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  1. One up front? No' even a striker? Two strikers on the bench? Etc etc. Got what we deserved tonight, nothing.
  2. Superb performance from Livingston, especially how they handled conceding an early goal. Guthrie was solid at the back and Dykes certainly caused us issues up front. Sore one to lose the late equaliser but I'd say a draw was a fair result. Edouard and McGregor were our best players I'd say. Frimpong certainly made an impact when brought on. For someone who's 6ft7 and probably about 17 stone, Fraser Foster didn't half jump like a big lassie for Livi's first goal.
  3. An average team bested us over two legs.
  4. Can see about four or five fringe players/guys coming back from injury in the line up for this one. Celtic by a goal or two.
  5. I'm feeling rather confident going into this, fancy Celtic 3-1. Which of course will come back to bite me on the arse, as if my predictions are anything to go by, the Danes will batter in five.
  6. Falling over was always a risk with Neil Lennon in charge. However, I'm prepared to hold my hands up and admit that my early opinions of Lennon's appointment have been proven wrong for the most part. Agree about rangers being dysfunctional shite all the same.
  7. Yes, huge. This is pretty much the day we won the league.
  8. Nope, according to Antony they can do no wrong. Those Protestants, behaving themselves as usual.
  9. Our poorest performance since that gang beat us at Celtic Park. Result harsh on Aberdeen as they more than matched us first half and were the better side in the second. Huge result today.
  10. To be fair, the rounding up, sending to concentration camps and the ethnic cleansing of Protestants by Scotland's Catholics is the natural progression from chucking a rock at a tubby journalist.
  11. 'Hyper pathetically', who can deliver rangers a title?...
  12. Since this post, we've won 6 out of 6, scoring 22 goals in the process. How's your form been during the same spell?
  13. Can see why the bookies love me with my "scrappy game, goal or two for Celtic prediction". First half was pretty evenly matched for the most part I thought, mistake leaving it on a plate for Ntcham. Second half, we really showed up. Smashing performance. Five goals, five different goalscorers, not bad going.
  14. I'd imagine Dundee would be up there. Two teams from a city of about 150,000.
  15. You're unlikely to find a more apt use of the Granpa Simpson walking in and walking straight back out GIF than with that thread.
  16. Heard the news earlier, assumed it was Jackie Sr at first. Terrible news. Here's hoping for a quick recovery.
  17. All rather straightforward even if it was a rather 'meh' performance. Good to see some fringe players getting a run out.
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