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  1. I'm happy we stayed up but am I f**k celebrating a season like that. c***s clapping master strategist Davidson and him running about like he's won the league, aye on you go Saintees.
  2. Not counting them as I don't actually think they were direct replacements. If I knew what he looked like I'd smash the c**t.
  3. Just thinking of the players brought in to replace them and Melamed. I make it.... Dendonker Ambrose Muller Cleary Butterfield McPherson Bair Vertainen 8 players to replace 3, that's the Callum Davidson effect right there.
  4. I've got some spare if you're needing? But since one of my laddies has covid I may take his, it's within throwing distance of the dugouts. Now to find that spear I bought from Kenya.
  5. On the plus side you'll sound louder on TV as it's only sweetie rustlers for Saints on that side.
  6. This is the game that finally gets Davidson out the door lads, hallefuckinglujah.
  7. If they'd done their homework on Ambrose they should not have touched him with a barge pole, certainly if the rumours are true. The recruitment/retaining has been nothing short of shocking since Davidson has been in charge.
  8. I'm almost certain Callum never seen him play, or at least play recently. Callum came out with a description of how Butterfield played and what he expected from him, Butterfield came out and said he used to play that way but doesn't anymore as he doesn't have the legs. It's almost as if he just listened to his ex boss and signed him on that basis. Utter charlatan of a manager.
  9. Does he still have a massive arse? Likeable wee chap from Scone and one I felt when he was younger would be playing at a higher level than he is.
  10. Not a fucking hope. As long as The grunting wee scruffy hobbit gets his comeuppance I'm fine with it.
  11. Down beside Double dykes traveller site, well, more static caravan/lodge site nowadays, it's nearer the away end. Quick getaway along the main road in inveralmond ind. estate and you're straight on the A9.
  12. So around 40 odd games ago? That's a return Stevie May would be proud of, get them in the bin.
  13. What level do folk see Stevie May actually succeeding at these days? Jeanfield Swifts would be my estimation.
  14. I think we all know exactly the way it goes, I'd sack him tonight and tell him to hitch a lift home.
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