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  1. I don't see the Hype about VR. That's my unpopular opinion.
  2. Both teams would be mid-table/bottom half for the first season at least, but once the money started rolling in, they'd be easily competing for European spots.
  3. Is it maybe an age thing? My old line manager was a pars fan, top guy, very knowledgable about football but he read DAFC net.
  4. Had a read of this thread in full. Agree with Methil, wholeheartedly Went for the football one time. An absolute dive of an area. Don't think Coatbridge has been mentioned enough on this thread. Was going out with a girl last year from Edinburgh and we went to that pool in Coatbridge as her brother was young and it was the school holidays, Coatbridge was a shithole and the towns going between Edinburgh and Coatbridge on train seemed absolutely grim too.
  5. Absolutely tragic. The battles he'd have with Alan Thompson in the early 2000s were sensational to watch Rest easy sir.
  6. The Dark Knight is way too low down the list. Heath Ledger's performance in that movie alone, should make it a lot higher.
  7. At least his spell at United was better than his spell at York City!
  8. It's strange what's happened with Dundee United of recent years. A big club with a rich history. Won the Scottish Cup not that long ago and made it to a good few finals in the early 2000s, Where has it all gone wrong? Poor management? Lack of Investment? Failure to build?
  9. Absolutely stunning result for Livingston today. Them getting back into the top flight after their fiscal problems and demotions as a result of the dodgy Italian fella a few years back is a miracle in itself.
  10. I'd like to think we can get a win. I'd take another 1-0. However, St Johnstone have been a bogey team of Celtic over the years.
  11. Another slip up from them which is pleasing. Of course, the king of the slips is in their dug out every week!
  12. Even if Scotland don't qualify, i'm still hoping to get across. Love Berlin so will hopefully be able to catch a few games there.
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