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  1. Oh Callum what the f**k are you doing? How can someone who has played the game and at a pretty high level at that, get the basics so wrong? If we somehow fluke a win today, a cup final and relegation in the same season, some fucking boy.
  2. It was a cracking cup tie under the lights that had everything. Lower league side scaring the so called big team. Full house, end to end football, streakers, folk getting lifted and decent banter. SPL YOU'RE HAVING A LAUGH, SPL YOU'RE HAVING A LAUGH. I'm pointing at you you leith dwelling minks.
  3. Realistically is Ali suited to say, the English Championship? I don't think he is, not yet anyway. The Premier league? Nope. I think abroad is the way he should go.
  4. My guess is the cars in at his work and he's sniffing the seats.
  5. Exactly when he gets punted from Saints, week 22 of 2022.
  6. Just do it you daft c**t. Who cares if they think you're a twat, most folk do anyway.
  7. The only time I've witnessed the then St Johnstone chairman and now owner swear with vitriol and genuine disgust was when someone at our hospitality table mentioned "what about Ian McCall as the new manager". Part of Geoffs reply was along the lines of "that scruffy mink will never be anywhere near St Johnstone manager as long as I'm alive" Think there's a bit of history there.
  8. I think wee watty does a half decent job, if he could just lay off using the phrases "Tayside derby" "bye kick" and "Saintees" then it would be great. Think you should nominate posters from here to co commentate rather than scraping the barrel for your Simon Donnellys of this world. TRS could sing really badly at half time, Randoom could bore us all with stats, then have us all rolling about as he tries Keepy ups and Radford could just switch the live feed off and storm off in a huff when we're getting pumped.
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