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  1. MOH deserved everything he got lads, all of his own doing even if they were hounding the ref. If this happens again I'd expect Davidson to react quicker as well.
  2. Think we'll get pumped. Unless we go Parish McNamara Kerr Gordon Booth Craig Conway McCann Spoony May Macca/Hendry
  3. I'm hoping Callum registers himself as emergency wing back cover as well. Now we're talking,
  4. Aye right, as if there really is a Mrs RandomGuy.
  5. He was sitting on the bench at the weekend, might as well get to wear that brilliant football strip.
  6. Random it's a game of fucking football, get a fucking life. The weather's alright, go walk your dog.
  7. I actually had the number of letters to spell macca there but thought it was too obvious, changed it to new exciting signing and hoped that we could've ran a wee bit longer without the majority knowing who it was. You know build up the suspense, knowing the only folk who would like it were HSF and Kyle
  8. Macca may not be the solution to our problems but he is certainly no harm as a bench filler/sub when injuries or loss of form occur.
  9. The image it puts across? Like a cup final scorer and winner, Europa league scorer who has now given his expertise to aid our youngsters(who aren't ready by the way and i include Hendry in that) getting registered as a player in the unlikely case he needs to play because we cant afford other options, because of a shitstorm pandemic. That kind of image?
  10. f**k you. So much this. Anyone who thinks Macca wouldn't have done better than Hendry yesterday is fucking deluded.
  11. It'll be in the PA on Tuesday. Is the PA still a thing?
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