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  1. The entirely different Covid regulations on the street are irritating enough but on what planet were they when they thought going to a gig would be a normal thing by early April? I was wishing they'd done something experimental again and they've certainly missed a big opportunity. Tyrone looked so ecstatic after his tumble with Alina that they should have capitalised and devoted a full episode, maybe an hour-long one, to more of his reaction. In a largely dialogue-free episode, we could have watched Tyrone wandering the streets and parks, smiling away to himself. Sometimes waving to strangers across the street, sitting on a bench feeding pigeons, pausing at a grocers to look at the produce and saying softly to himself, "Delicious fruit." There are any number of possibilities and it would have been a beautifully relaxing half hour or hour to join him in his meditation.
  2. Peter's looking authentically rough and even a bit yellow of skin. I can't think of anything else worth mentioning.
  3. Just about the only thing I'm enjoying at the moment is the relative consistency, no matter who's writing the script that day, of David's excellent sarcastic banter. For me anyway, there's an extra honk to the Fiz and Tyrone storyline aside from the farce of one extra-marital kiss causing all that fuss in a street where 90% of the residents have shagged each other at some point, often illicitly. The whole set-up is very slanted towards 'poor Tyrone' with Fiz simultaneously being very possessive and also apparently (with all the little references) denying him much pleasure in the bedroom. He's being relatively reasonable, while she's weeping, ranting and snarling all the time and won't let it lie. I suppose that matches the massive, silly overreaction of absolutely everybody else but it's still a bit strange. Although not as strange as Alina's desires for the overweight, hairy, longhorned mechanic.
  4. Yes, a lot of good things in it.
  5. A solid hour of dross tonight
  6. Another dire night with the hour-long episode. Interesting comment on the BBC News site tonight, in response to their 'clever' scene with Alina and Tyrone kissing: Producer Iain MacLeod praised the popular programme's writers, cast and crew for having "cleverly worked around" restrictions, for the best part of a difficult year, before adding, "Yep, the whole show stinks now. It's a fucking joke really. But I don't care. Do you care? We'll throw in anything, whenever and however we take a whim to at the time. I'll get some other gig soon enough and don't give a shit about this thing really. Coronation Street looks good on the CV. Other than that, f**k off."
  7. Those two episodes were painful. Even Damon Rochefort writing the first one couldn't bring out anything good. Rancid from start to finish. The wedding dress session was clearly planned as another comedy classic, with the bonus of farcically resolving the differences between Abi and Debbie, but it was a shocker. Seemed like the actors had been handed the script 30 seconds before they started filming.
  8. This drugs storyline isn't scraping the bottom of the barrel. It's through the bottom of the barrel and scuffing the dirt underneath.
  9. Powerful, powerful stuff tonight. The drugs story is compelling. It's like the glory days of Grange Hill. Maybe not as good, but magnificently Grange Hill-like. Such a strong storyline. It's only going to get better as well. And run for weeks and months. Maybe until the end of the year and beyond. Once the Covid travel restrictions are over, I'm going to head straight to Manchester and simply stand in the city centre and applaud until my hands are destroyed and crumble into ash.
  10. There's a definite descent into madness amongst the programme makers.
  11. You can see why Simon told Leanne he was already "in too deep" with the drugs gang. He must have been involved with them for about a fortnight and done roughly three deliveries.
  12. Mike Baldwin was an excellent character. Swigging lunchtime whisky before J.R. made it fashionable.
  13. The Good Simon was going out of his way to help Leanne in her emotional crisis and support them both with his earnings. Peter stood him up for a meal in Speed Daal and Si perceived he was missing out on one 'games night' with the adults, so he's gone full-on b*****d. Brilliant writing.
  14. "Let's do some drugs Simon. Where do you fancy smoking a dope javelin?" "There's a small open space very near my house that every single person I know walks by on a regular basis. Let's go there."
  15. Scandalously bad pair of episodes there, with the absolute worst element being the funeral farce. So many things wrong with that entire set-up but to then have a good-guy like Steve laughing about wrecking a funeral shows how little the producers and storyliners care about the heart of the show anymore.
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