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  1. Imagine going through all that just to let people know you don’t like UB40.
  2. For anyone who missed this the first time it was on, here’s another opportunity to watch “The Last Breath”, the story of diver Chris Lemons’ remarkable brush with death. https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/m0004y5s Duncan Allcock’s full gamut of emotions and Dave Yuasa’s sometimes brutal pragmatism make it a compelling watch.
  3. Sounds cool! What happens if I stick my finger in her ear?
  4. I missed the initial sale and ended up paying £50 each for a couple of returns. They were good seats in the west stand and, as previously stated, worked out favourably compared to travelling down south, but £50 for a pre-season friendly does seem steep.
  5. Ah yes, the good old days when homosexuals were in prison, the disabled in asylums, bus drivers were all white men and women were paid less because their chromosomes matched.😗 Thankfully we’ve moved forwards as a society.
  6. I might as well ‘fess up and admit I attended this match with my 12 year old son. I have no interest in Liverpool as a team and admit that the ticket prices for a pre-season friendly made me wince. However, my son is obsessed with Liverpool and the football discussions and arguments he has with his friends tend to involve English teams rather than Scottish ones. He has been desperate to go to a Liverpool game for years. Tickets for games at Anfield go to season ticket holders first and then to residents of Liverpool (checked by Liverpool postcode). Criteria for away game tickets are even more restrictive. My take was this was a simple opportunity to get my Liverpool daft son to see his team. Although the tickets were pricey, I saved money and time compared to travelling down south. I suspect a lot of other attendees thought the same.
  7. It’s totally my own fault as I searched for something similar on YouTube and this was on the sidebar and I chose it. I realise that I am solely to blame for it being stuck in my head for the last 3 days (especially the chorus),but what I can’t fathom is whether it is fantastically brilliant or utter shite. My opinion swings from one extreme to the other second by second.
  8. Most postboxes in Scotland have never been changed from George VI to Elizabeth II. There was a big fuss about her being Queen Elizabeth II of England, but the first Queen Elizabeth of Scotland. Rather than face defacement or vandalism of E II R postboxes, Scotland kept the G VI R ones. Edit for more info see here https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pillar_Box_War
  9. Can we also have a separate list that penalises clubs 10% of their most recent attendance every time one of their posters on P&B references this thread in a crowdwanking discussion or requests a change to the calculations to meet their own particular agenda? i know full well that this will generate massive amounts of extra work for you, HJ, but I’m too shit lazy to do it myself.
  10. The second sentence is never forthcoming. I’m also annoyed by birthday cards that tell me it’s my birthday and cards that tell parents of newborns what gender of baby they’ve had.
  11. People who inform me that I’ve had a haircut. I know, you dimwit. I was there when it happened.
  12. By my reckoning, we’ve only won 11 of our last 51 league games. Fear of ending up in a fire is no reason for not getting out of a frying pan. Whatever the new manager brings, it will give a clearer picture of what is wrong at the club.
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