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  1. PP £5 free bet on Saturday’s 14.25 at Goodwood.
  2. Quite taken with the new AA advert, especially when compared to their recent Red Dwarf cringefests. It’s also somewhat reminiscent of an older favourite of mine...
  3. This morning's ride took me over 5,100m climbing for July, or just over 4.5 Alpe d'Huez. Target for August is 500km total distance.
  4. PP offering a free £5 bet on Sunday’s Premier League matches.
  5. My break for freedom begins... How will I cope without being told how or why to wear a mask, why I shouldn't vote for Trump or what my cousin's wife had for lunch? Only time will tell.
  6. Grosse Pointe Blank Great plot, fantastic soundtrack, immensely quotable, Minnie Driver, John Cusack and Alan Arkin.
  7. It looks as though they have changed your 5 four-folds into 3 doubles and 2 singles, making only the Leeds single a possible win. MILF -> ML - Lose MILS -> ML - Lose MLSF -> ML - Lose MISF -> M - Lose ILFS -> L - Possible Win I’m not saying that’s what they should have done, but it tallies with their potential return.
  8. No chance! My current proportions are ideal for swimming. It’s just that I can’t go swimming at the moment.
  9. Thanks. Most of my tinkering so far has been based on the GCN videos dealing with set ups. I’ve found them really useful, especially the one that identified a major issue with my saddle angle. Yes, it’s a flat handlebar I’ve got and I hadn’t considered bar ends. They definitely look like an easier fix than my idea.
  10. Looking for some advice. My body is out of proportion in that I’ve got a long body and arms compared to my legs making my riding position uncomfortable. I’ve tried messing about with the saddle height and position and with the handlebar height, all to no avail. I’m now considering getting a longer stem to move the handlebars forward. The current stem is 90mm and I’m considering changing it to a 110mm one. Has anyone here done this before and are there any pitfalls I need to consider or avoid? thanks.
  11. This morning's ride took me over 2,500m climbing for July, so I'm well on target. I also made it around my 21 mile, 430m elevation route 7 minutes faster than last weekend, partly due to being slightly fitter and having my playlist aligned, but mostly down to a long overdue chain clean and lube. The latter probably also helped me to finally make it to the top of Kirkgate in Currie without having to drop to 1st gear.
  12. In the 1980s and 90s, an out of control computer could be shut down by taking a baseball bat to the monitor. Whilst this was surprisingly effective in most films, all comedies required the token thicko to bend down and pull the plug out of the wall socket.
  13. PP with their standard money back as cash on Sunday's Spurs v Arsenal game. Arsenal Draw No Bet is currently 19/20.
  14. Have previously replaced knobbly tyres on a hybrid that was being used mostly on tarmac. The improvement in ride quality and handling was worth it alone.
  15. Finally managed my first 50k+ ride on Tuesday to close out June. Have decided that July is going to be all about climbing and have set one Alpe d'Huez (1,135m) per week as my target. This morning's cycle got me my first 330m over a 16 mile ride.
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