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  1. If they changed the name from leaders debate, then yes.
  2. Tbh I can see where you are coming from and if the Tories get a majority I will come back and agree with you on this. The one thing I have learned over the last 5 or so years in politics though is to steer well clear of making any predictions, so I’ll shite out of it just now on that basis.
  3. Good man, thanks for that. The Tory lad was interviewed on STV as part of their package on the constituency last night, worth a watch if you haven’t seen it- hilariously bad.
  4. I can't make it unfortunately. If you get the time post up your thoughts after if you would, cheers.
  5. I see Kenny was on Twitter the other day telling people to vote SNP where they have a better chance of kicking the Tories out (everywhere). Nobodies a no hoper!
  6. Brexit in any part of the UK isn’t good for Scotland. The SNP know this and act accordingly.
  7. Scotland, perhaps more so now than anytime in my living memory, gets telt to eat it’s cereal and to like it. That has been perfectly illustrated by the 3 years of Brexit shitshow. The influence I was referring to in my post was over indyref 2 agreement. The individual politicians you’ve quoted, I not only disagree with a lot of their politics , but also, even if they were batting for Scotland (which in many cases I doubt) as individuals they would have been pissing against the wind, PM’s included.
  8. I can ‘kinda’ see where you are coming from but the answer that you’re going to get is that avoiding a Tory majority is a naturally good thing. As as SNP worker/supporter, and someone of left leaning politics, probably the best scenario for me is the SNP holding sway of a Corbyn led gov. Even that though isn’t without its difficulties for the party, which is why I’ve always thought the SNP has far more to lose from this election than it has to gain.
  9. Looking at the seat breakdown on the big Yougov poll tonight it has the Tories a % point ahead I believe, so perhaps closer than they think?
  10. Who wins in the H_B v Kuenssberg trustworthy test? Ach I’m feeling generous, I’ll lend you my vote on this occasion H_B.
  11. 😂 fucking hell. Just for clarity I think there have been clear signs of bias from Laura K throughout this campaign but people have to be fair and have evidence to reach a judgement.
  12. Would that not come up on her Twitter page if she retweeted it? In the interest of fairness I checked the page of poor embattled Laura and can’t see any sign of it.
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