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  1. I doubt your average Trump voter see's Trump as a solution. More as a candidate whose been different from what's been dished up in the past. For the past two generations all the public has been offered is professional politicians who largely have the same schools of thought and who're only good at saying the right things to get elected. Trump has used his own money to win the election and so won't be beholden to what big donours, special interests or unions want. So at least to that extent there is more believably in what he's saying during election time. Even if it does rile up certain groups of people for whatever reason. There is two key areas where Trump won the election on. Firstly immigration (mainly illegal), Trump did point out how it was hurting the U.S. both socially and the poorer person economically. There's a reason why some poorer whites, blacks and Latinos who traditionally vote Democrat switched to Trump. That's because even though their reasons for voting Democrat largely revolve around getting increased handouts and more favourable employment laws. However, immigration hurts them in terms of employment prospects and wage suppression. Effectively keeping them poor. It's very easy for your average middle/upper class leftist to shout racist/xenophobe (which is the only thing they can muster) when you live in areas which are not filled with poor immigrants and have safe jobs. Probably the most important reason Trump won was on the issue of trade. How Trump deals with this issue will define his presidency. Trump spoke out on a lot of bad deals in relation to NAFTA and even the proposed TPP deal. Things which are a long term threat to all but the richest and most powerful people. In the words of Trump I'll say he'll "either be great or a total disaster. I just don't know" when it comes to this issue, and it's something that could effect us in this country.
  2. You're basically admitting that you either don't know or don't care why people voted for him. I don't like Trump either, but not for the reasons that people commonly bring in this thread or MSM.
  3. If you cannot conceive how the reasonable everyday person could vote for Trump or Brexit, then you really are in big trouble.
  4. This has to be one of the most divisive elections in living memory, and we won't see the like for many years to come. The reason why immigration was such a big issue was because of Ted Kennedy's immigration bill that dates back to 1965. Which was about importing 3rd world voters who reliably vote Democrat. To me, this is basically cheating. By not having to make any sound arguments to win over the existing electorate. However, the big Republican donours were cool with this, because they get cheaper labour. However, the biggest losers of all in this was MSM. Who made a right arse of themselves throughout the primaries and election, and are still doing so in their post analysis. Their strategy was to clearly go all in on Hillary, and do everything to thwart Trump. None of the polls in the media matched the ones I was looking at. Nor did it match anything that was going on in the ground. You only have to look at the size of rallies to know what the real enthusiasm for both candidates was. I'm annoyed the whole election descended into identity politics. Given that I did have legitimate criticisms of Trump in relation to his trade policies. He's basically making the same mistakes as America did back in the 30's. By saying he want to get into a trade war with other countries.
  5. I've never even heard of Dailywire until today. As I explained earlier that was the first result I came across.
  6. I would say it's more the policy makers who're the problem here, as what you see at the bottom is a reflection of what's going on at the top. A big part of the problem is having a system which protects bad cops and persecutes good cops. I'm just sick of people using incidents like this as an excuse to advance other motives.
  7. Lol, saying I'm "trying desperately to be right"? That was the first result that came up in a search. Whether you don't believe it out of choice or are "desperately" trying to frame the debate in a way that suits your narrative is of little consequence to me. But the whole white racist KKKops narrative is both wrong, destructive and more importantly a massive distraction from much more important issues related to police brutality in America.
  8. http://www.dailywire.com/news/7264/5-statistics-you-need-know-about-cops-killing-aaron-bandler
  9. From speaking to dozens of black people online, a lot of them don't like BLM and don't view it as an organisation that speaks for them. In many ways I don't see it as a whole lot different from those feminist, LGBT and climate change movements. They're mostly used as a front to advance their hard left wing agenda. They only care when a white man/cop shoots a black person and ignore all the senseless killings that happen in their own communities. A little fact for those who like to race bait. A black cop is twice as likely to shoot a black person than a white cop is.
  10. Proof you don't need to enact policies which discriminate against men to get the top job. Whoever would have thought
  11. Has anyone come forward to formally challenge Corbyn yet? If not, this situation is even more farcical than I first thought.
  12. At least with Gove we'll be getting stabbed in the front; with May we might be getting stabbed in the back.
  13. When you're trying to appeal to millions of people. It's fair to expect there is going to be a few fruit loops and extremists who'll support you. I'm well aware of what you're referring to in relation to the KKK. All I'll say in relation to that is I find it odd how people wholly condemn David Duke's membership of the KKK; but won't condemn Brad Byrd's membership. Guilt by association is not a reason for people not to support Trump. Identity politics are not on the minds of most swing voters in America. Bad economy as the result of over regulation and taxation. As well as wage suppression and welfare abuse as the result of illegal immigration is the main motivating factors.
  14. How can Trump be anti-Jewish when his own daughter is Jewish?
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