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  1. The BBC interviewing Boris’s dad is ghastly. Get this institution in the bin.
  2. Let focus on multimillionaire clubs like Bayern München and Barça later. I want to know if Low and her wee pals are going to be part of the long term board or not.
  3. Stabby Muslim guy is causing trouble with fake vests. Add another point to the Tories and take one from Labour in the GE polls.
  4. “I’ll come down there and boss you”. Top banter.
  5. The Star Wars movies are mostly pish but The Mandalorian has been ok.
  6. Today in 1620, an English ship dropped anchor off the coast of what is now Massachusetts and the passengers set foot on American soil for the first time. The ship was called Mayflower. #history
  7. Trump signs bill backing the HK protestors much to the annoyance of the Chinese Government. Hopefully the minnow countries follow suit.
  8. IMO T1 was a sci-fi horror movie, T2 and subsequent Terminator movies were action. Would easily watch either but T2 maybe has the edge for me for the story line and better action. The subsequent movies are garbage.
  9. It starts as soon as I eat my first 1kg Cadbury's Dairy Milk bar. So September time.
  10. Nothing triggers British yer da types more than saying“Happy holidays”.
  11. https://www.bbc.com/news/technology-50573069 Apple bows to pressure on Crimea. Does anyone use Apple Maps? The Altavista of online maps.
  12. You know he was terrible when the Guardian can’t even spin it in his direction.
  13. That must be him paid off his South African debt and no longer needs the blue poond.
  14. She’s going out to a fancy dress. Is this kinda thing suitable for an non single woman to be wearing?
  15. My mate is from El Salvador. He said they capture kids, kill them, cut them open, stuff drugs inside and then get woman to hold them as they smuggle it into the US.
  16. El Salvador. Some dude got killed there apparently.
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