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  1. Just shows the level Motherwell have slipped to when Tony fucking Watt is player of the year.
  2. f**k him. "The grass isn't always greener. I struggle to name a player that has left St Johnstone and gone on to better things" said Tam Wright to myself while sat at the bar in the Foundry, Perth.
  3. Less of this And more of this. Hibs are getting away lightly with just a battering on the park, if only fans were allowed....
  4. What would you say if I know we are winning the cup 2-1 ?
  5. Heard we are in for Boyle, the boy just wants to win trophies.
  6. The drop off is visible just now but it's mainly because Rooney is a pretty shite CB and Brown isn't a wing back. I think Brown might be good in a 4 but a 5 just isn't his game. It's a no from me.
  7. Use the tenner to buy a hammer then go to Martins* room and bludgeon the weird c**t to death while shouting the names of the current St Johnstone squad please. *it may be a different name but you get the gist.
  8. I never once mentioned the man but I'll leave one of his favourite sayings when he was St Johnstone manager here. "Not many people find the grass greener when they leave St Johnstone ".
  9. I read the subsequent post by yourself. It's just me being as equally bewildered by that term as I am with "Saintees". Anyway Dundee is a decent day out, Kilmarnock not so much. The Dees have a fair few welts in their P&B ranks though, is it enough for me to want Killie to stay up? Is it f**k, get doon.
  10. If we could swap Hendry and Melamed for a wee nasty c**t who can hit a ball, someone like McNulty and a tall big black bully that would be great.
  11. Seriously, what the f**k do the pundits know? c***s like Keith Jackson? You actually believe the shite he says? You know what, aye f**k it, you boys punch well above your weight. Certainly in the lack of brain power if you think along those lines.
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