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  1. See our new brothers got pumped 0-4 by a team with a name from a Spanish menu, couple that with the regular pumpings that our Anatolian brothers are currently receiving. What is the point?
  2. Can't see it, in a footballing perspective they're all a lot more mobile than Spoony and still getting pumped. Would any self respecting coach play the 3rd/4th reserve players out of sentiment at a world cup? Not so sure.
  3. You can count Saints out, he got roundly laughed at when his dad was asking for English championship sized wages the last time we had him.
  4. The worst thing about the VAR debate is that there's only been a couple of debatable decisions, the rest it's got exactly right. VAR works great imo.
  5. Currently getting ribbed by the missus for looking at new Trainers online. Her beef is that I have boxes of yet to be worn trainers in cupboards and in her eyes I don't need anymore. Who's the weirdo here? Her for just being her, or me for being a totally sensible guy who likes the odd box or two of new footwear?
  6. Karhu at this point in time, that could change with the sales in the next 6 weeks though. Don't buy Adidas anymore, shite quality and the colourways are all just rehashed pish.
  7. If that's the regular Salford performance then it's a very large step down from Saints. Money though....
  8. Page 1982? Suppose that's around the last time Aberdeen won anything.
  9. Callum Hendry looking very like the player we sent out on loan on the TV tonight. Salford look shite too.
  10. Even I could see the logic in signing Gallacher. Admittedly I'd never seen him play for years, which is just as much as our manager. Only downside is that that is his fucking job. Mahon came highly recommended, never got the hype, unlike others after his sub appearances. His cup outings this season though? Oaft.
  11. I wish wee Kerem Akturkoglu was Scottish, wonderful player.
  12. Exactly. They could speed up the time it takes the ref to watch the incidents but other than that VAR works imo.
  13. Just like Turncoat Tommy and that first 45 against Trakai, Spoony soured my mouth with his cameo against LASK Can't argue with him being a great guy and one of the most successful players to play for the club though.
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