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  1. The boys a fraud anyway, as he's shown in his spells in the top league.
  2. Moaning about costs is up there with crowd wanking. If you don't or can't pay it get a free stream and stop moaning like wee bitches on here please, ta.
  3. Didn't listen to the song, I'll wait till your voice breaks and then I'll check out your new work. Still voted for you pal.
  4. Watched the short film on the BBC Scotland channel about the 3 wee lassies that go to Livi skate park, very moving so it was. Billy Dynamite should get out there and give them a hand with cement imo.
  5. So will I, Turncoat Tommy will have Accies flying into 10th spot just in front of County and the Buddies. Canny fucking wait.
  6. Fun fact for the day, I've only ever met 2 Dundee United fans above average height.
  7. Imagine watching another team whilst your own side is playing
  8. A lot of fucking hoping and hopefully mentioned in here, f**k that, let's pump these c***s. Do you wierdo dayglo c***s still dress head to toe in orange to watch the streams?
  9. Most folk can see this without the help of your stats pal.
  10. Being completely shite for years and using confidence as an excuse isn't the best for a professional in my opinion, It just doesn't sit right with me. Everyone finds their level in life, confidence plays a part in this, of course it does. As do many other factors, I just think Zander is just a pretty shite Premiership keeper. Saints should be the highest level he'll play at.
  11. Calum should bring in his own trusted keeper coach, if it doesn't change then Zander deserves what comes to him. As an aside someone should send the stats to Mcdiarmid and also send him them via Twitter, I really mean you Random.
  12. Turncoat Tommy might well have the pick out of Accies and Dundee in November.
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