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  1. I would use ADult when describing a grown up person, but adULT when describing “niche” book shops, films, websites, etc.
  2. How many laps until Lewis complains that the safety car is going too slow?
  3. There’s a car I’ve seen a few times in the Craiglockhart area of Edinburgh with the plate L4 BYA I’ve often wondered if it’s owned by a gynaecologist.
  4. Totally agree. The photos on my phone comprise pictures of my electricity and gas meter readings, my car tyre sizes and recommended pressures and the odd screen shot of my bank balance. I suspect that most smart phones are roughly on a par for performance and battery life, with the higher cost ones only being distinguishable by their camera performance, so that’s why reviewers focus so much on that.
  5. Maybe his “Dad died” in 2018 and he got a face tattoo to remember him, alongside the one for his favourite game, Hungry Hippos.
  6. Last night, whilst watching Bake Off Final... Her: “Don’t pause it. I’m just going to pop to the loo.” Me: “If you go into the hall and past the stairs, it’s the first door on the left. You can’t miss it, there’s a sign on the door.” Apparently, I’m an arsehole.
  7. And to complete the trilogy, where do you find a deer with no eyes and no legs?
  8. Andi Oliver I think it might be the teeth, or the loudness, or the glasses on a chain, or the general over flamboyance that brings back jarring memories of my posh friend’s perma-drunk mother.
  9. We have lived in our house for 17 years and the bathroom is where it has always been. Our teenage children have grown up in our house. Our house is not a B&B. This appeared yesterday on the bathroom door ...
  10. Sending “Thanks” emails exacerbating climate change. Makes you wonder how many trees are getting burned to provide all those green and red dots. 🤫
  11. Serves you right for going down the stairs whilst holding a staple gun to your head.
  12. Black Books Soap Red Dwarf Father Ted Bakersfield P.D.
  13. Back in the early 90s, Saturday mornings meant Kabaddi on Channel 4. Here’s some more recent footage of Scotland getting a gubbing off Pakistan.
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