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  1. Thanks for the reply I was meaning your posts in general regarding bonnyrigg not McLung.
  2. You seem quite bitter towards bonnyrigg rose . Any reasons for this.
  3. Thanks for your time and effort filming all the games. Although i couldn't make all the games i still loved watching the highlights of the games i attended.
  4. Any news of any new players coming in.
  5. Can you expand on that statement.
  6. The eos said they would assist a west league getting set up if they needed help. They never said they would start one up themselves.
  7. What about the sectarian and anti-gay comments. Is that ok.
  8. Nothing official yet. It's the SFA anything can happen.
  9. You forget the age of these players. They’ve been excellent for Bonnyrigg.
  10. Bonnyrigg losing some of their best players. Hopefully the new players coming are just as good or better.
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