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  1. He also can't take the slightest bit of a winding up. Can tell he is raging when anyone laughs at him.
  2. I'm not saying that a cynical foul should be a red. I think people are viewing this tackle from the wrong perspective. He's not been sent-off for the 'cynicalness' of the foul. It's not like pulling a player's shirt to stop an attack. He has kicked someone, running at full speed, while not challenging for the ball. As soon as you do that you open the door to either Serious Foul Play or Violent Conduct. Both of them refer to 'brutality' when 'not challenging for the ball'. Whether it is a red or not depends on the interpretation of 'brutality' or 'excessive' force (although when not challenging for the ball surely any force is excessive..). Like I said earlier I don't know the exact threshold for what equals these things and there's always an element of subjectivity, but I think deliberately hacking down a guy running at full speed could easily be justified as a red given the laws of the game. It can be cynical but also be a red card offence, it doesn't have to be one or the other.
  3. Or, like every other person on this earth, would like to have a better job and earn more money.
  4. I think it depends whether it is seen as a trip or a kick. I don't think he's tripped him, I think he's taken a kick at him to bring him down when the ball is nowhere which is worse than just a cynical trip or pull of a shirt. Probably one of those ones that is somewhere between a yellow and a red.
  5. Decisions all look to be correct to me. Raith ones are reds all day long, Fordyce is one you don't often see as a red but hacking someone down with no intention of playing the ball should be a red, and that's not a handball at the end. The lack of protests on the park about all of these is telling. It seems to just be fans and management teams who lost it. Important that the management and players pick themselves up and move on from this. If we win next week it's likely we'll go back top of the league (or at least level on points). If you've offered us this position at the start of the season we would have bitten your hand off for it. The fact there was nothing in this game and that we are disappointed not to get something actually shows our level of improvement given we usually fold to a meek defeat at Starks. The style of play we have developed will work against most sides in this league, but against a better organised side like Raith we will need a bit more guile which we don't really have. Going to be a really interesting end to the season, I'm still treating our challenge with hope more than expectation and despite Falkirk being seen as the big threat I think if anyone finishes above Raith they will win the league. I think they have the ability to grind out results when playing poorly that Falkirk and ourselves probably don't have as much.
  6. City look a shadow of the side they were at the end of last season. Their pressing isn't what it was, and obviously they are hopeless at the back. Even when Laporte comes back there is no chance that side is winning the League or Champions League this season with that defence/midfield. The first half decent European side will deal with them. Gabriel Jesus is also a massive downgrade on Aguero. He scores plenty against the poorer sides but in the big games he can't offer enough. Will be interesting to see whether Guardiola wants to bother staying on next season after an unsuccessful season and Liverpool looking very dominant.
  7. Graham clearly blocks Julien from going back to challenge. Call was spot on.
  8. I don't think this is an issue specific to the Championship. If you look at the teams in recent years who have won the Championship they stay up in the Premiership (admittedly this is skewed by Rangers, Hearts and Hibs being some of those teams). Equally, teams that come down struggle to bounce back up. If the Championship had suffered more of a decline than other leagues then you'd expect teams who get promoted to struggle with the step up, and teams who get relegated into the league to bounce back up. I think what's happened is that across all levels (minus the old firm) the gap in ability has narrowed. The gap between 3rd in the Premiership and bottom of League Two (and beyond that to some Highland/Lowland league teams) is as small as it's ever been. In effect most teams have been dragged towards the 'centre', fans of Premiership and Championship clubs will see this as standards declining, whereas fans of League 1 and League 2 clubs probably see it as standards improving slightly. Don't know exactly why this has happened but there have been a few good suggestions. I'd guess firstly that increasing professionalism at part-time clubs is closing the gap. Obviously professional clubs have got more professional too, but that brings diminishing returns once you reach a certain level of conditioning and fitness. You can't continue to keep your fitness advantage by continuing to get fitter indefinitely. If part-time players are willing to put the work in to get to an optimum fitness level then the benefit of being full-time (in that one aspect at least) is negated. At some lower league clubs there is more money which obviously narrows the gap slightly. And lastly I think shorter contracts and the ability of bigger clubs to immediately poach a player showing the slightest signs of talent has levelled the playing field in the lower leagues. It is almost impossible to build a team now as a bigger side will come and take any half decent players, this means clubs are constantly in a building phase and having to take risks on new players, a lot of which will be rubbish. While this is going on, teams like Arbroath, or Dumbarton a few years ago, are building a solid, organised side and can take advantage while traditionally bigger clubs get pushed down the league. I don't think it's a bad thing that the playing field is levelling out a bit, but then as a fan of a club desperately trying to get up the league I would say that...
  9. I think this is it. I can absolutely understand the relatives going after him, I'm sure I'd be the same in their situation. But it seems like there were clear huge systemic flaws all the way down which led to this tragedy. That should never just excuse individuals within that system being held accountable for their part, but it does mean that effectively pinning the whole thing on one guy is going to struggle to ever get through court. Even though they haven't got a conviction, the work of the relatives in changing the perception of this tragedy amongst the general public, fighting against the media and comments from people like Duckenfield, has been incredible. Whilst they'll struggle to ever get closure in terms of convictions, I hope that provides some solace to them.
  10. I'm sure we won there more recently than that, I remember a 1-0 win with a Scott McLaughlin volley off the bar. Think it was when we were fighting with Ayr to avoid relegation. Still must have been around 2009/2010 though. Can't remember a win since then.
  11. Don't have the stats but I'm sure our recent record away to Raith is appalling. All our defeats there in the last few years seem to blend in to each other. I said after our win at Falkirk that I thought this would be the barometer of where we are this season. We need to go there to win the game and not even consider the 'a draw would be decent' mindset that we have had in the last few years, which I think results in us being negative on the park. We wont be in this vain of form for this whole season, and it sounds like Raith aren't firing on all cylinders yet, so we really need to make the most of it while we can. All that said, it will be a really tough game, should be a cracker.
  12. This is a great example to show that recruitment is almost everything. You can be the best coach in the world, have all the coaching badges you can get your hands on and have a great tactical knowledge, but if you can't spot a player or don't know what sort of player is required at a certain level you have no chance. Sounds like Caldwell has signed a bunch of duds and therefore the difference any manager is going to make until they are shipped out is going to be marginal.
  13. Yeah it's like the debates. People just watch it to confirm their beliefs. You can see that on here and on Twitter, most uber Nationalists will claim Neil was unfair, bring up his political leanings etc to try and excuse Sturgeon. Unionists will claim she got destroyed. And there's a small minority in the middle. Regardless of his questioning technique (which he uses on everybody) all the issues brought up by Neil were absolutely fair and she struggled to answer most of them. They are all things that are going to be questioned when we get a 2nd referendum and we better have better answers ready if we are going to win. All the things she was asked about are pretty fundamental to the case of independence. Things like this should be used as an opportunity to learn how to present a better case, not play the victim card or be utter delusional in thinking Sturgeon did well. If she had given that interview a week before a 2nd referendum it could have been catastrophic.
  14. Nonsense, Neil is like that with every person he interviews. Watch the rest of his interviews with the leaders, or his one with Johnson for the Tory leadership contest. You may not like his style very much which is fine, but don't try and play the prejudices card. She struggled badly on a variety of issues, not because of his style of interviewing, but because she had no answer to his questions.
  15. I much prefer away games where there is terracing and really enjoy visiting grounds that are 'old fashioned'. I don't go to lower league games for a luxury experience and feel the older grounds are a bit more 'authentic'. Not really sure what I'd prefer at home. As much as I like the older grounds I think the novelty would disappear if we had it every week. I'm absolutely sure I'd rather not play in a 10,000 seater stadium like ours. There is nothing particularly wrong with the stadium itself, it's just that it's completely inappropriate for a club of our size. Not sure what the solution is though because the kind of half-stadium that Hamilton have I'm not a fan of either. I'd probably have liked something like Palmerston where there is a mixture of old seating, new (in relative terms) seating and terracing. It can cope with bigger crowds but also doesn't feel like a ghost town when it is pretty empty. For those that have moved away from older grounds like ourselves and Falkirk it's hard to separate the nostalgia when thinking about where you preferred playing. If we'd only had 600 odd fans going to games at the Old Broomfield I doubt many Airdrie fans would think as fondly of the old ground as they do. It doesn't help that ever since we moved we have been rubbish so very few positive memories have been created at NB, which means fans probably look back to the old ground more than they would if we'd had a successful team in the last 20 years.
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