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  1. Machado the first to fall foul of the new clocks. Wasn't in the batter's box in 8 seconds and charged a strike. Some amount of massive rule changes the last few years.
  2. Remember going to the station one day and he was writing up a list of players who played for ourselves and the soapdodgers. An absolute gent, and felt really bad for him when the station burnt to the ground.
  3. It'll be buttons if we do get owt. Are teams taking a player on loan even entitled to a payment?
  4. That's probably because you had a stack of unpaid red reminder notices needing cleared.
  5. And by the same token, neither are you a Chelsea or an Arsenal. Touch of realism required here regards your current standing as second tier also rans fresh off a pumping at home from Arbroath.
  6. Even Dundee's big team couldn't afford Dipo. You boys seem to need reminding of your own current place in Scottish football.
  7. I feel bad for the player, but if it's off I'm glad. If Cohen wants to spend like this, I'd rather it wasn't on 10 years worth of middle infield when Lindor is there.
  8. Correa's deal with the Giants fell thru so Cohen has stepped in. The Mets payroll is going to be astronomical. Does he play 2nd base? Don't think we'll shift Lindor.
  9. Tell your mate these Sunday-leaguers won't get near enough Dipo to rough him up.
  10. They've a cheek moaning. They took about 20 to Ayr on a Saturday afternoon match when a win would have taken them top.
  11. Not averse to it. The two full backs have been more or less guaranteed a start game after game despite the pair of them veering from semi-competent to shite. I'm hoping we get at least one full back in January.
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