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  1. St.johnstone v Dundee

    So not confirmed then? I know what you are saying though, Dundee are pish, that's true.
  2. St.johnstone v Dundee

    Pity we couldn't confirm it tomorrow then.
  3. St.johnstone v Dundee

    Love a good Derby so I do.
  4. All things Dundee FC

    Remove the last two and that's closer to the truth.
  5. Next Scotland Manager

    Callum Davidson.
  6. WAP is your friend, last 5 pages of reserve league news.
  7. Gallagher aye, Polworth? not for me. Anyway as you say let's not clog up their thread.
  8. You seriously disappointed about this? The boys a haddie, we've enough of them atm.
  9. Drum Lessons

    What type of kit are you doing your lessons on? I found it a lot easier, as did my eldest, on an electronic kit, pre loading your favourite(easier) tracks. Also whoever is giving you lessons should be advising you on what you should be learning and when to move on to the next bit.
  10. When our interest in Polworth was known earlier in the season I kept an eye out, watched a few games he played in etc. He wouldn't enhance either of our teams tbh. Squad filler at best.
  11. St Johnstone FC Thread

    We only got half that end behind the goal and the other half wasn't full, only half full, rest of the ground was packed though.