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  1. St Mirren v Alloa Scottish Cup Round Four

    You mean you now realise it is simulation and have no argument to defend it other than 'it isn't usually given'. He deliberately falls into the defender to win a free-kick. If you can't see that after multiple replays then you are either blind or stupid.
  2. Statement FC 2.0 v Airdrieonians

    'Yeah yeah, we know our fans were launching glass bottles at innocent fans' heads... but what bad names were they calling them to upset them first?!' Celtic fans ladies and gentlemen.
  3. St Mirren v Alloa Scottish Cup Round Four

    I'd say that's simulation. His legs go before his upper body, which wouldn't have happened if it had just been a case of the defender barging into him. He deliberately collapses into him. Not a 'typical' dive, but still a yellow. At best it's debatable, certainly not the type of decision that merits people mocking referees on social media..
  4. Statement FC 2.0 v Airdrieonians

    Game went pretty much as expected. We were organised and worked hard but were never going to offer enough going forward. Izaguirre's dive was desperate, which summed him up, he's clearly finished. We didn't get at him enough, the only real time Stewart ran at him we almost scored. Bain's save stopped the 2nd half being interesting, as it was the 2nd half resembled more of a training session. Thankfully Celtic had the dreadful Burke up front which prevented a hammering, I think I have a better touch than him. Decent crowd that will hopefully generate some funds for a title challenge next season.
  5. FA Cup 2018/19

    It may be seen as unequal, in the sense that some games may be seen as more important than others because they have VAR. But I don't see it as an issue because in practice whether another match has VAR or not has no impact on that club's own match. I don't see how anyone is negatively affected. As someone else has mentioned, it's no different than the best referees refereeing the games with the biggest clubs. Not only that, part of the rationale for that is presumably that bigger games/televised games are harder to referee due to the faster pace and increased scrutiny, therefore it makes absolute sense to help these refs out further and give them VAR. You didn't answer my question about whether referees should be randomly allocated across all cup ties. Do you think that would make the competition fairer?
  6. FA Cup 2018/19

    You could easily reduce inequality with one decision, randomly allocate all the referees for the 3rd round out a hat. Would you be up for that? I also don't really get the use of the word 'inequality' in this context, for any team that benefits from VAR another loses. How are sides in matches that don't have VAR negatively affected by this?
  7. East Fife v Airdrie

    Crighton has always had his critics on here, but as I've pointed out before he has 2 league winners medals from this league, he's the only player in the squad who has a track record that proves he is good enough to get us out the league, whereas the vast majority of the squad have proven not to be good enough for promotion, despite years at this level. Therefore the key is getting him in the correct system, if he's regularly exposed and isolated, like he was earlier in the season, then he be will terrible. The current system suits him well where is able to be aggresive and attack the ball, and know that O'Neil and MacDonald can get round to cover. Also think wing-back is Stewart's best position and suits his attributes best. Murray is doing an excellent job with these players, it's also a bit frustrating knowing that if we'd appointed him in the summer we could have had a real shot at winning the league. Hopefully the Celtic money allows to bring in a couple of players and we can make the play-offs.
  8. Aberdeen v Celtic

    Logan really is dreadful, every time I watch him he's costing goals, how is he still there?
  9. Premier League 2018-19

    Their major issue is recruitment. Mourinho is partly to blame for that but it certainly runs deeper. They have 3-4 players of 'Man Utd quality', but the majority are nowhere near the standard they should be looking for. It's always a simplistic argument, but how many of their players would get into Liverpool, Man City, Spurs or Chelsea's teams? De Gea probably, although there's not much in it, other than that you'd struggle to make an argument for anyone, which says it at all.
  10. Premier League 2018-19

    The referee for Salah's second goal is sly as anything. Doesn't signal for an advantage, but then when Salah scores signals for an advantage to try and get the credit for playing a 'great advantage'. Obviously been to the Mike Dean school of refereeing.
  11. 2020 Group Draw

    Playing Belgium in June is ideal. That fixture date can be a banana skin because your entire squad likely haven't played for a month and have switched off at the end of the season. It's a no-lose for us, if our players have their minds on holiday and we lose we we would have lost anyway. Plus there's a possibility that some of the Belgium players may not be as fully focused or fit as they would be in a September/October fixture.
  12. League Cup Final. Celtic v Aberdeen

    Shay Logan's positional play for the goal is the worst I can remember seeing in a long time, that goal is entirely his fault. How can a player playing in a cup final be so switched off?
  13. Scotland v Israel

    Or because Dembele is a far better footballer. McGregor, Armstrong, Forrest and even Brown were all Scots players that many Celtic fans had written off as being not good enough or finished before Rodgers arrived. No-one would have batted an eyelid if he had shipped them on. He's revitalised Brown and Forrest and brought on Armstrong and McGregor hugely, strange behaviour for someone with an anti-Scottish agenda.
  14. Scotland v Israel

    I think Soutar can progress to a decent centre back, just don't think he is good enough to start at the moment. As for the others - Naismith, O'Donnell, Russell, McGinn - I've no issue with them being around as back up and accept that up front and at right back we have limited options. The problem was that they were all starting, together. One of them within a better team you can carry (like Paterson at right back last night) but 3-4 players of that level is going to make it difficult to compete.
  15. Scotland v Israel

    Definitely more optimistic after those games. The line-ups in the first 2 group were 2 of the worst Scottish sides I've ever seen, that added to a formation that wasn't working was a disaster. Guys like McDonald, Russell, O'Donnell, Naismith have no business of being near a side that wants to be succesful at international level. Even the likes of Soutar I don't think is ready, and McGinn just gives the ball away. And we've hopefully seen the last of the clamour for Griffiths. Forrest has scored more goals in 2 games than Griffiths has in his entire Scotland career. Being able to bring in Fraser, Forrest, Armstrong and McGregor is such an upgrade, they are all at a 'good age' too where they should bet better. Rightback is still an issue, Tierney playing there is the only real option. Yeah he wont be as good as at Celtic, but he's better than anyone else there. The other issue I think will prove to be defensively in midfield. McGregor, Armstrong and Christie will be good in possession, and we'll dominate against lesser sides, but none of them are defensively minded and against better sides they will walk through us in there. Not a clue how to fix that, perhaps just a slight change in personal against better sides with a more naturally defensive midfielder in there like McTominay.