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  1. 110 years After tonight this thread survives until at least the end of May 2021.
  2. 🔙 | On this day in 1973, we won the League Cup with a 1-0 victory over Celtic #thedee https://t.co/LDv7539KJt One of Scottish football's great mysteries. 46 years on and lots of smaller clubs have won cups since then. Anyone who was out drinking legally that night will now be 64.
  3. Won't be happening , I'm sure when asked that question in the Motherwell press room Tommy Wright said the player wanted to be somewhere else .
  4. They have a deal for 20 games. I would imagine they wont pick Friday night winter games as they could be cancelled and then will return with a run of games in the run in and then the play offs.
  5. Those teams from Hungary , Luxemburg, Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan were also all national champions who with the champions route have a far greater chance of qualification for the Europa league than the 17 places allocated to all the non champions of all the other nations. Totally unrealistic to expect any other Scottish team to qualify for the groups until the new set up comes in and if we got 2 champions league places there is a chance the cup winning team or 3rd placed team could make the group stages of the conference competition.
  6. I was 50/50 between Dundee and East Fife and went the wrong way. Well done to anyone left in the competition and thanks to "Poet" for his hard work.
  7. Week 3 - Raith Rovers Week 4 -Cove Rangers Week 5 - Rangers Week 6 - Dundee United Week 7 - Edinburgh City Week 8 - East Fife
  8. Week 3 - Raith Rovers Week 4 -Cove Rangers Week 5 - Rangers Week 6 - Dundee United Week 7 - Edinburgh City
  9. Must admit that McCall is becoming a bit dull and full of himself each Tuesday. It would be good to have some other mangers on rather than uncle Ian every week.
  10. And if we do not get 15th this year this new set up will make it difficult to do so in the following 3 years before the eye of the needle is made even smaller in the next cycle.
  11. Did you read the above, there are just 17 places for the whole of Europe in the qualifying path our team will have to come in via 3 ties against potentially a team from any of the top leagues in the later rounds. https://kassiesa.net/uefa/files/2021-24-uefa-access-list.pdf If it goes via seeding those places in the main will also be taken by top 15 league teams so all this does is give the champions of the smaller nations group stage football and not what I remember fans of Aberdeen and Hearts were hoping for around 1 year ago when the details first came out.
  12. Week 3 - Raith Rovers Week 4 -Cove Rangers Week 5 - Rangers Week 6 - Dundee United
  13. There is going to be some crowd at this Jeanfield Swift v Linlithgow Rose Scottish cup tie.
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