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  1. They've a cheek moaning. They took about 20 to Ayr on a Saturday afternoon match when a win would have taken them top.
  2. Not averse to it. The two full backs have been more or less guaranteed a start game after game despite the pair of them veering from semi-competent to shite. I'm hoping we get at least one full back in January.
  3. Compared to the fantastic standard last season when part time Arbroath were 20 minutes away from winning the league. Hear this pish take year after year.
  4. You're an absolute minter of a boy Your old man steering clear of big bad Rangers supporters these days? Weeper fucking dee indeed.
  5. So anyone but the Braves, Phillies, Astros, Dodgers or Yankees please.
  6. Shite patter. The only tears yesterday were from Simon Murray.
  7. It's got nothing at all to do with crowd wanks. It's incredulity at the fact you're spunking fortunes on full time football, paying high wages for this level and you're calling it anything other than a vanity project. You're even building an ivory tower for the great and good to watch from.
  8. Queens Park were fine in the first half, Albison had a couple of really important saves at 0-0 and 1-0. They completely sacked it once the 3rd went in and it was delightful to see Murray chuck his toys out the pram after the 5th. They can kid themselves on all they want about it being a long term project and sustainable but to bring that kind of support to a game 30 miles away when a win takes them top of the 2nd tier is a minter. I've seen garbage like Albion Rovers bring a bigger away support in the 3rd tier. It's Gretna MK2 but at least they cruised the leagues before going tits up.
  9. 2nd was a peach. Took half the Queen's Park defence and the keeper out with one touch.
  10. Didn't realise the higher seed had home advantage in all 3 games, assumed it would be two at Citi and one at Petco although obviously that's not really possible with the 3 games over 3 days. I'm a bit more hopeful now
  11. Can't see past the Padres. deGrom has fallen off a cliff in his last 3 or 4 starts and Scherzer hasn't been a lot better over the same period. The bullpen, Diaz and Ottavino aside is a bit of a mess too. Hoping McNeill, Alonso and Lindor can get us thru but not overly hopeful.
  12. Biggest regular season series in years for the Mets starts tonight in Atlanta (weather permitting). We go in with a 1 game lead over the bad guys. Seem to be about to call up overall no 1 prospect Francisco Alvarez, slugging catcher, although I suspect he'll only see action as a DH.
  13. Found his level setting cones up for 2nd tier also-rans Dundee.
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