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  1. May well have been. We only switched to Sky towards the end of last year. The new series starts on HBO on 16th February, so will hopefully be on Sky soon afterwards.
  2. Given Mrs. Nosejob’s insistence on watching this crap, I have invented some new games to play in order to retain the last vestiges of my sanity. 1. Gonathan Ross It is slowly dawning on Jonathan Ross that he has signed up for a turkey of a TV show, witnessed by his increasingly ridiculous guesses. How many acts will remain when he has to miss the rest of the series due to some spurious reason? 2. Divining Davina At the start of the show, guess how many times Davina McCall will ask “Who is that?” during the show, as if to remind herself what she’s being paid a lot of money to work out. 3. irRITAte Ora Similar to the above, guess what pointless comment Rita Ora will make during each performance to show that she really is contributing to the programme. “I know that voice”, “I’m so confused” and “This is so hard” are strong favourites. 4. Alphabet Gap Prior to the unmasking, guess how big a ranking gap there will be between the A-list celebrities the panel have been guessing and the true status of the actual performer. Double points awarded if Joel Dommett has to say the name before the panel actually recognise the performer rather than pretend to.
  3. sky Comedy Channel is replacing Universal Channel as of next Monday, promising quality US comedy shows. Personally, I’m looking forward to watching John Oliver on “Last Week Tonight” without having to pretend my laptop and I are in the US.
  4. Stewart Copeland unsurprisingly ruining “Adventures in Music” on BBC Four through his smugness and inability to consider an opposing point of view. A real shame as the concept of the programme seemed promising.
  5. Claims that it’s a verb, then defines it as a noun!😡
  6. How big an idiot would you need to be to buy this? There’s an easy way to find out.
  7. It’s on 25th - 27th January. https://www.rspb.org.uk/get-involved/activities/birdwatch/?source=BWLITH0309&channel=paidsearch&source=BWLITH0309&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI34zcvZHd5gIVCLrtCh1sswjXEAAYASAAEgLNDfD_BwE
  8. Haven't done this for a few years, but the change in decade and my advancing years have inspired me. Here's my 2020 vision. 1. Get my BMI back down to sub 24 - I'm currently in the high 25s and in risk of needing new clothes if I go any higher. 2. Get back in the pool - I used to swim competitively and the Royal Commonwealth Pool is close by, so I've no excuse. 3. Eat in healthier - Try to take my 5-a-day up to 7-a-day. 4. Eat out healthier - Choose the veggie option (if palatable) and skip the pudding. I did this for Lent a few years back and managed fine. 5. Drink more water - I normally only have a mug of coffee with my breakfast and a glass of milk with my dinner so I suspect I might be dehydrated. 6. Improve my sleep - I've finally got a routine that gets me to sleep at a sensible time. Now I need to work out how to stop waking up at 3.30 every morning. 7. Cut back on packaging - I will try to make better choices when shopping. 8. Buy (and use) an electric bicycle - My plans to use my regular bike to commute never last as there are long hill climbs involved and I end up driving instead. 9. (Re)start to learn Italian - I've got all the resources from a previous attempt and a bit more free time now. 10. Learn to cook a mean risotto for the family - I'm a half-decent cook when I put my mind to it and I love a good risotto.
  9. I never actually wanted a pony. I was after a dog all along.
  10. These are all quite interesting, but were never “Conspiracy Theories“. Prior to their exposure, no-one was going around saying, “You know what? I reckon...”.
  11. I remember the old “Out of the loop” thread that explained all you needed to know.
  12. Surely the simplest solution is to make a donation but not take or wear a poppy? Your conscience is clear, you’ve done your bit for the environment and no imaginary muslims can take offence.
  13. French FA decide to scrap their League Cup competition from next year. http://www.insideworldfootball.com/2019/09/19/french-drop-league-cup-ease-pressure-calendar/ If Scotland did likewise, would this offer better options for league reconstruction?
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