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  1. The four team group system is so much better. As has been said above 1 dead rubber in 18 games today, last night of the 9 fixtures only Andorra v Latvia had nothing to play for.
  2. There are not many of these original Italia 90 leisure shirts around now. There were 2 designs and ive the other one.
  3. There was a great link between the time capsule and the last minute winner as a week after that QOS v Aberdeen game Saints took Rangers to penalties before losing. We would have been slight favourites at the time to win an all 1st Division final with QOS. At the time I was totally gutted, our chance to win something had gone, a final against QOS. Oh well its never going to be. Then by 2014 I was part of our media team. I was lucky enough to be on the pitch with the players at full time, id never have had that in 2008. Id love every fan to have "Their day in May"
  4. UEFA rightly value winning a trophy over finishing 3rd. Look at the situation in England where finishing 4th is celebrated by fans, or for some teams finishing 17th is a great achievement . They actively aim to get knocked out of cups. Bournemouth , what did they achieve in 5 years in the Premier league. Did they even make a semi final in 10 attempts while a top level team?
  5. The situation with Shareholder loans and issuing more and more shares cannot go on for ever. I guess anyone investing in Rangers must know they will get zero return from their investment and in time their shares are diluted to a level that also makes them worthless. If another club with say a much smaller fan base was to do this, old firm fans would be crying that its against financial fair play. The sad thing is even with the gate both Celtic and Rangers get the prices would need to be around 50% more than they are just now just to break even and as the bigger leagues get more money the gap will grow to a point that is not sustainable . A couple of years of CL money would certainly close the gap, getting the 11th place and the guaranteed spot has to be the aim for both teams before the door is possibly closed for good if the European league comes to pass as 5 English teams would claim the "UK" TV slots and Scottish teams would be shut out.
  6. From inside the main stand I was sure they could see most of the pitch and we wondered why there were no locals however one of the fans has posted this picture on twitter.
  7. At least the small group of Saints fans in the grounds of Iceland have been able to see our second half goals.
  8. Last nights classic was Richard Gordon telling everyone the Scotland under 21s would be unlikely to be the best runner up if they did not win their last 2 games in the qualifiers so would join the 8 other runners up in the play offs. He then correctly pointed out that the tournament is split in two with the group stages in the spring international break before the knock out stage is in late May and early June Tom English corrected him but he was having none of it , when these play off games would have been played is a mystery . The games next month are the matches that were postponed in the spring and they take up the play off dates. As per the UEFA announcement in the summer its the 9 group winners and best 5 runners up that qualify. We are currently 8th of the 9 teams currently in second place but that position will only really be clear with 1 game to go as some teams have 3 matches remaining just now and others only 1 or 2. https://www.uefa.com/under21/news/025e-0facadc7c0b3-fd20d45f3e7c-1000--new-format-and-schedule/?iv=true
  9. That's outside the City Mills hotel in Perth. I am sure the Scotland team sometimes stayed there when they used Perthshire as a base before home games.
  10. Another 3 https://www.scottishfa.co.uk/news/coronavirus-joint-response-group-update-1-october/?rid=13929
  11. Neither of the above are true. Anyway his replacement started today just over 3 years after he left.
  12. And now the SSC account has also had a similar e-mail. Empty Hampden it is.
  13. As I debenture holder I've just been sent this , so you can assume no crowd.
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