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  1. I don't mind the changes they've made but I'll be gutted if they do away with the pitcher's spot in the line up in the NL. As much for the history of it, but like you say it adds a totally different tactical aspect. I'd also have missed probably my favourite moment in baseball......
  2. Think that's bad? When I were a lad we 'ad to get up at crack of dawn to watch David Purdie.
  3. Goalie picks up a knock, out for the remainder of the season. Ayr support : "Illuminati Confirmed"
  4. Worrying to think that the first major decision Smith has made as chairman looks like a really bad one. Even more worrying when he was shocked at the calibre of applicant and this is what we've ended up with.
  5. Same old Mets. DeGrom throws 6 scoreless, even gets a couple of hits and an rbi. Turn it over to the bullpen and they implode [emoji1787]
  6. It's a tough division and if they do make the playoffs they'll have to beat dodgers or the friars so I'm probably less optimistic than I've been the last 3 or 4 but it's a good start to Cohen's tenure. Previously the Mets would have got Lindor for the last 3 years of his mega contract and traded 2 blue chip prospects for him.
  7. I'm sure it was removed from ps now a couple of months ago.
  8. Signs a 10 year extension [emoji898]
  9. Up to no good with a birthday cake and a balloon [emoji23]
  10. Ray Davies Jim Morrison Chuck D Bowie Stevie Wonder
  11. I will definitely have a go. I've pre installed it. I enjoyed the first and second ones enough and would have probably bought this at some point.
  12. Watch Dogs Legion is free to play on all formats this weekend.
  13. Alloa to gift us another 3 points and continue their tradition of helping us out when required.
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