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  1. Still here pal. Burd is 7 and a bit months pregnant so if worst comes to worst it should be a simple 1 in 1 out scenario. I'll make sure he's (it's a boy) taken to Mcdiarmid by his brothers. Breathing not changed any, still fairly difficult but not at passing out stage just yet, feel like a twat phoning the NHS but needs must and I'll be doing that today.
  2. This virus has ramped the f**k right up today, still no fever but really struggling with breathing, sore chest and a stupid fucking cough. Soon be time to dial the NHS if this keeps up. Farewell lads.
  3. Not sure if I have this virus or just the normal shitey flu but I do have something. Cracking sore head on and off for the last couple of days, sore all over, cough, done the hold breath test, can't get above 6 seconds, sore across chest area and difficulty breathing. Thing is there is no lasting fever, plenty feeling hot/cold but no drenching in sweat type scenarios. Must just be a shitey wee cold, better man the f**k up then.
  4. Throw in some mulled wine and jamama will love this.
  5. If Saints were to open some sort of account whereby you put say £100 in just now and recieved some sort of discount package in the future, would many uptake it? Just thinking of any ways to keep some cash going into the club. I know I'd be willing to "donate" my gate money every couple of weeks for a wee while if that would help, season ticket holders already have obviously, but would they be willing to pay again in 6 months time if the season gets finished?
  6. f**k you sjc. I shouldn't really let that bother me but by f**k it does c**t.
  7. f**k all wrong with north west Perth, gods country right there. After witnessing the keepie uppie fiasco, I find this very hard to believe.
  8. Unless you fall and break your leg, that'll impact you and the NHS. just stay in and jog on the spot.
  9. My decision to have my milk, orange, eggs etc delivered to my doorstep every week has paid off. Until I die in 2 weeks obviously.
  10. f**k all wrong with the arctic bar. Balcony bar on the other hand....
  11. Bought by Tesco. As I said it was many many years ago.
  12. Free stuff. Very good Many many years ago, when Tam worked in Wm Low, folk would "accidentally" damage new or exciting food stuffs so we could buy it back out of the damaged goods, half price obviously, for our breaks. Does this still not happen?
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