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  1. Brechin City vs Arbroath

    David Gold ??
  2. Brechin City vs Arbroath

    I truly believe its Arbroaths League to throw away even in mid November. That was 5 ~ 1 going on 37~ 1 . No complaints from me the better team won . The strength in depth on the bench , for Arbroath , look at our bench f**king hell its like night and day . Linn has to be the cleverest player in the league . Outstanding. Get that open topped bus booked now . For us ? Where do i start ? I much prefer Ewan Smith at the back . No way should Jordin Sinclair be benched. Big Mc geever , normally a rock , looked unsure and unsteady . The only positive from a Brechin angle is now Barry Smith has a truer refection of the squad he has . Last weeks win over Forfar was both welcome and for me being blunt unexpected. I think it glossed over our weaknesses . Today these weaknesses were exposed. Much to ponder for Barry and Steve . Transfer window cant come quick enough.
  3. Brechin City vs Arbroath

    Follow who you like pal . Lichite / Lichtie , Lichtgilphead / Lochgilphead ,whatever , i'll wager two tots of the ships rum that you bring more fans through than your prediction of none. Anyways the more the merrier .
  4. Brechin City vs Arbroath

    Eight game ban . A tad over the top imo . Like him or loathe him Dick Campbell is one of the real characters of the lower leagues . He is sometimes worth the admission money on his own . Just out of interest how many Lichites fans are coming through tomorrow ?
  5. Brechin City vs Arbroath

    Dick Campbell segregated from the dug out .
  6. Brechin City vs Arbroath

    Looking forward to this game . I wouldn't have been had we not changed the manager but there you go . Arbroath have been THE team in this league from the first kick of the ball and very well done to them for their run so far. This will be a difficult game as they are strong all over the park and have options on the bench too. I think ( hope ) we will give them a game and see where we end up . This is a game i would quite happily snap your hand off for a point. Hope a huge away support turns up to see what should be a great game.
  7. Brechin City vs Arbroath

    Police leave will have to be cancelled in order to cope . Funny how these fixtures work out . Lest weekend we played Forfar at the Glebe and Brechin Vics were at Forfar West End.
  8. Brechin City vs Arbroath

    Not just the soup . I had a mince pie on Saturday and it was great.
  9. Brechin V Farfar

    Right enough Bridie baiting , on to the game . I had the quivers for this one before the game as Forfar had won the last 3 in a row . New manager bounce aside i thought if we got a point we would be doing well. Fine save from Connor at the pen, that seemed to give us a real boost and when Jacko scored it was good to see us not sit back ( as we would have under Dods ) and go on to score another two. We sat back a bit second half , you can do that on a 3 goal lead. Getting the forth was a great confidence boost for the guys. Hope this type of display is kept up. Word on Dylan Easton , cant fathom the stick he gets on here as i thought he was your biggest threat. Very entertaining to watch even when he was turning Sparkie inside out. I would have him at the Glebe in a heart beat . Never mind on to next week and what will surely be a tougher task ( no disrespect Forfar ) trying to halt the runaway leaders . Hope the biggest club in Angus bring a huge support with them in what should be a good game .
  10. Brechin V Farfar

    Ahh remember Hedgie , 12 miles is a epic trip because Forfar man doesn't need to travel anywhere as Forfar has it all . Well nearly all .......no points on Saturday.
  11. Brechin v Mo

    You go girlfriend
  12. Brechin v Mo

    Well done Mo......the Mo fans i spoke to before the game were worried about keeping their League One status but on that showing surely mid table is very do able for them. City were shite . Never in it . Scored and i thought maybe win ugly .... no lose ugly very ugly . I will still go to games as season ticket holder but if Dods is still in the gig next season. i wont renew. Ray Mac not doing so hot at Falkirk .......just saying. Montrose FC consider us your BITCHES for the season .
  13. Brechin v Mo

    The Glebe ......
  14. Loons v City

    My biggest fear is the risk to our players on THAT surface . Dene Shields injured at Montrose few weeks back . Cant afford to lose anyone else. City win .
  15. Brechin City v Dumbarton

    Ok still not convinced that Dods is the man . But credit where credit due it was a great comeback from 2 down . Still got the fear for Gayfield next week . Regarding the incident surely if someone felt threatened the correct thing to do would be contact one of the stewards AT THE TIME and let them deal with it , and not clog up this FOOTBALL thread with this they said we said guff.