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  1. Really enjoyed that. The hour show is so refreshing compared to WWE’s 3 hour slogs… fair play to AEW they’ve hit it out the park
  2. Unreal! First episode of AEW and fair to say it won’t be my last. What a pop man
  3. Punk’s imminent joining is making me want to start watching AEW finally lads. Totally new to it, what’s the weekly schedule shows etc? Cheers
  4. Aye. Nice to live in fantasy land sometimes haha. Should be a cracking match nonetheless
  5. Unlikely, but is there any chance the Jimmy USO stuff plays a part tonight? Have Roman lose title temporarily due to one of them screwing him, and they sort out the ‘family issues’ before he wins the title back...? As I say unlikely!
  6. I see! Yeah I get what you mean mate, but you know what old Vince is like...
  7. Yeah there’s no one atm who realistically beats him. Would love it to be Cesaro but I don’t see it any time soon. I’ve been out of touch with weeklies until this year, do they still do a ‘draft’? I remember it being just after Mania usually, maybe they’ll send Drew to smackdown or something?
  8. Assume Backlash will be a short one if it’s 6 matches? Tempted to maybe stay up for it
  9. Cheers for the Rumble shouts lads! Appreciated
  10. Managed to get my Mrs into wrestling and she’s enjoying watching the weeklies etc. Introduced her to the royal rumble and she loves it... just wondered if there’s any suggestions for the best rumbles to watch? Currently watching the 2008 one as I remember enjoying that when I was younger!
  11. Just watched it, fantastic stuff!
  12. Cheers lads I’ll give them a listen, appreciated!
  13. Is there any decent weekly show review podcasts going about lads? Mainly WWE as that’s all I watch at the moment, just something that talks about RAW/Smackdown etc? Just for something to listen to when I’m out walking!
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