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  1. I genuinely think Todd is a very good Championship player and perhaps a player that might interest Hamilton, Ross County or a promoted DUFC if that happens. Most Championship teams are likely to also see him as a good signing so unlikely that we will keep him unless we can “push the boat out”. Would fit in well with AJ’s more positive outlook although I do think that he was pretty anonymous for the last 10 matches or so. I would like to see him in central midfield with a mandate to try and improve our ball retention and creativity.
  2. I thought we thoroughly deserved to win over the two legs. Two players who have received a fair bit of stick - goalie and Davidson were both outstanding today as was Benedictus. How we failed to score was an unsolved mystery. Completely dominated the match from about 25 mins onwards. Murray, Wilson and Doyle did well today. Brownlie’s last few games will probably earn him a place on the retained list as he was rock solid again today. Dobbie had some terrific passages of play but for once he couldn’t find the ideal angles for most of his big chances. Credit to AJ and SC - at no time did we stop pushing forward trying to win the game. By not sitting deep and inviting trouble we were seldom under any real pressure. They have done well in difficult circumstances and the positivity is encouraging.
  3. agreed Clearly it is much better to be 3-1 up and there is a cushion. The problem sometimes when you win the away leg is that subconsciously you sit back and pass the initiative to the opposition.Raith are firmly in the “nothing to lose camp” as are Inverness. Hopefully we ignore the 3-1 advantage and put everything into winning the home leg as a one off. If we do that I would expect it to be tough for Raith but we need to come out positively as we did against Montrose. I know it’s old hat and I am firmly against artificial pitches anyway but the Starks Park surface was like a Grade A carpet compared to the horrible surface that we play on.
  4. I agree totally. I don’t think home advantage makes much difference in play offs. You only need to look at the Leeds match (admittedly different standard of football) to realise that these games are effectively cup finals for teams. Players will give much more in these games than a normal run of mill league match. If Raith get first goal we will be under huge pressure. A lot of football to be played. I would love it to be a stroll on Sat but when do Queens do things the easy way?
  5. Clearly a very good result but tie far from over. If Raith get first goal on Sat it will completely change the complexion of the tie. 2-0 certainly flattered us in first half and the Dykes miss at 0-3 was a pivotal moment. I can understand Dobbie’s withdrawal but the substitutions really weakened us and we could very easily have lost a second goal. Dykes can run all day so don’t think he needs to be rested. As others have said our inability to retain the ball in midfield is a huge negative and Iain Wilson should be doing better if he has aspirations of a Premier League career with Killie. Overall though a much hungrier performance from us than under GN. Keeping bodies up top puts pressure on the opposition and there is no cheap possession conceded. Thought Brownlie did well tonight, Murray put in a great shift and Todd had a better game. Dykes our best player on the night but needs to be scoring chances like he had in second half. Pleasing but any complacency and we will get punished. Need to positive on Sat from the start.
  6. If i am not mistaken - a certain Sandy Clark scored a few goals that day in his early Airdrie career.
  7. Hard to disagree- for us to finish level on points with Falkirk and have the benefit of Dobbie was an inexcusable outcome. It happened for two reasons - the players let themselves down big time and the Manager was negative and failed to get best out of players. Our convincing victory was extremely welcome but I am far from convinced that the majority of these players can be trusted to deliver - we shall see.
  8. I would be surprised if there is much between the teams over two legs. Raith have a number of Championship level players and an experienced Manager. We are probably slight favourites but no more than that. I am certainly feeling a lot better about our chances than I was pre Johnston but it is still Queens we are talking about.
  9. Montrose v Queens / Queens v Montrose

    Some great finishing today after a nervy start - Martin made a couple of good saves early on before we got going ourselves. AJ did well to get that display out of the team - good positive lineup with Dobbie supported not isolated. Thought Marshall, Brownlie and Dykes did very well with Dobbie turning in a virtuoso performance. Connor Murray tried hard but nothing came off and was very frustrated with himself. I would have preferred to get Forfar but just relieved to be involved.
  10. Couldn’t agree more. People keep saying that under AJ we only did what was expected of us in Div 1. Not only did we produce great results, we played very attractive football, and also delivered very positive performances against higher quality teams into the bargain. Dunfermline struggled to get out of Div 1 under JJ and Raith (with biggest budget) only finished third this season. It is not the “penalty kick” that people suggest. As you say we are a FT outfit with several players who aspire to go on to play on a bigger stage - on Tuesday there was no appreciable difference between us and Montrose. Players like Wilson, Todd and Dykes are seriously under performing. Good players invariably rise to the occasion and the fact that our key players continually fail to deliver is very telling. If we go down - several of these players will return to parent club or go to pastures new but if they cannot deliver against a PT side in these circumstances it begs the question how they will perform against much higher calibre opposition?I think I am answering my own question. Saturday is last chance saloon for us and players will, for once, have to stand up and be counted.
  11. Montrose v Queens / Queens v Montrose

    Your last para summed it up perfectly. For spells we looked like the Championship team but overall little between the teams but you could see the hunger and desire was only coming from Montrose. A repetition on Saturday will bring only one result.
  12. Montrose v Queens / Queens v Montrose

    I would definitely have found places for McGuire and Stirling last night but I am getting to the stage with this gutless squad that I am not sure that any permutation will get the job done.
  13. Montrose v Queens / Queens v Montrose

    Not surprised that we lost that tonight - the writing is well and truly on the wall. More of the same error strewn football churned out. Messrs Aird, Dykes and Todd were woeful tonight - and couldn’t hit the proverbial barn door. Individually and collectively we are a shambles - Murray and Marshall did ok tonight but the rest wouldn’t get a FT contract anywhere on that evidence. Dobbie is our only realistic chance of survival.
  14. Montrose v Queens / Queens v Montrose

    That potentially leaves us very short of numbers for the task ahead.
  15. Peter Houston had a terrific record at Falkirk and came up just short in the face of extreme competition. It is inconceivable that Falkirk would be anywhere near relegation with him at the helm. Would take him at Queens but he is now a Manager who is unfairly labelled negatively despite having a managerial record that actually stacks up and has substance at this level.