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  1. Haha aye was referring to me moaning if we were winning making me a miserable sod.
  2. Fwiw I couldn’t stand Alexander even back when we were fluking a few wins. Marks you out as a right miserable b*****d though to moan when the team is seen to be doing ‘well’.
  3. Aye so you think it's a load of shite as well, fair enough.
  4. Do you enjoy anything about watching this Motherwell team? Not being wide or anything, it's a genuine question. You seem to still have some positivity about the current team and tbh I don't enjoy feeling miserable watching us, so if there's anything that I'm missing that you're seeing, I'd like to hear it.
  5. The saddest part for me is that I really don't care anymore, that's what a season of Alexander has done to me. Been going to matches for 25+ years and can never remember having this little enthusiasm towards the team. Oh well, at least we didn't give him a contract until 2025.
  6. Bale was excellent for his last couple of months at Spurs and is Wales’ talisman regardless of club form/appearances. What a load of pish.
  7. Aye with the rumours of O’Donnell being out for the season now as well as Patterson we could really do with Hickey picking up as much experience as possible at rwb before the playoffs. By the looks of it we are going to need him.
  8. From memory I think Germany had a few slip up themselves in the group. A half way competent Scotland side should have been closer to winning the group than we were.
  9. The midfield partnership between him and Gilmour has been crucial to our recent good form. He’s a key player.
  10. To be honest it’s all academic anyway. We could be playing the reincarnation of Sócrates in there and it wouldn’t make a blind bit of difference as the ball sails over his head hurtling towards the corner flag at a rate of knots.
  11. I don’t know whether there’s been a fall out and to be honest I don’t really care. However, I don’t think you need to have your tin foil hat on to question why other midfield options are allowed to stink the place out on the regular and a player like Slattery who previously had either been ok/good isn’t playing more than he is at present. We can analyse it until the cows come home but the simple eye test tells us that Slattery is better than those who are playing more often than him. That will naturally raise questions and I don’t think that’s unreasonable.
  12. See this is undoubtedly true but tbh I've never enjoyed watching GA's Motherwell team, even when things were going 'well'. Personally, actually occasionally enjoying the game I'm going to watch is quite important, that's why I was gutted when that new deal was offered and signed - I accept I may have been in the minority with that. I've never had a more miserable time at games than I've had under Alexander to the point that I can't summon any sort of motivation to watch the team under him and I'm never usually that sort. In a weird sort of way I actually hold quite a bit of resentment towards him for that. I mean, imagine getting into football management with the aim of playing the most brutal football imaginable in a search for results? Surely you must spend most the working week utterly depressed at what you're watching. That might seem a weird sort of take from me but I challenge anyone to watch this team and tell me the players being nervous wrecks and launching it into channels (poorly) for 90 minutes isn't down to Alexander. I didn't like him as our manager when we were 4th and I don't like him now we're plummeting down the table. Does he need to go? Absolutely. Will he? probably not. Utterly miserable set of circumstances that it's difficult to see a way out of in the short term. Can anyone suggest some other hobbies for a Saturday afternoon maybe?
  13. Where you getting the £500,000 - £750, 000 figure from?
  14. As someone who suffered extensively from hamstring injuries I'd say they really have to be managed very carefully after healing. Given Cooper's was apparently a bad one and these are only friendlies coming up it wouldn't surprise me if they've agreed to leave him be for now.
  15. I'm sure I read or heard somewhere that he had barely played any U23 games either. But aye be good to get him some game time over these two friendlies. Doubt he'll get into the Everton team until their future is secured one way or the other though.
  16. As someone who watches him stink the place out for Motherwell on the regular I'm as perplexed by O'Donnell as anyone. However, he will continue to get picked until such time that he stops performing in a Scotland jersey or that there are various overwhelmingly better options at RWB than him. Neither situation has come to pass yet so he stays.
  17. Clarke has said himself that he couldn't have had Patterson in if this was the playoff game coming up due to his lack of minutes. Nothing obvious about it at all at the moment.
  18. Haha aye just Motherwell fans, according to the email from the club this afternoon anyway. Same though, expected a poor turnout. Sounds like it'll be a smashing crowd though!
  19. Trying to look at the positives. Thought we improved after the subs came on. It’s grim it really is but with a different manager I think there’s some decent players hiding in there. Im sure Alexander will stay for a bit yet but he’s doing everything to resemble a man crumbling under pressure atm.
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