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  1. How's her big pal? Can you massage a bit further down so he recovers quicker please?
  2. Callum fucking Hendry? Get to f**k Davidson, just fucking go you clown.
  3. It's only a few twats kicking a wee ball about lads. Perspective.
  4. He is. Only because Geoff can't handle that. If you think for one second that Geoff doesn't get asked about any major or fairly big decisions then you are wrong, he does.
  5. I bet even Tyson would have trouble denting that 6" thick skull.
  6. Good I'll bring my knuckledusters on Wednesday and smash the c**t into the next week.
  7. He already has, he's turning on any c**t he can. Operation save big hobbit is in action.
  8. Callum says he is playing this system because the players he inherited are suited to that system. Now he has his own players in let's see what his favoured system is....
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