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  1. Sad to see him go as I was always a fan of his but not a huge surprise. Was very little chance of one of our highest earners (maybe even the highest) being kept around for an occasionally used squad player for another five months.
  2. It's almost as if the statement was written by someone other than the Celtic fans who post on here...
  3. Ronny Deila has been announced as new Head Coach of New York City FC. Always felt he had somewhat of a raw deal when at Celtic and certainly hope the club invite him back for the 10IAR celebrations.
  4. You should point out to them that the two men that were sentenced to 8 months is jail for throwing bacon inside a mosque (they were found guilty and sentenced for criminal damage and a racial public order offence) are/were(happened in 2016) both Polish. These immigrants, coming here, claiming benefits, stealing our jobs, stealing our women and our hate crimes...
  5. Revelling in my beigeness for the seventh year in a row without a single nomination. 😎 https://www.quora.com/How-do-I-accept-that-I-am-not-popular
  6. They still do this at full time. Really? Haven't noticed. Ever since rangers cut our allocation after deciding ibrox wasn't a venue you were allowed to celebrate in, I've not been able to land a ticket for our last three visits.
  7. Throwback to the time they actually placed stewards on each goalpost at full time.
  8. Our mistake was expecting St Mick to show up for his work on the Sabbath.
  9. Suspect you'd need to fork out half decent money for Fortster as his deal with Southampton runs until 2022 Unfortunately, you're probably correct.
  10. Won't be long now until the transfer window opens and we can all look forward to 'Cellic das' demanding we spend thirty million thanks to today's events. Centre forward, holding midfielder and to at least enquire about making Forster permanent would do for me.
  11. Got what we deserved today. First 20 minutes, we could barely string a pass together and only seemed to dominate the ball once rangers decided 2-1 was enough. Only positive point to a poor day was me having over 2 goals, over 4 cards and over 10 corners on in the bookies.
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