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  1. Separate the Union, we are different in every way.
  2. Score draw. Pretty disappointed I cannot make this, not for the football obviously, more for missing waking up covered in a Morrati pizza.
  3. I only used him as an example and I did say better at finishing as well. If we can pick up a Cosgrove from English non league, there are a few handy players down there, that would do me. We are crying out for a target man.
  4. Na, I'd prefer someone a bit bigger and maybe a bit more tanned.
  5. I'd like us to sign a different type of striker, one who can finish crosses, one who thrives on bullying defenders. I know that's a hard thing to find... If you are St Johnstone.
  6. If I had the choice of 5 Chris Kanes or one Stevie May I know which one I'd be going for. I'd even say we could do better than Callum Hendry too.
  7. Why can't you believe that? They aren't very good.
  8. You can still get rolling rock, seen it last week. My local when i was around 18-21 used to sell bottles for under a pound, needless to say I had fucking gallons of the stuff.
  9. A pint of Lager (what there's more than one kind?) Twa Tams, Perth. 80s.
  10. The only reason Robert Thomson is calling Saints out is because he had that wee lover's tiff with Broon. He could've done this years ago but wouldn't have got the scoops he's had, only now is he doing his job properly. If we can all see the way it was going years ago, he can too. There's a happy medium to running a semi progressive football club, Broons just scared to gamble (he sees it as one, mainly because he's a dinosaur).
  11. Just re-opened, it's in the middle of Aleppo but within staggering distance to Randoms for some kip/shot of his burd, good choice.
  12. Probably the Foundry, best of a bad bunch I suppose.
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