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  1. During the Marine A case someone made a tweet that Tony Blair should instead be on trail for murder. Sent a reply explaining why not comparable. Went to bed and woke up next morning with an absolute fuckton of notifications from BNP type accounts going mental at me and some lefty guy trying ro white knight me.
  2. Clean. My only issue with blazers is that they are a rough all day wear. Like walking on concrete.
  3. I went back and rewatched this one not long ago and found it even better on second watch. Made mistake watching it a bit baked and the bear scene was really fucking unsettling. Soundtrack for it is class.
  4. Has anyone got the image that gets shared in here occasionally of Mad Vlad sipping wine?
  5. Air Max Month a bit disappointing again but apart from the Amsterdams got the pairs I wanted.
  6. I understand where club coming from with that recent statement but there really is bugger all the club can do if majority rules. Not like we can just go join some other league.
  7. Lol f**k no. All the resellers are pursuing the wee sizes for Asian resell market but seems like dunks don't get made much in bigger sizes as can't catch f**k all with them. Going after the Air Max 1 city pack this week which will more than make up for it.
  8. Puffy tongue only kinda guy? Im trying for the safaris this week but not holding my breath. Resellers are just feasting on every dunk release and the small skate shops don't have the means to battle it.
  9. The hype is real. The Strangeloves are gorgeous but the velvet would get mashed skating. I got the white rayguns but quality as per Nike nowadays is poor. Paints cracking already. Guess fine if planning to run them into the ground on the board though.
  10. Just need the relegation to really ice off the shit cake with a final squirt of poo. What a grim couple of seasons.
  11. *insert generic celebrating gif Have a nice day on the jars without the misery folks.
  12. Please call it off so I can just power on with my day happily not ruined by Thistle.
  13. Can only really add to the O'Ware misery gang. His positioning is honking. If that's what we're relying on as our main cb then we are goosed.
  14. Urrgh just really grim. That was my only third game this season but its really just no fun going to Firhill these days. When fans start squabbling in the stand it's generally a sign of a downed ship. The most entertainment I got tonight was watching some wee guy in front of me attempt to get his valentines hole via some lass on Snapchat. Ps yes im a nosey f**k. Maybe I'm delusional but I don't think Rovers were particularly great. But our defence is honking and in attack we'd always make the wrong pass or if did make the right one it'd be too heavy. Be a different story if that shot at the end didn't bounce off the post and instead went in but it bloody didn't. Fair play to the young team Rovers brought through who had a good bounce and actually created some atmosphere.
  15. Know its the diddy cup but a final and a day out to look forward to would be nice after the utter shite we've had this past season. Obviously league survival more pressing but just something positive would maybe stop me tanning my wrists.
  16. I see our ticketing site is still a heap of shite. My account is stuck to my old address and the link to change it is humped. Smashing.
  17. I don't have any of the gr's but all the Dia collab shoes I have are the best kicks I own by a distance. The gr pairs hit sale often as well so a good intro into great quality but at more entry level price. However have announced will be stopping use of kangaroo leather which is a shame as its the absolute mutts nuts. Doesn't crease.
  18. Indeed i did. The songs off Iowa were insane, Disasterpeices in particular. Would've liked some of the bangers off Gray Chapter in place of Duality and Before I Forget but otherwise hugely enjoyable night. Necks only just recovered.
  19. Karhu always end up on sale so hunt about. Never owned a pair myself but those I know that have them definitely dig them.
  20. Finally broke my Roos cherry and not disappointed. Quality of materials is a step above.
  21. Local shopkeeper said that's the deliveries of it done but most places still have enough left over for the moment.
  22. Sorry to bother folks again but someone offering me a special lanyard ticket at retail. Says there is no printout and this is the special ticket. Checked ticketmaster and does seem something like this was sold but would assume would have a printout also. Anyone confirm or deny if legit?
  23. Well that guy asking for a hunner can go suck a bag of dicks then.
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