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  1. No match for St Johnstone as the centenary fell at the period when we were in decline . I don't think the centenary meal happened until 1987 after the Brown take over.
  2. In a way this is already happening. Letham FC in Perth, who's ground is a goal kick from the McDiarmid Park car park tried to enter the East of Scotland league were turned down due to the distance of the club house to the pitch. They wanted to enter conference X so tier 8. They then chanced an entry to the midland league at tier 6 in the north and were accepted. Not that they ever expect to be in tier 5 but should they get a promotion they would need to enter the Highland league where as Jeanfield Swifts, Kinnoull and Luncarty who are further North would enter the Lowland league.
  3. He certainly did in Perth. Sky set up in one position to interview Callum Davidson then moved for Gerrard.
  4. To be fair that game was in Perth in the last 16 of the junior cup. You will get over 500 tomorrow, id expect around 300 to 400 away fans. I do know a lot of Saints fans were not expecting any away allocation at Celtic Park so decided weeks ago to go to this game, partly on the basis Saints have not played Annan in a competitive game since you joined the league and want to tick off a new ground.
  5. You 100% will not need the app for the stadium of light or anywhere in the North East of England. You will hear the odd announcement about wearing masks and distancing in shops but no one bothers. I went to the Sunderland v Newcastle under 23s game there on Monday night. Neither team would sell me a ticket as it was category A game but a steward spotted me asking anyone if they had spares 3 minutes before kick off and said "are you a season ticket holder? to which i said no and he said "yes you are" and let me in for free. I was based in Newcastle and it felt odd checking into the room with no mask and the same going out and about but apart from seeing people getting off buses, masks are non existent.
  6. Jeanfield will have a large away support tomorrow with 5 club run buses leaving from Perth. Having seen both teams this season i would expect Annan to win but the Swifts have saved their best form for the Scottish cup.
  7. i was in the area last night so decided to go to Gateshead v Marske United and delay my drive home A great view from the steep main stand which actually made the pitch seem close despite the running track All the goals in the second half , with Gateshead winning 3-2 (Thankfully it finished before extra time was needed or id not have got home before 2am) A reasonably vocal support for both teams, chant of the night goes to Marske with "Your a small town in Saudi" Not sure that parking cars on an astro turf is a good idea but thats where we were directed to park as the other carparks were in use for the other facilities at the complex before kick off.
  8. You might be best to contact the SLO as my understanding from what i was told in the summer was that season ticket passes should only work when you let the club know you cannot attend. The theory was to protect revenue although im not sure if that has ever been put in practice. (so your ticket would either work at the ground or at your home but not both)
  9. You can if you pay for the premium service https://www.gov.uk/get-a-passport-urgently/online-premium-service
  10. That thought went through my head last night. The Moldova game could effect the seeding as well as the chance of qualification.
  11. No Its based on our finishing place in the last nations league https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2022–23_UEFA_Nations_League
  12. As a match day media volunteer i have noticed the WiFi and 4G situation getting worse over the last few years. Due to the suite WiFi passwords being common knowledge at McDiarmird over the years there are just too many people who use them and the whole system goes down. At the Galatasary game we managed to get the goal graphic for our late goal out 25 minutes after the game finish. That thankfully that prompted the club to get a private network for our own media but i know the general press are unhappy as the press network is very poor and prone to hanging up during games. Of the away games this season i think ive used my data at them all where as a few years back the clubs systems worked well.
  13. Unfortunately Dens along with Starks Park and in part East End Park have all ended up with the best facilities at the ends and limited view at the side. At Dens the half of the pitch furthest away from Tannadice has hardly anyone able to watch from the side in part due to the removal of the main stand enclosure. Starks Park has the two massive end stands and half the railway side and the atmosphere at East End Park suffers from the home and away fans in the main being 100m apart. A new build can have atmosphere if its built the correct size and home and away fans are close together.
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