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  1. Stats don't lie. Seventeen goals conceded in his last two and a half games. How many has Zander conceded in the same timescale? How many did Sinclair concede in his half? Let's just dissolve Parish of all blame though......
  2. They wouldn't. It was a bounce game that in the grand scheme of things means f**k all but minutes in legs and trying out some players. One things for sure, that starting 11 will be nothing like the one in the first league game. I still want this manager and half his signings gone though, they are utterly clueless.
  3. 17(seventeen) goals let in in 3(three) games. How on earth does the hobbit think he's an acceptable keeper?
  4. Good, they deserve a nightmare journey, they certainly took us on one last season. What goes around comes around bitches.
  5. What's that Elliot is up to now? 14 in his last 3 games? Give him a new contract.
  6. If he were to put that lineup out for the competitive games he deserves every thing that comes his way. He's not that stupid though .....
  7. I preferred his other cup final for hibs tbh. f**k knows how he hit the bar.
  8. I think you're reading something that isn't there. He's saying we've known Zander is leaving for ages and the club have had ample time to find and sign a replacement. Which of course they haven't as of yet.
  9. What a lot of pish. There are several beaches, although not as many as most islands, I'll give you that. Also, to say Popeye village is the main tourist attraction when you have a capital city like Valleta is just plain wrong.
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