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  1. New top reminds me of some of the Puma kits had around 06 to 08. Nae bad.
  2. Last round we looked like a fairly competent but solid championship mid table side. Seem to be heading back to that.
  3. Weird game in sense that important game for both teams and had air of a friendly or last season game with bugger all to play for. That was same for fans as everybody just seemed meh. Disappointing ending but f**k all happened till then to point neither team deserved anything. Frustrating for us but can't complain.
  4. Exactly where I am at. Was never overly convinced with fan ownership due to Thistle fans usually eating themselves, but I am in full support of rallying behind a collective with Thistle's wellbeing at the heart of everything and trying to get this absolute melt that is Low out of the club. I do worry that she won't go anywhere and apathy will set in amongst the fans then momentum will go. But hoping can keep the pressure on
  5. Prior to the pandemic my gig going crawled to maybe one or two gigs a year but with a ton of bands cramming touring into 2022 and me making up for lost time have been on a roll. Thus far had; Rolo Tomassi at the catty. Solid gig. Seen them before so knew what to expect but tight as f**k. Yves Tumour at The Garage. This was really good. Just excellent songs and good stage presence. Maybe a touch tok many guitar solos though. Slowthai at the Academy. Was very LADS LADS LADS but expected that. Got stuck into the pit, drenched myself in sweat and had a lol. Top fun. Tonight had JPEGMAFIA at Barras. This was great. Poor Peggy's voice was trashed but he powered through and just great fun. Upcoming have Twilight Sad and Kathryn Joseph on Saturday to break up rhe rap gigs with sad vibes then Mitski later in month. Looking at Kurt Vile and Japanese Breakfast with possibility of Sigur Ros later on. Basically too many options but not a bad problem to have.
  6. Been patchy with attendance this season so first time seeing us win since the big bounce up at the canal. Frustrating game at points but absolutely fucking worth it.
  7. Manpreet (an Asian) apparently called the Arbroath goalie who is a white man a "p#cki". Genuinley baffling case. Either Manpreet is super confused self loathing Asian or the stewards made a c**t of it.
  8. Ones via Edinburgh still currently running. Huffing pure hopium here that the day is not lost.
  9. Gayfield has been top of my list to tick off for many years and missed it due to a variety of date clashes and other such reasons. Today was the day to tick it off but trains already looking like on the chopping block. First away day also since Dumfries in Scottish Cup about three years ago. Gonna be getting sad wrecked in Glasgow at this rate.
  10. Guessing some will have seen the unfolding Wonderland drama and Dani Sesta's pretty honking damage control. Seems my uneasiness about Abracadra as Sesta in general was fairly well founded.
  11. First away game this season and first time in Arbroath. If you see a drunken idiot in the sea before kick off screaming his name it is likely to be me. What's script with tickets at Gayfield? Okay to pay at the gate or they implementing some pre purchase malarkey due to covid?
  12. Once more for those in the back, f**k Scottish referees. Useless c***s.
  13. Abracadabra/MIM is not audited so would look to avoid it. I mostly throw money into projects on Terra and they have done a farming strategy with Abracadabra's Degenbox involving looping UST and MIM round and round between Degenbox and Anchor protocol. Silly high yield potentials but not willing to risk it with the lack of auditing.
  14. First game since Killie game for me so rough watching on the bounce. Give credit for the save on the top bin efforts but we were really lacking.
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