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  1. Saw that theory on the BBC live text basically saying that Porte made Movistar do what sky wanted by pushing them to push the pace on.. Not sure I believe that. Froome marked the guys he had to, his teammates bombed after a previous hard day. Time trial on Wednesday should add to Froome's time advantage, can't see him being beaten, although a shortish course so he won't build up too much of a lead. Would only get interesting if it rained.
  2. Thought you needed a shout out to get the profile up. The post made afterwards in your defence are hilarious.
  3. Quite high. He'll be shagging his sister/cousin/aunt/grandmother. Still, he's getting his hole.
  4. My vote didn't count. Get low flying again son
  5. Can't understand this. Some clubs have three kits with players generally using 1 maybe 2 shirts per match. Probably about 60/65 kits to be named/numbered with a minimal commercial return for the D1 clubs. Seems mad to me.
  6. 1. Ric 2. Ad Lib 3. Xbl 4. Vikington 5. The Real Saints Sorry I don't do DM's generally.
  7. Is the entire music soundtrack Mogwai? It's superb.
  8. The wee alchy bint. Another classic 'I don't give a shite' storyline.
  9. chico


    A massive inconvenience for commuters. Gormless over 50's not understanding the event queuing system at central. Boo! Fucking boo!
  10. chico

    Game of Thrones

    Ah good point.I'm a book reader but I starting reading after season 1.. I see the flaws in martins writing. It's way too much stuff to comprehend on the first read. There's sub-sub plots that don't seem to pay off, the volume of past mixed up in present and the stand/stop to get characters into position for certain set pieces. The TV show gives the opportunity to tighten down the sheer volume, although seasons 3 and 4 will be just book 3. I liked the way last nights episode dealt with things. It was coherent and almost almost linked up some of the character threads in a so close so far sort of way. All on all pretty happy and roll on ep 10.
  11. chico

    Game of Thrones

    Hear what you're saying, but beyond the name jokes, there isn't that much of interest about the freys and the TV show hasn't bigged up any of them particularly. I wouldn't have been bothered about more own the stark banner men either, with Theon gone, and Roose there, that's plenty enough.Agree that Arya and Hound could have been developed more though.
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