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  1. They also knew what to do with the royals.
  2. I've just realised I've dodged an absolute shitefest of a wedding in May because of this. Mixed feelings now about coronavirus tbh.
  3. He'd have been better off trying to win two games in a row whilst the football was on.
  4. Working from home today to test our office contingency plans. It's some laugh rolling out of bed 10 minutes before starting work.
  5. Up there with his unrequited touching of women, his "alternative comedy" on an absolute minter of a thread he started about cyclists where he was about to declare his earnings and education level in order to prove a point and his continual use of ellipses at the end of almost every single fucking post.
  6. A second away goal please, to really sicken the crowd.
  7. Some rule changes announced for the coming season. Notably, a pitcher now has to face at least three batters or finish an inning. The end of the LOOGY?
  8. Partick fans slowly realising that he isn't actually the messiah. Can't wait til wee Judas gets the sack after a slow start to your League 1 campaign next season.
  9. Your patter is about as rotten as that rabble of a team you support. Wee Jobby spunked all Brewster's Millions on a pile of shite.
  10. I take it you can still pay cash at the gate? I've not been at Firhill since the start of last season.
  11. I'm sure the joke was done about 10 minutes ago but any excuse to post a gif.
  12. Watched him at Troon a couple of times this season. He's clearly being going absolutely mental at the gym. Not done him any favours at all, they played him as a centre forward and he could barely move. Really quiet on the pitch too which surprised me.
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