clearly looking for someone to show for a pass but no-one does, so he passes it back and gets booed for it, or pings it up the line - giving the ball away, again recieving abuse. Unfortunetly he is completely ineffective because he's extremely slow, playing out of position, and playing with dreadful players. In an advanced midfield role surrounded by footballers he'd be a good player for us. As it is, he's going to be at best ineffective, and at worst a defensive liability if he's asked to be a defensive wing-back like the last 30 minutes yesterday. Said it at the time but I've no idea why he was re-signed. There's no doubt for this level he has quality, but unless he's playing in a slick, free flowing passing team he's completely pointless, which clearly is not us.
  10. Based on what? It took him weeks to get in the team, he only eventually played him due to continually awful performances from Edwards giving him no choice. Questioning Murray is pointless, it's clear that he's doing everything he can to get something out of a dreadful group of players. We need to scrape through until the end of the season and go from there.
  11. Questionable football rules

    I've always found strange the lack of time the ball actually spends in play, yet total stoppage time across both halves rarely adds up to more than 5-6 minutes. The average time the ball is in play is around 55 minutes. So in total around 30 minutes of a game 'disappears'. There should be a clock like Ice Hockey or Basketball where when the ball goes dead or the whistle is blown the clock stops. You'd get 90 minutes of play and it would remove any of the ambiguity of the stoppage time issues. You'd also get a 50% increase in goals/talking points/entertainment.
  12. Questionable football rules

    If I interpret your post correctly, I think you can add yourself to the list of people who don't understand the handball law. You are aware that any handball has to be deliberate to be a foul?
  13. It is an area that needs to strengthening. If we are going to play 3-5-2 then you need more than one right wing-back to last the season. Robertson or O'Neill could play there if desperate, but at least one of those is needed in the back 3 and I wouldn't say either are good enough going forward to be a regular in that position. What are you suggesting? That Murray doesn't bring in players to try and strengthen in case he hurts a player's feelings? You either rise to the challenge or leave. There's been far too much acceptance of poor players/performances in recent years which is why we are where we are. I'm afraid I'm beyond the point where I'm worried about players having their nose put out of joint for being dropped after poor performances.
  14. Premier League 2018-19

    Great seeing the difference that not having Joe Hart makes to Burnley. Looked in real danger early in the season, Heaton comes back and they are fine.
  15. Champions League 2018-2019 Thread

    But VAR doesn't stop debate over those decisions, you will still always get that. Infact I think in some ways it will cause more debates. At least currently you can always excuse decisions by saying that in real time the referee just made the wrong call, but with VAR you are going to have referees making decisions based on numerous TV replays that are still going to be questioned and disputed. I think the debate will become much more focused on the actually suitability of the laws themselves because the 'referees will make mistakes in real time with no replays' excuse is removed. In some ways VAR will help referees, but I also think it's going to put so much more pressure on them. There is now no excuse for a wrong decision, which is problematic in a sport where you will always find people who think any decision is wrong.