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  1. Sorry, the team that does car adverts are fully booked. Our perfume team, however, are free until the Christmas run up? Okay! What’s the worst that could happen?
  2. Fill yer boots https://thunderwoodcollege.com/degrees.php (Courtesy of Brian Dunning of Skeptoid podcasts and dodgy eBay scams)
  3. An opening sentence that deserves a better back story.
  4. Reduce the flow temperatures from your boiler and the settings on your bedroom radiator valves.
  5. Will be very awkward when Funky Junior and I turn up with our still valid tickets for the World Cup qualifier and bump into whoever has paid for the same seats for the Nations League game.
  6. Players “shepherding” the ball out of play. Below is the law on obstruction. From the final paragraph, it’s clear that an opponent cannot be held off using the arms or body. This frequently happens by players shepherding the ball out of play. Whenever an opponent makes an attempt to play a ball being shepherded out of play, which the law states they can, the referee invariably gives a foul. Is this ignorance of the law by referees or just laziness?
  7. Surprised that no one has called out Jayne McCubbin yet. Loves a human interest story, preferably if someone has “bravely overcome a life challenge”. Never fails to patronise her interviewees, drill down into their suffering and act surprised that, despite said suffering, they manage more than spending their day in bed.
  8. Haven’t shared my results for a while, but this one merited a fist pump. Daily Quordle #28 quordle.com
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