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  1. Not since Saturday. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/59025954
  2. One of my favourite childhood memories and the provider of a classic response to anyone who says “You’ll never guess who …”.
  3. I can remember waking up around 5.30 in my house in Quarter in December 1999. There was an eerie silence that seemed unnatural. It wasn’t until I caught the news later in the morning that I learned about the gas explosion in Larkhall, several miles away. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/scotland/574946.stm
  4. Work’s been a bit chaotic of late so I’ve taken to listening to Magic Soul during my commute to try and chil. All very well and enjoyable until they decide to play this vomit-inducing pish again…
  5. I’d avoid anything that has a Type 1 charging port. Stick to Type 2 as it is more secure. Ideally you want a car that can be programmed to charge at a particular time to benefit from cheap electricity prices. You can get cables that include this functionality but it would be an extra expense. Obviously you want an electricity tariff that offers a cheap overnight rate, which may possibly necessitate having a smart meter installed. You also need to consider how quickly the battery technology is advancing. Both our cars are on 4 year lease/PCP deals rather than bought outright as I have concerns as to how appealing they will be as second hand cars when newer ones will have far better range and charging rates.
  6. My mother lives nearly 100 miles away. By the time I get there driving in hybrid mode, my PHEV’s battery is below 10%. There is a free charging station about ½ mile walk from her home. When I get back to my car after my 2-3 hour visit, the battery is back up at 100%.
  7. Alternatively, or additionally, you can pay an annual subscription of £20 to Chargeplace Scotland and get access to their public network of charging stations. Some of these stations are free but most have a cost per kWh and some have a maximum time limit.
  8. Mrs. Nosejob has owned an electric car for 18 months and I switched to a PHEV earlier this year. Both cars get about 2 miles per kWh so, charging them overnight on an economy7 tariff at 5p per kWh and assuming £1.35 per litre for unleaded, you’re looking at an equivalent of about 240mpg. The instant power is, as you say, outstanding.
  9. So, let me get this straight. You wanted a child and your husband is firing blanks. So you picked up a random hitchhiker and shagged him repeatedly over the course of a whole night. Then, years later, the man recognises you and a child which is obviously his and you tell him he is to have nothing to do with his offspring. Jeezo, the only thing that could make your conduct any worse would be to write an astonishingly bad song about it…
  10. Would be delighted if this happened, if only so that once again, having made a colossal f**k-up, you could simply stare confusedly at your hands and mutter “Oh Boy!” in a desperate attempt to avoid the blame. It’s a strategy that served me well in the past but seems lost to younger generations.
  11. I believe that time slot is reserved for trains to Tbilisi.
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