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  1. Back to back shite performances which is disappointing. I’ve seen us gubbed numerous times before, but nothing annoys me more than us being frustrated by a diddy team
  2. I was about to post the same thing. The pitch looks incredibly worn in the Queens box too, almost looks like there’s a layer of ice there
  3. I watched it on FalkirkTV and Donaldson just looked annoyed at himself. I thought it was just a silly penalty as he should’ve cleared it right before
  4. Their microphone sounds about 30 years old though!
  5. Does anyone know if the game is on FTV tomorrow? I know most away games have been streamed if they have internet etc available, but the website hasn’t been updated in a few days so I’m not sure if it’ll be on or not. There hasn’t been a match report from the weekend either which is odd
  6. Adam Armstrong is absolutely rancid
  7. Show the fucking replays FalkirkTV. Fizzing
  8. It looked like a handball but I’m not sure if the ref would’ve seen it since they were battling for the ball. Peterhead’s tactics are working but it’s doing my skull in
  9. I have to agree regarding the commentators. I applaud the work they do, but it does frustrate me a wee bit. I tuned into WaspsTV a few weeks ago for the rescheduled game, and their commentary team were great. Seemed insightful and weren’t overly biased
  10. Yeah I agree with your take. I feel a lot more comfortable with Kinnear so far. He looks a lot more confident collecting crosses etc
  11. I get that PJ has had some good saves since he came back into the team, but my god he gives me the fear when the ball is at his feet. He reminds me of Matt Glennon
  12. f**k off Kennedy. Cannae stand diving by any team
  13. Is the game on Falkirk TV for those overseas? Or do I need to get a VPN trial to watch on BBC? Cheers in advance!
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