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  1. Glinners gone rather quiet for past few weeks. Maybe finally fucking burnt himself out on his weird crusade that's only leading to misery.
  2. Absolutely pished myself laughing at the "four vl's" line. Eta. Love the Spaced reference also.
  3. There's an absolute ton of whoppers in our support. Imagine the big meetings trying to get anything solved? Be a ten day twitter fallout between various numpties slinging mud. Pass.
  4. Much like our club at present this thread is an absolute mess. Da banter all round. Abandon ship.
  5. Haven't listened to full Tool album but just in part. It's no departure, it's very much a Tool album and I'm absolutely fine with that. So far pretty fucking solid without being spectacular.
  6. Here it costs me £20 for a 1.75 gram bag of fairly good green so you're slightly cheaper still. Eta. Regarding if it smells bad or not I would imagine that depends on if you're a weed smoker or not. If associate positive feelings with the pong then it's pleasant getting a sudden whiff of it. Imagine smells shite to anyone else though.
  7. Another one who attended Bellahouston last night. Sadly too late for Twilight Sad but got in for Mogwai. Think that was time number 7 for Mogwai and they're just a very dependable live band. Remurdered sounded fucking huge though and was king of that set though by an absolute mile. The Cure were tight as f**k and when good were very good but felt the set dragged out a bit towards the end before the encore due to the lack of dynamic flow. Could definitely feel the crowd getting bit bored at times so doubt I was alone. Place was an utter swamp by leaving time as well and was less than pleased having to queue with my girlfriend for 50 mins so she could get a wine but nature of these big gigs I guess.
  8. Thing with Big Col's cash being pulled it shouldn't have an affect on the playing budget unless that's now being used to plug the academy? Doubt it's worth getting too concerned just yet over what as previously mentioned could be Low just being a fud, but it's not a good look.
  9. Should be a peice of piss. Outside of massive derbies getting tickets for Spanish football is fairly easy it seems.
  10. Took in Espanyol against Stjarnan in Europa League qualifiers. Cracking modern stadium with good bounce despite being half full and no away fans. First half was fairly turgid with unsurprisingly the Icelanders keeping everyone behind the ball and Espanyol failing to really get going. Second half livened up thankfully and got four home goals at end I was at.
  11. Anyone had experience going to see Espanyol? Appear to be playing in Europa League next week while im there. Had a look on their site but won't recognise my postcode in order to sign up for membership to get tix. Assume be sound to buy at the stadium?
  12. This morning convinced my pal to fly up from Coventry for his first game of the season, a drunken away day to Arbroath. Booked his flights then this news comes hours later. Seething is an understatement.
  13. Two egotistical mad c***s that are pals. Can only end in tears.
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