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  1. See also ; Your and you're, to and too.
  2. To keep all your shitposting in one handy, easy to skip post instead of having them spread all over the thread?
  3. MLB 2018

    Not sure if Callaway lasts the weekend. Swept by the Marlins and shut out in games 2 and 3.
  4. This is what happens when Jeremy Kyle gets cancelled.
  5. Next Scotland Manager

    I thought I read somewhere that they expected to know by today. I'm hoping this means it's Stevie Clarke and they're just holding off til after killie's game on Sunday to announce it. The prospect of Scott Gemmill gives me the absolute boak.
  6. How about #roaringbackwards. That been done before? Another couple of years in the seaside league for the Fife diddies.
  7. NFL General Discussion

    Bizarre timing after letting him spend a fortune in free agency but Jets gonna Jets.
  8. Red Dead Redemption

    It's not even satire. Most of it is about as subtle as a nail bomb. The characters in GTA V were just a complete cringe as far as I'm concerned. 4 was a much better story imo.
  9. Gigs

    Gods of Rap tonight. Gutted that it seems to just be a few tunes from De La Soul and PE. Would've loved to have heard a load of stuff off It Takes A Nation Of Millions.... and given it was sold as a celebration of all three albums.
  10. I'm thinking of that Airdrie play off. Two down at home in the first leg...
  11. Can only imagine how moist the likes of Airdrie, Stenhousemuir and Peterhead will be at the thought of locking horns with the Grangemouth behemoth next season.
  12. The Alloa Athletic Thread

    Really hope we lie down to you next week. A fitting way to repay our debt from a year ago.
  13. MLB 2018

    Harper lost the plot last night and was ejected. Jake Arrieta more or less called him out about it after the game. Honeymoon over?
  14. Falkirk v Morton

    That second goal is #bants
  15. MLB 2018

    Just get Keuchel in ffs. And get Vargas in the bin.