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  1. I don’t profess to know what the technicalities are regarding the specifications of the Raith pitch as opposed to our pitch but what is not in doubt is that our surface looks shiny and very “artificial” unlike the Raith pitch which looks very much like grass. Our pitch leads to the ball bouncing and bobbling all over the place whereas the Raith pitch is smooth and the ball runs true and the bounce factor is pretty insignificant. If Queens had pitch quality that was equal to Raith I can see the benefits of almost eradicating postponements and avoiding a deterioration in grass quality in the Winter/Spring months. In my opinion though being landed with a really poor quality artificial pitch that we can’t win on is the worst of all worlds - poor spectacle and very few home points.
  2. Playing on such a dreadful surface every second week should in theory give us some sort of “advantage” but our home record is truly horrific and has been for a long time. It is bad enough watching football on that surface but when we lose almost every home game into the bargain it is little wonder that home attendances are woeful. Players gave everything today but Arbroath deserved their win and Nouble delivered the best “target man” performance I have seen in a very long time. Not sure who at Livvy decided to loan out the big man but on the evidence of that display and earlier reports it is pretty obvious that he would walk into most Premiership starting 11s and to think that Bruce Anderson and Jack Hamilton are better options than Nouble defies all logic. Nouble almost singlehandedly created 4/5 great chances out of absolutely nothing when he was constantly surrounded by at least 3/4 QOS defenders. The worst feature from Queens’ perspective was the fact that Arbroath could and should have had another 3+ goals when down to 10 men. Debayo and Co were absolutely rag dolled and I have seldom seen such a well rounded target man - great hold up play but boy could he play on the deck. What a player!!! I think we also learned a fair bit about our squad - central midfield is weak and McGrory and Cochrane can’t really play together, Paton is a passenger wide left (spent most of the first half marking full back Gold), forwards continually pick the wrong option in the final third. Hugely disappointing result but Nouble was unplayable today and sometimes you have to tip your cap and say well done on a great win.
  3. That is exactly the problem and you can say the same of goalkeepers - Managers expecting them to thread passes through opposing forwards in their own box is absolute madness. It gains very little and on the many occasions that they trip over their own feet a goal is invariably conceded.
  4. Didn’t think it would take long for Pybus to be found out. He is a busy trier who because of the effort he puts in- looks a lot better than he actually is. I suspect that he was a signing target on the basis of these “player stats” which are extremely misleading and in the case of Dan Pybus bear no resemblance to the influence he has on a game.
  5. I thought Joseph might kick on this season but the more I see of him the less likely this looks. Works hard enough but really doesn’t influence the game - never seems to get on the ball and for an attack minded player this is a negative that he has to overcome or face the prospect of being a bit part player.
  6. Clearly a great result and early on we could and should have been 2 or 3-0 up but after that Raith dominated and we undoubtedly rode our luck at times. Thought our formation changes in the second half were perplexing to say the least. Max Johnston looked uncomfortable enough on his favoured right side but when he went to left wing back he was completely dis-orientated. Paton seemed to be stuck out wide left and was totally anonymous. Championship football seems to be a bit quick for Cochrane- has some nice touches but repeatedly caught in possession. Have no idea why we stopped playing and defended deep. These were the negatives but plenty of positives - Brynn was excellent, Debayo and McKay were rock solid, Nditi did the work of two players, Gibson was first class and Rueben was a handful. Connolly is a player no doubt but he does burn a huge amount of energy chasing lost causes. Presumably taken off as legs gone but was a huge miss late on as we had no “out ball”. Great to be celebrating a really hard fought win - commitment and team spirit outstanding but we cannot stop playing for such a long spell and expect to see games out. We did today but our play became totally disjointed as a direct result of our shape becoming unrecognisable. Raith looked a decent side and Zanatta didn’t deserve to be in a losing team.
  7. I thought the same before KO but when you look at our starting eleven the vast majority are playing in the English Premiership. Denmark a country of similar size to us and hardly a big footballing nation and yet the gulf in class is enormous. The obvious question is why?
  8. Cant believe McKenna is seen as a better option than Gallacher who can also play RB if required. I dont get it.
  9. Any line up that shoe horns players into the starting 11 no matter how unbalanced the formation - is inevitably going to pay the full price. We are certainly well on our way to paying that price. Absolutely woeful I’m afraid.
  10. Thought Hamilton were excellent first half and completely dominated us. We couldn’t get out and Cochrane and McGrory were overrun in central midfield. We certainly defended well in that period because despite being under the cosh we limited Accies to very little. Much better second half and on another day could easily have earned a point but better side won today. Todd made a big difference when he came on. Keeper looks very unconvincing with ball at feet and his distribution is erratic to say the least. Players battled hard and can’t be faulted for effort but Hamilton had better players all over the pitch.
  11. Match could have gone either way - we definitely had the better chances but Morton continued to look dangerous up to the death. Gibson’s performance(yet again) was immense - MOM by a distance. He must be wishing he could start his career over again - he had those wasted years where he struggled to make an impact but the combination of his outstanding ability and fitness/application is frankly tremendous. I didn’t see many better players in this league last year and so far he has been head and shoulders above anything else.
  12. Surprised to see Pybus making your starting line up with players like Thomas and Kennedy on the sidelines. Pybus will certainly not be found wanting for effort but quality that is another matter.
  13. Galatasaray I agree but Rijeka have a very modest pedigree. I can’t imagine their budget is significant given that their ground capacity is c. 8000 and the Croatian league is by no stretch of the imagination a money spinning competition. Let’s not kid ourselves it is the same pattern season after season. A possible preliminary win against teams making up the numbers and then the inevitable exit as soon as the Scottish teams meet anybody of limited substance. It’s now way beyond a joke.
  14. These results in Europe just underline how pathetic Scottish football is in reality. Another dreadful performance from Hibs to go alongside totally inept showings from the Old Firm. St J collapsing after a good away result.It’s a relief that these teams never get far enough to come up against top quality opposition.
  15. Another example of how uncompromising this league is. A very sore defeat to take after we limited Killie to very few half chances and played a lot of decent stuff ourselves. No failures today - tired legs at the end and we switched off and didn’t track the runner. The fatal mistake of sitting 10 yards deeper invited trouble.There is a tendency to shout for substitutions and sometimes it is the right call but in terms of the pattern of play the changes weakened us yesterday and we stopped carrying a goal threat in last 20 mins. That said I totally understand the desire to get fresh legs on the pitch. Good to see the fans really appreciate the efforts of the players yesterday. This is a really good group of players that we have assembled - I just hope that we start translating our good performances into wins. Unbelievably we have already lost 4 games - we were the better team v QP, were 2-0 up at Well and lost, better team at Partick and certainly did enough for a draw yesterday. Last season even in the midst of our great run we never scaled any heights in terms of “football” but the fans are already warming to the potential of this group. Sincerely hope we can get some wins on the board quickly otherwise heads might go down.
  16. Yes I was thinking exactly the same thing.
  17. Fair comment - we have signed a lot of very promising young players and we have played entertaining football in all of the games. Against Airdrie we were particularly positive but the problem is trying to assess the true value of good performances against teams who are clearly someway short of Championship level. Yesterday highlighted the defensive weaknesses - run of the mill Champ teams are invariably tough, uncompromising, organised and very fit. In many of these games the better football team loses as they are invariably close and the best “grinders” tend to edge them. We soaked up pressure last season and hit teams on the break with several “sucker punches” in classic Championship fashion. This year we look as though we have a much better squad in terms of ability but as you say we have to tighten up dramatically at the back or lose matches that we really don’t deserve to. I was very disappointed yesterday - that was so winnable against a very mediocre Partick team and we somehow found a way to concede 3 goals which left a mountain to climb. A good well organised central defence will invariably keep you up in this league - conceding the sort of cheap goals that have now become part of our ongoing DNA will undoubtedly stop us in our tracks.
  18. Thistle have created very little and we have lost 3 goals. So typical of us - we find a way to lose games out of nothing.
  19. Agree - whoever is producing this footage needs to have a full “drains up” because if this is the best they can produce it is miles off the quality others produce.
  20. Since PPV started there have been plenty of contenders for worst footage but this is right up there.
  21. Looks as though our game management hasn’t improved any. Lead held for 6 mins
  22. Yes I agree - early days but the rebuild that AJ and SC have done has significantly exceeded my expectations. Great to see us go with younger players with pace, skill and the emphasis on attack. If we don’t sign the key players on 2 year deals the danger is that the vultures circle and they get the longer term benefits of our good recruitment. For me Nditi, East, McGrory, Dunn,Connolly, Roy,Joseph, Ruben all fall into this category. I appreciate that we may have already tried to do this and perhaps some players have hedged their bets but this crop look good to me and with youth on their side they can surely only improve. I also liked the look of Muir, and McMahon when they came on. We have had such a dearth of young talent recently that it certainly gives grounds for cautious optimism. That said I can’t see any Champ rivals being as lazy and disorganised as Airdrie were today.
  23. I am under no illusions that Airdrie were awful , lazy performance, players not tracking runners etc etc but we have played some exceptional stuff today. Could have scored another 3/4 easily but most pleasing was the quality of our passing and attacking play. If this continues and it is always a big if the entertainment factor will be very different from last season.
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