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  1. And yet here's big KilBOREnock back posting on the Ayr thread again. You're not the brightest either eh?
  2. Sub old-firm levels of chat here, but with a user name screaming "Absolute dullard" you'd expect no better.
  3. Think he was just desperate to get away from your diddie mob m8.
  4. Barr shafted us almost as badly as he shafted Airdrie.
  5. To be honest with you, there are very few in the time I've been going. Ally in his 3rd spell obviously, and other than that I thought Brian Reid done a really decent job in difficult circumstances. I'm not sure who else you could say you were truly happy with. He wasn't a bad manager, he was competent for the most part bar a really good wee purple patch for 6 months after we were promoted the 2nd time under him.
  6. Speak for yourself. As far as I'm concerned we punched above our weight for about 5 months (Aug to Dec his 2nd attempt at the championship). The other 4.5 years he was anywhere between average and poor. He's a messianic figure amongst our support on account of what came before and after him.
  7. I'm pretty sure Shankland got called-up, and scored, whilst still the The Championship with Dundee United.
  8. Good news, I'm sure Murdoch will have had options elsewhere so we're presumably offering decent enough money that his head wasn't turned.
  9. Showalter banned for a game, Lopez banned for 3 althought it's moot as Lopez was going to be sent down anyway with the rosters cut to 26. I'm raging about this Mets have been hit umpteen times, Alonso has been drilled in the helmet. Lopez threw a couple of warning pitches and it's the mets who have suspensions.
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