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  1. I'll go for Clark Brown Muller McCart Rooney Devine Davidson Craig Crawford E2 Middleton No place for Kane or Spoony in the first 11, you play shite, you get dropped, simple.
  2. I'd feel a lot more confident if Liam Gordon was available to play, he just gels the defence. As it is, its makeshift and playing folk out of their natural positions, which isn't ideal. Then add the centre of midfield issues? Hmm doesn't look great. I'm willing to forget all that pish if E2 starts his first game though, E2 hattrick incoming.
  3. Flitt att Rowie fae yer doup young quine. Or some other weird Aberdonian shite.
  4. f**k the football, can we get an interpreter for the pub crawl?
  5. I'm sorry but read the post I was replying to, thanks.
  6. Which of the 5 clubs have been more successful than St Johnstone in the last 10 years?
  7. You know times are hard for United when they start threads about winning one league game. Tinpot club, tinpot fans.
  8. Wouldn't really read too much into this tbh, half the c***s in there struggle to stand up.
  9. Going to be frequenting Baxter Park? Dirty b*****d.
  10. I do hope you're hearing this from folk in the cells awaiting court tomorrow? If not they should be banned for life.
  11. Do people think if we somehow miraculously got rid of the bigot brothers from Scottish football that we wouldn't hear/see that type of racism at our clubs again? I'd like to think we wouldn't but I'm not so sure. I'm at the other end of the country where the nearest senior club is around 100 miles away and it's still full of knuckle dragging bigots. Can we not just pen them all into Glasgow or offer them settlement across the water?
  12. It's a real powder keg this one, watch yourselves going to the game, stay safe lads.
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