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  1. North Coast 500

    just checked back in to this thread. I think we cleared that up with photographic evidence, ask your pint sharing pal. Do leave me something though, could do with a treasure hunt with a bag of excrement at the end of it.
  2. League Cup 2018/19 Group B

    The game also stopped at several points during that 7 minutes.
  3. What Saints?

    I have. Paisley is like Lochee, used to be a town in its own right, swallowed up by a larger city and is now just like a scheme full of drug addled goblins.
  4. All things Dundee FC

    Hopefully not as big and ugly as the last lot.
  5. St Johnstone FC Thread

    You can have all the possession you like, if you don't score you don't win. We need a central midfielder and if that is Willock then so be it, he's better in there than Craig, Wotherspoon and Alston. Was really disappointed in a fair bit of Blairs play today although he did have a decent strike come off the post. Just doesn't do nearly enough for me.
  6. All things Dundee FC

    What's going where the tap hilltoon multis were? Tried to go to Luigis from the frews side earlier and had to go right round and in from the other side. Suppose folk will need to remember about that tomorrow.
  7. League Cup 2018/19 Group B

    jd_mo wears the ends of bottles for specks. Fucking mutant. On to the game, we did enough to win. It's a warm up for the real thing and we should have another couple of players playing who'll make the difference when the league starts. It's at these wee grounds you get to hear what the players say to each other, some very surprising comments too. Tanser needs told how to do the basics and where to be, Liam Craig was very scathing in some comments to him. Liam Gordon talks constantly and should be our Captain in the next year or so. Funny as f**k seeing Tony Watt rattle of things to Tanser in his weegie accent, totally baffling the laddie
  8. St Johnstone FC Thread

    I think we've been able to do that by the standard of youngsters that have come through, all credit to the club.
  9. St Johnstone FC Thread

    That's an exciting signing and one that Tommy has been wanting for some time. If he gets Willock in now I think that'll be it.
  10. St Johnstone FC Thread

  11. Competing with English Football

    Dundee's current owners could afford to spend silly money but chose not to - and, thankfully, I am glad of that. We know, realistically you'd only jump a couple of places anyway. I know you'd obviously enjoy being Taysides top team(If you did the unthinkable) but considering the last time you spunked 23MILLION and only got 5th it's not worth it.
  12. Competing with English Football

    They've been trying for ages to get that Marquis c**t, who would've pushed Rooney further down the pecking order. He's been linked with about 5 teams this sumner alone and even the Aberdeen fans say he's a LOT slower nowadays.