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  1. In a sea of shite BBC co-comms, Shearer is the worst of the lot. No one cares about your shite patter with “Linekar”, talk and show enthusiasm about the game you boring twat.
  2. Aye. Kelly is a good keeper for us but he lacks presence and as you say his distribution is toilet. I would think his ceiling isn’t too much higher than where he is just now with us. Perhaps that’s a little unfair on him.
  3. Gillespie was a really good shot stopper but I always thought his distribution was lacking. Carson could ping it out his hands 60 yards to start an attack. Carson for me, everyday.
  4. We played well Slovakia away and Czech home without getting the results. We are never going to be a team that gives outstanding performances in every game. I feel you’re being unrealistic and unnecessarily negative.
  5. We had players missing for that game as well. I don’t think Craig said it would be easy tbf to him, said they’d be beatable at Hampden. Which they demonstrably are.
  6. He said I was a self-loathing Scot for saying that it would be bad for Gilmour to remain at Chelsea. Not much point arguing with him about it, really.
  7. Yip, still early days of course, but we’re in a much better place mentally and physically already post Alexander. That’s reduced the need to panic buy in the transfer window. I guess to kick on it would be helpful to bring in some quality additions but given the state Grezza left us in to even be talking about ways to ‘kick on’ is a relief in itself. In saying all that though #AnnounceMoult.
  8. He’s signed for Brighton man. All’s good, chill out.
  9. That’s not what happened. Give it up, man. Staying at Chelsea would be a disaster.
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