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  1. We are due to give someone a scudding, unfortunately I don't think the break has helped us so it won't be this week.
  2. ^^^ doesn't want his missus seeing his browsing history.
  3. A Turkish acquaintance of mine sent me the Turkish highlights of the Galatasaray game at Mcdiarmid ages ago, as part of his banter, the c**t that he is. Anyway, what stands out is how bad Jason Kerr was. For all Galatasarays good movement, he was at fault for 2 of their goals imo. I think we'll be a better team without him this season.
  4. Get over it, even when Chris Kane was REALLY bad he could score for fun in the championship. Am I f**k waiting half a decade again, with a misfiring Hendry, for him to come good.
  5. I've said it twice, after hearing the words "I would like to try out America before my career ends" come out of his mouth. This of course depends on anyone in America actually wanting him but after the success of Morgan, Russell and Gauld Scottish stock is quite high.
  6. This shouldn't be underestimated in having city status, historic places where kings have been crowned and killed should automatically be considered.
  7. Says a lot about your wifes choice in sexual partners tbh.
  8. I preferred mizfits thread he started the other day. Will not read yours again. Unless there's any new revelations of course, then I'm in.
  9. It's hard to type when you have a phone and axe in one hand while frantically driving around looking for the young team.
  10. Oaft. I can handle being called an old creep but being compared to a smelly celtic supporting fantasist creep is well below the belt.
  11. Hardly deserves a mention on the hads gone thread Johnny, I'm all for posting made up shite to provoke reactions, it's the P&B way and long may it continue.
  12. is he f**k, he's sitting watching Ryan Porteous be a haddy once again. you're a no righter.
  13. Not that I know off, so not ruling ot out. Fucking right and she is.
  14. it's brilliant. I was tied to a chair in the corner wearing a baywatch swimsuit.
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