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  1. Apart from the fact he's spent more time injured than he has fit in his time with us, but don't let that spoil your narrative.
  2. Imagine sacking Ayr to go and manage that absolute rabble. Get doon ya fat wee jaikie mess.
  3. Probably better off asking on the NFL forum. There's definitely a few play on the PS4 but not sure about PC.
  4. Correct. Just making sure you're all paying attention.
  5. Ridiculous behaviour. We've got some utter fannies amongst our support, all the more prominent at away games.
  6. Aye, that's DEFINITELY what's happened here m8. Absolute minter for you, again.
  7. No, you'll still be able to use your local library or job centre.
  8. Fucking zzzzzz. All the hallmarks of Roberts. Cameron clearly learned nothing from that carry-on.
  9. Still really hoping it's Young. If we don't hire him I get the feeling he'll end up somewhere else in this league before the season is out and we'll regret it. If it is McIntyre it's a bit uninspiring but he's probably a safe enough bet.
  10. [emoji23][emoji23] Girfuy arrogant fannies.
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