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  1. Please let fans be back for this in July or August.
  2. To be fair in my part I should be there are part of the clubs media team (still to be confirmed) but all my mates last weekend got booked into pubs with tables our big outside venues where there will be a big atmosphere . Unless it's going to be 2000 plus for each club most of the fans I know had said they would not even enter the ballot for 300 and reckon they will have a better day in Perth.
  3. The players of both teams should be asked, not that I think anything will change now. Our fans were 100% behind the players families getting all our tickets so I am sure they would respect the fact that the players did want to win it at Hampden or play in Aberdeen with a small number of fans at the ground.
  4. The English did that for one of the FA Cup semi finals and I hope we never go down that road The game is for fans, not people who were doing their job,
  5. It was to be a very small section Dumbarton are getting 500 in a 2000 stand next week.
  6. Does anyone know who is on the competitions committee for this years Scottish cup? Surely they all need replaced at the AGM Between the farce of the summer into Autumn when non league teams were told they could not play, then offered a bribe not to enter , followed then by a late start, Credit to them for getting the competition finished but the lack of planning for the final with no thought for fans the SFA do share a lot of the blame for the mess this has become. Yet we will have Darryl Broadfoot on radio Scotland on Monday night blaming everyone else and refusing to answer why no venue outside Glasgow was ever properly looked at. How can Rod Petrie look any Hibs fans in the face after this total shambles ?
  7. Id even accept Easter Road as they have not beaten us there since 2011 it would need to be on grass, there should be no place for plastic pitches in the top level never mind a national final.
  8. The SFA will be happy, no need to print 600 tickets now.
  9. I am so proud of the reaction of our fans tonight on social media. Ive yet to see anyone ask for a ballot. Everyone wants the players family and those who work at McDiarmid at the game. I would add in some local players from the youth academy as part of our 300.
  10. That would be madness Our stadium announcer stays less than a mile from Hampden, if that rule was enforced you would be asking him to drive to Perth to get in a bus with others to go to a ground less than a mile from his home. Way safer to allow people to make their own way to the stadium
  11. I would imagine everyone should drive to the final in their own groups, I would certainly not expect any supporters buses to organised or if there are they will not have many on them to comply with distancing rules
  12. Depending on numbers for us it should be easy, 1 per season ticket holder and then some for players families and sponsors and those on the ticket data base. For Hibs its going to be way more complex.
  13. I can see it being slightly less due to some building work that is needed before the Euros but its good news. Ive been at all our Hampden game this season but it will be superb to have some fans there, the celebrations after the league cup win were odd. Chatting to the players pitch side who had no idea what to do next bar phone family and walk about an empty stadium.
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