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  1. Memory jogged for me with this above post , I remember those times fondly , The team used to train at the Glebe Tues and Thurs ? As kids we would go up and watch or take in a reserve game on the park while the first team trained behind the hedge, I recall the late Charlie Adam snr stood for around 20 mins after coming off the training ground to speak to us about the game that was going on in front of us , Happier times . The team training in Brechin always made us as youngsters feel a closeness to the club which sadly i think is missing nowadays , Where has it gone bad ,,,,,,for me looking back Dodds should have went after the Championship season ,,,,,,,Smith should have gone after failing to stave off relagation ,,,,,and now here we are staring into the abyss , Whatever happens whatever league we are in i'll be there supporting them , Thank you for posting the above post and stirring up some great memories ..........
  2. Mark Wilson .........i for one will give him a chance . Smith should have been away end of last season . Player budget gone . Wilson has a job on his hands using the players Smith has singed . It baffles me when i read in papers Smith goes after 3 games . He had to go we were shite last season and he has had 3 League , 3 friendlies , 4 bet fred , and one Tunnocks cup game . He went after that .....and not 3 games . Steve Campbell ????? Why ???? New broom should have swept clean but has not . I rest my case . Roll on Saturday .....
  3. I'm a paying punter and would like to know who has turned us down.
  4. Shergar the new gaffer? The way you lot are going we should sit tight and offer Petrie a way back in as a quick return....
  5. Keep the paying customers in the loop . There are times when the silence from the club drowns out the sweety paper rustling pensioners on the hedge side .
  6. This info gleamed from every ones favourite The Courier . As we all know The Courier is never wrong .
  7. Re Steve Aitken , he ran citing travelling issues but he would only need to come up to Brechin once a fortnight as we train elsewhere ( Falkirk , Stirling , Perth maybe ? ) Perhaps he saw something in the talks that spooked him ? Ditto Gavin Price . Not sure what to make of it when 2 targets have turned us down . We will have to make do with 3rd 4th or 5th choice or worse Steve Campbell .
  8. F**ks sake Del we wanted May as player / manager.........
  9. Might be a good shout McKinnon may not have got us promoted but we played some.good football under him and he came from Lochte united Naw stay clear my man it'll only end in tears
  10. Hey man i see what your trying to do ...make us appoint another dud so you finish higher than us . No thank you seen his handy work first hand at Brechin Vics ........
  11. Whats the thoughts .....well let me think , He has to be experienced , have v good contacts , play football on the deck and attack . Oh and promise promise promise NOT to FECK up in such a way that has me firing in the Huntly postcode into sat nav next season . ....... Better call ..... Mcintyre and Dodds ....tell that Dodds to bring his boots with him . .
  12. IF thats the case then the guy is clearly a jinx and should be banished from all things Brechin till we get the right man .
  13. ^^^^^^ my thought exactly . No new thread needed when the topic was on the Brechin Thread ...... Think Gold Dust is another citydiehard in disguise .
  14. ^^^^^^ agree Steve Campbell should go NOW . Love King but wouldnt want him near it if it went tits up . Need experienced head in charge . Caretaker wise Shagger , Hill and / or McCord could hold the fort until we take a breath and find the right man
  15. And a wee reminder to yourself chum ....If we are relegated from League 2 we would drop into the Highland League . " THE SHIRE " are in the Lowland League . Sorted that for you now off you pop back to the bedsit surrounded by all the old posters on your 4 walls out of "SHOOT " magazine . Thanks for taking part though . It was truly a delight for us that you chose to share your vast football knowledge with the GANG .
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