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  1. Ha no damning from me. Just not my thing.
  2. Yeah basically only buy retro runners. Only owned one pair of J's and were good for rainy days but just not my style. Admire some of them from a distance.
  3. End used to do these big special boxes for some collabs. Theme of the kicks is persian rugs so the box actually has rug material on it. It's pretty class if I'm honest. Not often fancy stroking a shoe box but here we are.
  4. I've unfollowed most people so unsure if this patter is the norm (only on it now for groups im part of), but all these businesses posting this awful "Niccy has telt ye to stay in eh hoose" patter can absolutely fucking piss off.
  5. I have a pair of Roos x Sneakerholic and got another pair I pre ordered a few months back due soonish. I can say that the quality is a class above due to materials used and low production numbers. They often end up on sale so just wait it out or join KangaroosTalk on Facebook as plenty of folks selling pairs at prices nearer the £200 mark.
  6. Alot of the heritage stuff if mooch about will find on sale occasionally. However considering what they've put out with the heritage range has been surprisingly good, and a lack of collabs, the big Dia fans have been leaping on them so seeing less on sale. Any of the made in Italy pairs are great but as say have to pay a fair whack for them.
  7. Also grabbed these in an eBay steal. The very first collab done on the n9000 and being the Diadora fan I am had to jump on them at price listed.
  8. Well the og grey ones were Steve Jobs favourite shoe suppsedly so not far off ha.
  9. I personally aren't into alot of the chunky trainers (Fila Disruptors plz die) but find the 992 straddles the line between being slightly bulky looking while also sleek enough to stay in normal runners territory.
  10. Following on with the NB love. Last thing I got was the JJJJound 992 and been wearing them a ton. Understand the bulky normcore vibe isn't everyone's bag right enough but thoroughly impressed with them. From experience the Made In England/USA pairs have the best suedes of any brands. Comfort on the 992 excellent also.
  11. Basically all the LA comedy scene. Segura gets a mild pass. Everyone's favourite special needs cte crippled moron Brenda Scoob being the peak worst.
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