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  1. First away game this season and first time in Arbroath. If you see a drunken idiot in the sea before kick off screaming his name it is likely to be me. What's script with tickets at Gayfield? Okay to pay at the gate or they implementing some pre purchase malarkey due to covid?
  2. Once more for those in the back, f**k Scottish referees. Useless c***s.
  3. Abracadabra/MIM is not audited so would look to avoid it. I mostly throw money into projects on Terra and they have done a farming strategy with Abracadabra's Degenbox involving looping UST and MIM round and round between Degenbox and Anchor protocol. Silly high yield potentials but not willing to risk it with the lack of auditing.
  4. First game since Killie game for me so rough watching on the bounce. Give credit for the save on the top bin efforts but we were really lacking.
  5. Watching back that first goal and its just such a typically Thistle goal to concede. Have a penalty save, good times are here and then shortly after completely shattered. Its a cruel existence. Basically if want material for your emo band support Thistle.
  6. My favourite dish in life is Gus McPherson having a bad time. Cautiously optimistic after yesterday. Hard to really gauge how good we were when Morton were that bloody bad. First time back in Firhill since Covid and questioned if my emotional return would be quickly soured by Thistle based disappointment but thankfully all came good. Robbie "all birds are snakes " Muirhead looks shot now which is a lol.
  7. Kind of where I am at. Obviously the streams are somewhat of a distraction from the apocalypse but right now this current streaming set up feels like a long term relationship without sex. Struggling to take much joy from it.
  8. Put a low silly bid for these a month back on Stock X and forgot about it. Shat myself when got the PayPal notification for payment. Was a pleasant Christmas surprise.
  9. Is the official Facebook page now just a personal listings page? Constant posts about birthdays or deaths.
  10. Monday delivery followed by Tuesday delivery. Red satin bit Hugh Hefner but something unique. Been hunting the Respect Over Hate in my size all year and traded my New Balance 992 with a fella in America. Happy with the outcome.
  11. Yeah basically only buy retro runners. Only owned one pair of J's and were good for rainy days but just not my style. Admire some of them from a distance.
  12. End used to do these big special boxes for some collabs. Theme of the kicks is persian rugs so the box actually has rug material on it. It's pretty class if I'm honest. Not often fancy stroking a shoe box but here we are.
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