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  1. Got my old lurcher put to sleep last night. He hadn't been well for about a year. Devastated doesn't even begin to describe it. I didn't greet this much when my granny passed ffs. Must. Not. Go. To. The. Shelter. For a few months anyway.
  2. placidcasual

    FIFA 21

    Been a few times I've wished I could send Ayr players into space.
  3. Cespedes gone awol. Hasn't phoned in and can't be reached.
  4. So it wasn't a wee shame for Partick and Hearts after all. The arbitrators agreed with the rest of us that it was in fact wholly deserved and funny as f**k. Super Ian McCall indeed.
  5. If ever there was a time you want a DH rule in the National League, it's now with Cespedes. 2 years out and boom. I don't care if his heels are now glass.
  6. 100mph with his second pitch of the season.
  7. LFGM [emoji16] Strange opening day but buzzing nonetheless.
  8. Ruddy or David Purdie back in the day. Hard to split those two in the shite goalie stakes.
  9. . Aye, ok Scoop. The voices in your head don't really count as a source.
  10. If Harvie is away, I'd like to see Ecrepont getting a chance.
  11. The baseball season starts on Friday, for the Mets anyway. Might be games on Thursday.
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