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  1. Celtic v Kilmarnock

    Celtic players to wear the number 5 on their shorts.
  2. Billy McNeill RIP

    Reminds me of a story about John Hughes. Yogi is on a cruise of the Mediterranean with his wife, which included a stop in Barcelona. They get chatting to a young English couple and between the men the conversation turns to football. English lad - "are you a football fan?" Yogi - "oh aye, big football fan" English lad - "you'd have done the Nou Camp stadium tour then?" Yogi - "no, didn't bother with it" English lad - "what? You didn't visit the stadium?" Yogi - "Well, in my defence son, you don't really need a stadium tour if you've scored there".
  3. Calling Cards of Morons

    We're instructed by the Care Inspectorate to always wear our ID badge. Not something I personally agree with and despite a previous warning, I very seldom wear my badge but understand why others do.
  4. Billy McNeill RIP

    I wouldn't imagine so. Personally, the Lisbon Lions stand is a fitting enough tribute for all who played their part that day.
  5. Billy McNeill RIP

    RIP to an absolute icon. His feats for Celtic will never be matched.
  6. Multisport players

  7. Multisport players

    Lev Yashin also played ice hockey.
  8. Celtic mole

    The Celtic mole. For those wondering, no, this picture was not edited thanks to fancy and expensive Photoshop software.
  9. Celtic v Kilmarnock

    Game of 5s for this one?
  10. The New MILF Thread

    Been doing a binge on the Sopranos last few days, which has been a pleasant reminder of the MILFy types who starred.
  11. Hibs v Celtc, Easter Sunday

    I'm judging Lennon over a handful of games and his previous time at the club. I do not believe he's the right man for the job.
  12. Hibs v Celtc, Easter Sunday

    I felt Rodgers flaw in Europe was his unwillingness to change things (like you mention) and whilst he led us to our heaviest European defeat along with our heaviest home defeat, he brought about European football after Christmas two seasons in a row and has more away Champions League points than every other Celtic manager combined and I'm not sure Lennon would improve that in this day and age. Not to mention we were also on the receiving end of some hammerings when Lennon was in charge. Domestically, I don't see Lennon having the same impact Rodgers had on the team which sees us on the verge of a treble of trebles. He'd certainly not be the worst candidate but I believe naming him permanent boss would be a step back.
  13. Christchurch Mosque Shootings

    Is there anything to be said for saying another Mass?