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  1. Montrose v Brechin

    Well done Mo . Three out of three against us this season . You were luring me in ,letting us go 2 -1 up , making me think it was going to be a grand day out , then BANG . Despite this latest set back ( of which there has been a few and no doubt there will be a few more before seasons end ) i enjoyed my day out , well apart from the bit where they kick a ball about for 90 mins , Montrose is my favourite away day . I only hope we can get ourselves sorted so we have more of these to go to next season.
  2. Montrose v Brechin

    Ahh Hamish Brannan , i'd almost forgotten about him . A true legend . Some of his one man sing a longs are worth the trip through and admission money on there own . Heres a guy that genuinely loves his football and singing away on his own . Montrose should erect a statue somewhere in the town to honour him as he is a real character. I wish we had someone like him. Would have put a wee smile on peoples faces last season during the dark times. Think i know where i'll be watching the game from now.
  3. Montrose v Brechin

    Yeah we have been steady for most of the season so far. Milne has signed permanent for 18 months. Haha we shall see. He shows glimpses of his old self on sat so may just be one game. A healthy crowd would be great Permanent ....nice work. Healthy crowd would be great . I have got the buzz back for the football after Saturdays game. I know it was only one game but after the dross that we have put up with lately it made a welcome change.Still think we are a striker light though.
  4. Brechin City 2018 /19

    Hard working performance v Raith . Much better. Would be good to continue down at Links Park. Still feel we are a striker light though.
  5. Brechin v Raith

    Dodge refereeing aside this was 3 unexpected but very welcome points. Hope we can string a few results together now.
  6. Montrose v Brechin

    You guys have impressed me with the way you have settled into League One. Is Milne on loan till the seasons end ? As you say it'll take a game or two for him to get going with hopefully it being after Saturdays match and NOT during it . Hope too that our result on Saturday encourages a few stay away Brechiners to come back.
  7. Amazing how a result can fill you with new hope. Need to keep winning run going. Really hope we dont fall here .
  8. Brechin City vs Arbroath

    I truly believe its Arbroaths League to throw away even in mid November. That was 5 ~ 1 going on 37~ 1 . No complaints from me the better team won . The strength in depth on the bench , for Arbroath , look at our bench f**king hell its like night and day . Linn has to be the cleverest player in the league . Outstanding. Get that open topped bus booked now . For us ? Where do i start ? I much prefer Ewan Smith at the back . No way should Jordin Sinclair be benched. Big Mc geever , normally a rock , looked unsure and unsteady . The only positive from a Brechin angle is now Barry Smith has a truer refection of the squad he has . Last weeks win over Forfar was both welcome and for me being blunt unexpected. I think it glossed over our weaknesses . Today these weaknesses were exposed. Much to ponder for Barry and Steve . Transfer window cant come quick enough.
  9. Brechin City vs Arbroath

    Follow who you like pal . Lichite / Lichtie , Lichtgilphead / Lochgilphead ,whatever , i'll wager two tots of the ships rum that you bring more fans through than your prediction of none. Anyways the more the merrier .
  10. Brechin City vs Arbroath

    Eight game ban . A tad over the top imo . Like him or loathe him Dick Campbell is one of the real characters of the lower leagues . He is sometimes worth the admission money on his own . Just out of interest how many Lichites fans are coming through tomorrow ?
  11. Brechin City vs Arbroath

    Dick Campbell segregated from the dug out .
  12. Brechin City vs Arbroath

    Looking forward to this game . I wouldn't have been had we not changed the manager but there you go . Arbroath have been THE team in this league from the first kick of the ball and very well done to them for their run so far. This will be a difficult game as they are strong all over the park and have options on the bench too. I think ( hope ) we will give them a game and see where we end up . This is a game i would quite happily snap your hand off for a point. Hope a huge away support turns up to see what should be a great game.
  13. Brechin City vs Arbroath

    Police leave will have to be cancelled in order to cope . Funny how these fixtures work out . Lest weekend we played Forfar at the Glebe and Brechin Vics were at Forfar West End.