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  1. Did we not pay money to sign John Stewart from Aberdeen? I seem to remember we signed him over David Templeton but I could be talking mince.
  2. My daughter was born 3 weeks ago, and we’ve just had the go ahead from the doctors to bring her home after the last of her test results came in. Absolutely delighted
  3. Well this is utter crap. Mutch’s kicking is fucking awful too
  4. Not sure how I feel about all of this. A definite upgrade on Baker, but I don’t like all the issues surrounding Watson. I’m interested to see how the the next few months play out, I guess there could be some clauses in the contract if any big suspensions arise, but we’ll see. 230 million guaranteed too
  5. Everton fans calling for a ton of non-fouls here. Getting desperate
  6. Taking their time! I didn’t catch what the guys t-shirt said.
  7. Richarlison might be my least favourite player in the league. He’s such a little rat, he also pretends to be a hard man but rolls about like a wee tit after every foul
  8. Sorry if it’s been covered already, but a few folks have mentioned there was a wee bit of a lecture over the tannoy yesterday. Could anyone let me know what was said? Cheers!
  9. Ah apologies, my bad. But aye, things need to be a wee bit quicker.
  10. I’m a Newcastle fan, but I didn’t agree with that decision, I thought he was just on. VAR seems to be moving too far away from clear and obvious, taking 2 minutes to make the decision is too long, it should be 30 seconds max for me
  11. Christ on a bike, you post some utter pish on here. He’s been in the role for 2 minutes and you’ve already got it in for him. Falkirk are hardly the most exciting prospect for players these days. I wish that wasn’t the case but it is
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