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  1. looking at those results , especially the last 2 away from home to higher ranked opposition there is a frailty in that team. When was our last 4-0 or 5-0 loss? I'm not saying we will win by 4 or 5 but get an early goal and we should win this.
  2. That bigoted weasel Neil McCann was never seen in McDiarmid Park while Tommy Wright remained in charge. I do wonder if we refused his media pass or perhaps he was to intimidated to turn up.
  3. My ideal solution would involve taking the whole roof off and doing the following to try and get to around 70,000 seats. Bring the pitch closer to the existing South stand, creating room on the North side. Adding a 3rd tier on the South stand, a basic bolt on to the back of the existing facilities , with some boxes put in at the top of the second tier (debenture level). East and West stands demolished and brought close to the pitch, large double tiered ends built so that the stadium can be made smaller for certain semi finals but still look good on tv North stand demolished and replaced with a single tier stand close to the pitch with a large number of boxes above it to keep the roof in line with the ends.
  4. Thanks I still think they would need to take the roof off the ends as it would seriously limit the height of the stands, especially if we went for steep ends.
  5. For part 1 it could be make it smaller Part 3 could be to follow an MLS format with every kit made by the same manufacturer , all club shops selling the similar products .
  6. Forgetting the second visit from one of the OF that is guaranteed under the current system , clubs would be cutting a second visit for a large support for a smaller number. Taking Dundee as the example they would cut post split second visits from St Mirren, Ross County, Livingston, Hibs , Rangers and Aberdeen and replace them with ICT, Kilmarnock, Arboath, Partick Thistle, Queen of the South and Raith Rovers going by the current championship table. At a guess Hibs or Aberdeen could bring as many fans as a combination of 3 of the team above so there would be a loss of revenue to them. However there would be a bigger spread of those away attendances over more teams so if they are looking out of the greater good a larger league may be a positive thing.
  7. The third competition in effect opens up a total of 8 extra places for non champions from a total of 55 members. While we are at the top of our current coefficient cycle (we will go down in a few years) we will have 1 of those places next season but its not the large number of extra spots everyone thought it might be as the aim is to give champions group stage football.
  8. Did they ever do anything with the roof at Stuttgart. Looking at the overhead from Hampden rebuilding without a roof will leave a large number of seats very exposed to the weather. There has to be a better solution than that.
  9. We all know which group was in that section on Saturday. Will the club follow the same policy as they did after the Galatasaray game? Then the Union Bears can stand with the banned to their hearts content.
  10. Not that much movement in the 2nd place ranking table after last nights games Poland drop to 3rd so are replaced by Albania who only have 6 points on the system https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2022_FIFA_World_Cup_qualification_–_UEFA_Second_Round Still lots can changed (teams in second and those that the big groups drop points against) but we have on this system played 5 games where as most of the teams currently second have played 4. Getting 6 points next month could put us in a great position as its now likely the Moldova games wont count for this table.
  11. With regard to the ranking of the 2nd place teams this is how i see it today, the dropping of points for groups F to J and the uneven fixtures in groups A to E don't make it straight forward to look at but we are doing ok. Serbia 11 points from 5 games - goal difference 12-7 Russia 10 points from 5 games - goal difference 8-4 Sweden 9 points from 3 games - Goal difference 6-1 Scotland 8 points from 5 games - goal difference 8-5 Poland 7 points from 4 games - goal difference 11-6 Switzerland 7 points from 3 games - goal difference 4-1 Czech Republic 7 points from 5 games - goal difference 8-7 Norway 7 points from 4 games - goal difference 4-4 Armenia 7 points from 4 games - goal difference 5-8 Ukraine 5 points from 5 games - goal difference 6-6
  12. Hopefully they will be one day. There should be a choice, if you want a national team then all your club sides should play in your national league. No exceptions.
  13. George Best and Mary Stavin in Scone after George Best had played for Scone Thistle, my grandfather was the photographer for the local paper and was tipped off exactly where to find them. I do have the autographs somewhere and the picture periodically turns up on twitter. William and Kate in 2014 as we were invited to take some kids from the BB to meet them in Crieff. They were both genuine and asked good questions. One of our boys aged 9 however told the local paper Kate's hair smelt nice which was not published. In my role at Saints ive met loads of people from the football world, most of whom are totally sound. I remember watching a game from the TV gantry and Gary McAllister took the piss as i thought Saints had scored a late winner v Celtic but he was sound and it was all good banter. Fatih Terim looking me in the eye and waving going to the press conference last month was odd as we have never met before. Not sure this counts as an "I've met" but i was waiting on a flight arrival in Geneva to fill our mini bus and Mike Tyson walked passed. it was a genuine what is he doing here, was it him moment . The next day the local paper reported he was in the area skiing.
  14. Its certainly easier to prosecute the smaller teams fans. Look at the court roll today in Forfar. "Did someone say court boys?"
  15. They are one of the beneficiaries of the system that aims to get a minimum of 34 of the National champions into the group stages of one of the 3 competitions. its a great idea and will spread the number of nations with teams in the groups out (In the end its 36 this year) They started in the Champions League , won one tie against Fola Esch 7-2 on aggregate (A superb result) .Even Fola Esch ended up in this play off round so if you are a champion of a small league its very difficult not to get 8 games in July and August. In round 2 they played Cluj losing both games so dropped to the Europa league. They then lost 4-2 on aggregate to Slovan Bratislava to drop into the Conference playoffs and hit the jackpot in the unseeded draw where they got Riga FC. Both games finished 1-1 and they came out on top in extra time. They could have got the likes of Kairat Almaty or Maccabi Haifa in that draw. Thus with 1 win over 90 minuets in the first round of the Champions league and 4 draws they have group stage football. Hibs and Aberdeen both won more games and don't but that's the way the system works.
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