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  1. BBC Newsnight is continually excellent. Lewis Goodall is continually excellent. Laura Kuenssberg is continually terrible, Agreed?
  2. This of course directly contradicts what her sources told her last night. I mean, it's almost as if she saying whatever Cummings is telling her without doing her job and checking veracity/scrutinising.
  3. 'sources close to' isn't journalism and it's a well trodden path for Kuenssberg. It isn't her job to get the Governments spin out in the public domain- it is her job to be a journalist. There is no other way to interpret her tweet on Crerar's story other than jumping to Cummings aid. I like you a lot as a poster but you have a real blind spot with this stuff.
  4. My memory may be failing me here but I'm pretty sure both the Christian Party and the Scottish Family Party were on the ballot paper in Ross, Skye and Lochaber at the last election. Met some of the guys from the Family Party who turned up to one of the hustings with offensive banners and the like, not particularly pleasant individuals. Also remember their candidate (Richard Lucas?) charging up to me on the night of the count and demanding a sit down meeting with Ian Blackford over his views on abortion. He never got his meeting.
  5. Remind me who's in government in Westminster and is currently polling over 50%? Left resurgence hasn't amounted to much. I'm sorry, I'm sure you're a good chap but the amount of intellectual gymnastic's it takes to get to your positions on these things, I just don't see the point in debating them with you. Maybe I'm wrong but I get the impression that you'll never support independence or that you just enjoy being a contrarian on here.
  6. Detournement voted for independence and voted to remain but doesn't want either to happen, come off it, he's at it. It wouldn't matter what prospectus was put forward he would change his view accordingly so that he could oppose it. Spend time more wisely by trying to convince someone who hasn't already made up their mind.
  7. That’s Jacare Souza tested positive so his fight with Hall is off, they are saying the event still goes ahead though, for now.
  8. I work for the party so I won’t be getting into anything to do with it I’m afraid. I am sure you are smart enough to read between the lines of what is going on yourself. All the information is out there.
  9. Even in that scenario SLAB would still be irrelevant. They can dream all they like.
  10. I can’t imagine that you’re not bright enough to realise that the situation isn’t as simple as that.
  11. He’s not a member of the party so they don’t need to exclude him. As a public figure, what he does off his own back is of course up to him and no-one in or out of the SNP will tell him otherwise, I’m sure.
  12. This post wins the Wings Da paranoia bingo. Mind and call house!
  13. Eh. Tad unfair, 'he has no place in the independence movement', he built it. We wouldn’t be where we are without him, that much is true. But times and situations change and he no longer has a positive role to play.
  14. I remember that well as it was myself who raised that as a possibility (however likely/unlikely) to start off with. I read this post as your opinion being that the accusations were too trivial to be in court, civil or otherwise. I apologise if that wasn't what you were meaning but given what you've written there I don't think that was too unreasonable a jump for me to make. You then (imo) changed tact to talk more about the outcome of the accusations rather than their seriousness when Welshbairn said that he found it strange that you didn't think "some of the accusations were more serious than an unwanted touch on the leg". Anyway, it's not my argument to get involved in really and the Salmond accusations isn't really what I want to be writing about. Let's call it a point of order on my part and I will resume my seat and be quiet. Charming.
  15. Tbf you’ve moved the goalposts there on your first point. You’ve moved from insinuating that there weren’t serious accusations, on to Salmond wasn’t found guilty of any of the accusations. Two separate points which in the context of the particular point make a bit of a difference.
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