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  1. Ebay takes 10% and paypal 4% It's basically gouging, but you can make a bit of coin if that's a CP goggle jacket. Every skinny little shitehawk that thinks he's a hooligan wants that. Also, if thos blue boxes have anything cherished inside you can make ridiculous money. Don't put them on ebay though, join a trainer group or ten on facebook and sell them without the fees. There are rules my friend, and one of those rules states that Hugo Boss jackets, polos and jeans are fucking amazing, but translate to feet and you're a chavvy c**t. Exactly the same for Lacoste. Adidas, exactly the opposite: trainers, mint. Tops and jackets, chav. Don't ask me why. It just is. The Argie colourway is a belter. Sorry I'm a bit late to the party (don't get on p and b often these days) but if you haven't bought them yet go to Scott's online and fire in BRANDS25 at the checkout and you should get them for about £60 ish delivered. Hope that helps.
  2. There's one poster I'd like to have a beer with, although he rarely posts (which is a shame). Mel Hutchwright. Gentleman, and very funny.
  3. Considering your team is Auchinleck I'm amazed you've passed the winkle-picker fad.
  4. Beer Festival today, three Euro 2016 games tomorrow AND three on Sunday. Looking forward to trying several new beers and regularly relating the pleasure of so doing to one mate who isn't allowed to go.
  5. Not at all, philpy isn't a bad sort really, he just has the odd meltdown here and there that means his posting style on here makes him prone to the occasional gaffe. He wouldn't do you a bad turn.
  6. Had an excellent day out at the Steampacket Inn on Saturday. Amongst others had Kelburn Jaguar, Five Kingdoms Capt. Morrison's IPA and their Stout, which was 6.9% and was so utterly fucking magnificent that it led to me buying a four pint jug of it for the bus home. And horsing the lot. Sair heid Sunday.....
  7. Not philpy. He's not that kind of person at all. A nobody. Absolutely not. Just someone with some issues. If I thought for one second he was serious I'd have dealt with the situation.
  8. Years ago I put one on ignore because he got so upset with me ripping the piss out of him he got someone to phone my house and threaten my family. Other than that, it's a waste of time. People quote them all the time so you have to read their pish anyway.
  9. Absolutely chucking in down in London and there are loads of people at Buckingham Palace having a picnic in torrential rain to celebrate the birthday of a 90 year old German woman that their taxes pay for. 😂😂😂
  10. There are things wrong with every player on the planets game - except for Djokovic. There's no way to beat Djokovic in EVERY slam final. You can't coach past someone that good. Lendl was an excellent coach for Murray, but while he was coach Murray didn't reach this final. So.......?
  11. Are you suggesting it's a coaching issue that he loses slam finals to arguably the greatest player ever? This is a guy that's 4000 ranking points clear at number one. You get 2000 points for a slam. His game has absolutely no weakness whatsoever. He's a tennis machine, and just because his game is efficient and deadly and therefore doesn't have as much graceful style as Federer doesn't mean that you can just get a better coach and miraculously rise to that level.
  12. Fair enough, agreed on that. The other irritance is that Djokovic has blatantly and desperately tried to win the crowds love over the fortnight with his cringey stage managed little routines with ball boys and rain hats etc and the crowd are lapping that crap up. If I'd won that many grand slams and been that good for so long I wouldn't give a cheery coal miners f**k who liked me or not, much less desperately begging for affection.
  13. Shameful conduct by the French crowd. It's your nations flagship tournament. It's a grand slam. The top two in the world reach the final. So do you appreciate and applaud, grateful to watch such a match? No, you whistle and catcall, boo and screech in the most ill mannered and disrespectful way you possibly can and interrupt both players as often as possible. Cheese eating surrender monkey Nazi collaborating c***s. 😡
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