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  1. Im more concerned about the "where we make out money part" just now as the stadium is not making any money at all. I am sure in the coming months that part will return to normal even if there are no fans through the turnstiles for the rest of 2020.
  2. As a Steward when the place opened that was the idea. Out of interest I was sent this by another poster from here last week and this is how it should look.
  3. If we have to have 14 teams in the premiership next season relegation should be on points per game over season 19-20 and 20-21. That way the failures of season 19-20 are not rewarded and the teams who finished at the bottom have a way to play their way out of the mess they created. For relegation the promoted teams would just be judged on the season 20-21 in the Premiership.
  4. There are a few on the East side in the whole SPFL. Even when Tynecastle was being rebuilt the buildings behind the West stand would have prevented that becoming the clubs main stand. Now it would have been possible but would still feel like entering via a side street.
  5. Yes in that a new media lounge is planned , the area used by players families is to be converted into a set up similar to that at Motherwell and Kilmarnock . The families will then move next door to the Muirton Suite at half time. It can then be set up with an interview desk and branding as they do at Motherwell , Rangers etc . As it stands the food etc comes up the stairs at half time and a few others just help themselves and the bit by the BBC desk becomes a bottleneck. If everything is moved downstairs it should help The whole mast and wifi situation at McDiarmid is a nightmare, the Wifi had to be strengthened at a fair cost to even let Saints TV work but its just not good enough. Its so frustrating to hit send on a goal graphic for it then to take 50 seconds to load and the moment is lost. The club know the issue and its been raised a few times in informal meetings.
  6. I have been part of the St Johnstone media team for 8 seasons now so will give this review looking at the media facilities the clubs offer. Ive done various roles at most of the grounds which gives access to a variety of areas Pittodrie - Superb TV gantry with great views, pitch side its always cold when taking photos and the photographers room doubles up as the groundsman's room during the week. There was one trip in the years when the top tier of the Richard Donald stand was closed when the list of faults was left for all to see. When Tweeting the game you are in the main stand , a few issues with pillars but they do provide you with a RedTV feed. The positives for this are you get replays, negatives the play on the TV is going the opposite way to the play on the pitch so it can mess with your head. No dedicated press reporters room and you are issued with a voucher for a pie and a drink on arrival . The staff are always friendly. Celtic Park - Another great TV gantry, possibly the best in Scotland and the view from the top of the roof of the main stand is great. Pitch side as a photographer there is not much room and those speakers pitch side are loud. The away end has the photographers pits so you can stand up to take pictures and not block peoples views. The photographers are looked after in the room under the corner at the other end of the main stand from the away fans and you always get home made soup at half time, very welcome on a cold day. When tweeting the game the view from the main stand is very good, great press room and a good selection of food at half time. Post game interviews can be an issue as security for the track is always being monitored. New Douglas Park - bar around 15 seats in the main stand with a small fold out table there are no press facilities at Hamilton. The photographers bibs normally smell really bad so I started to bring my own (as do most when going to Hamilton) and the photographers room when we play there is the gazebo . No idea where the pros keep all their equipment when the old firm play there. The TV gantry is entered via the Childs play area behind the gazebo and there is not normally much room so ive filmed for the manager from the side of the pitch Tynecastle - Pitch side is very tight as a photographer , you are basically in the stand but in general the fans are ok and i've had banter with them. The TV gantry again gives a great view. The press facilities in the new main stand are however an issue. If it's raining you get wet as they are placed right behind the dugouts, they have replaced the original covers with larger versions which now almost block your view of the game. Everyone on media has access to a large room in the new main stand with a great selection of food. I am sure Hearts will get the new stand right eventually. Easter Road - Excellent in all areas, plenty room pitch side and the photographers are looked after in their own room by the famous 5 stand. Everyone else is in the main stand , good press room great views from the top tier of the main stand and well looked after. The TV gantry is just 1 row behind the press benches Rugby Park - Again lots of room pitch side, good views from the small TV gantry. The press benches in the main stand have some pillar issues but its not as bad as Dens Park. Everyone from media is looked after in a room in the main stand. There have been cut backs on this over the years as there used to be a woman who signed you in and then got you tea, coffee etc but it was over the top compared to everywhere else Almondvale - Very similar to rugby park pitch side , the gantry is very small so tend to film from the stand and the press box is opposite the main stand which must be interesting with the Old firm visit. No press or photographers room but you can go for a coffee in a room shared with the police at half time. Fir Park - Like Celtic Park you need a head for hight's if you are going on the TV gantry but again it probably has the best view in the stadium. Pitch side the track and the slope on the pitch are not great and the groundsman and his team are the most precious about the pitch with post game interviews should anyone walk even on the edge of the grass. The media room is good with a wide selection of food and plenty TV's for pre game football and half time scores. Ibrox - From a media point of view my favourite away trip . It's the best we are looked after the facilities in the Main stand are great. The view from the press box or tv gantry points is good (You need to wear a harness for the TV points from the club deck). Pitch side the track is wide but you can get close to the pitch and move around without blocking views. Its a completely different experience to that of being an away fan at Ibrox. Victoria Park - Used to be the worst media experience with zero facilities but the addition of the blue media pod towards the away end improved things . tight for pitch side and I don't know what they do to the pitch but it always smells damp when taking pictures (Not as damp as the Accies bibs) Filming for the club is done from the back of the stand and the press benches are adequate and give an uninterrupted view. McDiarmid Park - Pitch side with the wide track we are ok for taking pictures, our photographers room is tiny however. The press box has a mix of indoor and outdoor benches, impossible to get out of if the person next to you does not move and our wifi Is not reliable . The best place to watch a game from is the gantry next to the stadium announcers room (The view in that room is ok if your doing the job on your own but if there are two of you while it can be warm on a cold day its hard for both to see all the pitch at once) St Mirren Park - Sometimes the home support can be the most entertainment in the league, especially from the TV gantry where the fans who sit in front of it seem to not like each other. No issues as a photographer at all , plenty space and an ok room. Press seats are good as well as is the press room.
  7. The SFA put out a statement saying "That were close to an agreement to host the games" about 5 days before the deadline and then there has been no news at all. I have tickets for games at Hampden and have had e-mails from UEFA asking if I wanted to cancel but I assumed this was being sent to all venues.
  8. The best example of this I have seen was in Trondheim when we played Rosenborg. The ground is not near the town centre and the day before the game looked like any pedestrian centre anywhere in Europe. However on game day the streets were transformed with a display of small black and white flags with the club crest displayed outside shops and on lampposts . A simple and probably time consuming thing to do (Unless each shop had responsibility for their area) but it was highly effective and noticeable from the day before.
  9. Davie Bowman punched a shot on goal over the bar and all we got was a corner.
  10. I cannot remember the last time I went into my phone and checked all the details for each person. I know in club social media teams some have moved clubs (one person twice) so maybe thats something we all need to do, but then I don't intend for any of my conversations to be screen shot or used by Rangers.
  11. As Eric has moved clubs if they have not changed the name if the phone it will just come up as you have put it in .
  12. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Attila_Sekerlioglu Very popular with the fans back then , used to go to the stands at full time in every game. A scout for Bayern Munich but way to mad to do this job During lockdown he's been a home DJ for the last few weeks https://www.pscp.tv/w/1BRJjQXklBRGw Some weeks performing in a Saints kit from the late 90s
  13. I am sure they will run with a succession of ex Rangers and Celtic players over the next few weeks. We should come up with a list of names for Daily Record Bingo, as a starter I propose Peter Grant Nacho "vile bigot" Novo Alan Stubbs Barry Ferguson Mark McGhee Billy Dodds Steven Pressley Kenny Miller
  14. realmadrid


    Fantastic idea , you would maybe need to do a bit more planning than we did to make it a romantic trip (if thats what you want) as we just stayed in motels where ever we decided to call it a day for the night. After a week we could guess the price for a room outside as it was standard all along the route. Some places looked worse in the morning than they did in the dark but every small village along the route is set up for people traveliing East to West or West to East. it would be possible to do part of the route although we liked the Victoria to Calgary stretch and most with the middle not being much to see (You get used to seeing as far as you can in every direction after a couple of day, with everything being flat and the road in a very straight line) I would say 3 week and as you can see from the map below , there is not just one route if you do go Island to Island its worth pointing out that while you just turn up in BC to get on a ferry you need to book in the East. We got lucky in that with 15 minutes to go they fill the ferry with those that are waiting. it was a Thursday and the first available spot was the following Tuesday , despite there being a ferry every 3 hours during the day. The joys of the St John's Jazz festival. You can therefore pick your own city stops. The road numbers also change as you move from province to province but you always know you are on the route by this symbol below.
  15. realmadrid


    Has anyone else driven the Trans Canada highway? I did this in 2008, from Island to Island , mile zero is in Victoria in BC and the other end point is in St John's Newfoundland. We picked up our hire car at the airport in Vancouver and dropped it off at the airport in Toronto so did not get a one way drop off fee. Our route was Victoria to Vancouver , over to Calgary then up to Edmonton where we joined the northern part of the road (There are two sections in the west) down to Regina and then over to Winnipeg , Ottawa , before Quebec City then over to St Johns (14 days Island to Island) At that point the hire car was closer to Scotland than BC We then returned west via Montreal and then Toronto with a day spare so went to Niagara (Blackpool with a waterfall) Obviously visited lots of places in between the major cities Perhaps the most different of those is Drumheller which is off the main road between Calgary and Edmonton. its where the Royal Tyrrell Museum of Palaeontology is based and the whole town is covered in Dinosaurs from road sings to a 86ft Dinosaur in the centre of town. We had no plan, knew our return flight date and just winged it. if there was nothing to see (The middle) we went for it but some days drove as little as 200m , other days 600 and then stayed places for a couple of days. The only thing set in stone was we had to either be on Newfoundland 7 days before our return flight or turn back west.
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