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  1. The Last of Us

    Been a while since l’ve played it so cant remember the exact point you find it (it is possible to miss) but it is quite far in the game I think. You get it during the time you cut about on a horse I think, so if you aren’t at that part, then you’re all good.
  2. The Last of Us

    The flamethrower is an absolute beast. Found the game became a lot easier once you had it and you could fry everyone.
  3. It's possible if not probable that none of our first choice front 3 will be here next season. Main i'm not too bothered about either way but the two wingers would/will be a loss. Adequately replacing them and getting big Gorrin signed up will be the difference between a scrap and a semi enjoyable season next year I think.
  4. "He's the best football player that's ever played for the club, already"..."It's like watching the Matrix" Don't take it as me having a dig but i'm just wary that we give the boy space without making ludicrous claims too early on in his career.
  5. MMA Thread

    Missed this and can’t find much anywhere. What’s up with him?
  6. Squad face March

    McKenna and Mulgrew major doubts. Something tells me we’ve been here before.
  7. Were you expecting Motherwell fans to come on here saying, “aw can’t wait to get pumped on Saturday” instead?
  8. Kazakhstan V Scotland

    I was at the game I wouldn’t say he had that good a game but by no means a bad game either. Took his penalty well but perhaps should have done better with a headed chance in the first half. Clearly a decent player, starting for the national side next week? Na.
  9. I for one am shocked that football fans would predict that their team would win.
  10. We never troubled Hibs backline today despite having what seemed like the lionshare of possession. Pretty comfortable for them in the end. I wouldn’t think that was Turnbull’s best performance today (my 1st time seeing him) but you can see the lad has quality. Lads on here maybe need to calm it with the iniesta/Xavi comparisons though
  11. Squad face March

    I'm no doctor but it seems reasonable enough to assume that the harder the surface that you run on the higher the impact on your joints. Anecdotally, i play on astro all the time, weirdly I used to have big problems with it and my joints (mainly my knees) would swell up and turn red regularly. But after years of playing on these parks it's almost as if my body has got used to it now and I don't get any problems at all really anymore.
  12. Question Time

    My first time watching her, she seemed to have zero control which actually made it a good laugh.
  13. Question Time

    Well that was a hoot.
  14. Question Time

    I’ve kind of enjoyed this in a point and laugh sort of way. Fiona Bruce is pretty gubbins though isn’t she?
  15. Question Time

    Hahahahahah what a state
  16. Question Time

    Dunno but I’m starting to think JHB is a wid, sorry not sorry.
  17. Question Time

    Have tuned in against my better judgement, good first go by Blackford there.
  18. Really? I was still shiteing it come the 2nd leg personally, probably despite the reality of situation. I don't think i relaxed at all until that sweet sweet moment of Bell punching it in his own net.
  19. Brexit slowly becoming a Farce.

    The other point is even if she does somehow get her meaningful vote round 3 through next week, members of her own cabinet turned on her tonight. The rule of ministers always voting with the gov is gone and that’s a sign of a government that has fallen apart. There could be a general election even if she does get it through next week.
  20. Brexit slowly becoming a Farce.

    I’m sure Steve Baker said in Parliament that he and others wouldn’t be supporting her deal next week, perhaps I misheard.
  21. Brexit slowly becoming a Farce.

    She's apparently not speaking this afternoon now as it's too sore
  22. First game I'll have been to in months due to work and i'm buzzing just to see my wee team. Also the first chance i've had to get a proper look at young Turnbull. If he's not a Iniesta/Xavi hybrid as alluded to on here there's gonna be hell to pay. Hibs 1- 2 Motherwell
  23. Question Time

    Ian Blackford will be on tomorrow, not sure that's enough to make me watch, even though I think he has been reasonably decent recently.