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  1. I first watched this on a rented DVD and spent part of the next morning watching the extras. Hopefully this deleted scene is now included in any screening as I loved it.
  2. I can only guess that I’m not part of the target demographic, because those Mini Cheddars adverts seem fucking appalling.
  3. Our supplier, Octopus, have admitted that the smart Gas meter wasn’t linked up properly when installed, but cannot do a call out to remedy this until Covid restrictions are lifted. The smart Electricity meter has, however, allowed us to switch to an Economy7 type tariff, saving us about £40 a month by charging our electric car overnight.
  4. A character’s credentials as a genius, child protégé or scientific authority can be established by their ability to solve a Rubik’s Cube. I learned how to solve a Rubik’s Cube from a book in the early 1980s and I suspect that there are now countless YouTube videos showing you how to do it.
  5. I get that the song is from 1975 when it was a more popular name, but it still annoys me that the love interest in Bruce Springsteen’s Born to Run is called Wendy. I’m okay with countless other names in other songs, from Buddy Holly’s Peggy Sue to The Zutons’ Valerie, so I don’t know why Wendy jars so much. Maybe Bruce could re-record the song substituting in a more edgy name like Roxie?
  6. From the days before Matt Branco were being called out as a bunch of wankers on children's tv..
  7. For all the dreams and schemes, people are as they seem.. Number 13 in 1987.
  8. PP Risk free £5 on 2+ leg bet builder for Sunday’s Tottenham v Man Utd game.
  9. Fake Famous American journalist Nick Bilton takes 3 “unknowns” and attempts to turn them into social media influencers.
  10. Could be your power steering fluid needs topped up.
  11. Very much on the PTTGOYN angle, as these songs are rarely decent, is the laziness in rhyming song lyrics. Whether it’s Daniel Beddingfield’s “If you’re not the one” with its today/way, call/all, bed/head, life/wife, which I can only assume is an homage to Queenie’s poem in Blackadder II... Or the even more unforgivable “Shut up and Dance” by Walk the Moon, where the chorus manages to rhyme “back” with “back” and “me” with “me”.
  12. It was in the league, but nowhere in the article does it claim it was in the cup.
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