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  1. I am not - I am well aware that we have done exactly the same thing on numerous occasions and I have been equally critical of my own club when they have allowed fans to travel in horrible conditions knowing fully well that there is a 5% chance of a game going ahead. The collective problem here is that the Governing Body do not insist on Clubs following a strict criteria of communication to supporters when weather conditions are severe.
  2. Yet another example of home club not properly communicating the position with the state of the playing surface. It is inconceivable that the Morton Ground Staff did not realise the strong probability that this match could be under threat :- - no pitch inspection - no message on website informing travelling fans that pitch is extremely heavy in places and further heavy rain could force a postponement If home clubs were to do that early on visiting fans can either take the risk or stay put at home. Having travelled through I am not in the least surprised that this has happened - all clubs are desperate to avoid a Saturday postponement at all costs and they have got absolutely no thought whatsoever for visiting supporters.This has obviously only affected a small band of diehards but sums up exactly why our game is dying on its feet.
  3. Let’s just keep a sense of balance on this - GN presided over 3 years of abject mediocrity despite having decent squads at his disposal. He definitely made some good signings but then failed miserably to achieve anything with them. During our horrific run of results in the latter part of last season which took us perilously close to automatic relegation he had players like Wilson, McGuire, Dykes, Dobbie, Todd at his disposal in addition to the utility part of the squad.Johnston came in after the Partick game - a performance incidentally, which I would categorise as one of the very worst and most inept that I have ever witnessed over many long years of support. Johnston and Clark came in, steadied the ship and got us comfortably through the play off process and in doing that saved the club from a mini financial crisis. It is also worth remembering that they had only one signed player and a very uncompetitive wage structure to offer signing targets. Personally I wouldn’t have signed Michael Paton either but the task of getting a quality Championship squad together in a matter of weeks on our budget was a huge task. I am as frustrated as everybody else that we never seem able to build on any good results that we get - throwing away a two goal lead at Alloa was a pivotal moment- but I think the squad is competitive and while the QP performance was horrific
  4. I wouldn’t worry too much we are invariably sympathetic to the woes of rivals needing points.
  5. Have to hope that we retain our Championship status - IF there is to be a change in ownership structure at some point in near future would not want the new incumbents having to try and fight their way out of League 1. Despite a “huge comparative budget” Falkirk are doing their best to arse things up. On that subject Messrs Durnan and McShanes’ careers seem to be nosediving in the wrong direction. Durnan is getting an even worse press than he did at Tannadice and EEP and McShane rarely starts a game.I am surprised that these players can’t comfortably hold their own at that level but guys who go every week say otherwise.
  6. This is exactly the problem for most clubs of our size trying to maintain a FT set up on a shoestring and somehow compete in an ultra competitive league. For several seasons now a pattern of “expectant disappointment” has set in. Any time we get a great result we invariably fail to capitalise usually at home when we are expected to win - Saturday being a perfect example. Throw in results like Albion Rovers and QP in the Cup just for good measure and you can see why “peripheral supporters” find something else to do.
  7. Celtic taking the piss out of Scottish football - 10 consecutive trophies. Probably have delivered one of their worst performances and even with 10 men still do enough.On course for quadruple treble ...........embarrassing.
  8. Once again Morelos temperament letting him down - missed several chances and fluffed the pen - lucky if he finishes the 90
  9. Whenever we have an opportunity to build on a great away win you can almost write the script. For struggling outfits we are “ the gift that keeps on giving”.
  10. Agree with that. Osman was very solid yesterday and as you say he generally keeps the ball at all costs. I find Pybus a frustrating player - his work rate is excellent and he continually threatens to be a star turn but often picks the wrong option at the crucial time. He has the attributes and there is a player in there but his careless distribution is holding him back.Lyons has upped his game and did a really good job yesterday.
  11. A very solid team performance y’day - tactics spot on allied to a superb work ethic is invariably a potent combination. No weaknesses but Kilday’s attempt to pick pocket Johnson rather than stay goal side was a big error of judgement and on most days would have been very costly. To limit Dundee to a couple of shots on target took a huge effort in closing down space and Osman protected back 4 very efficiently. Big question as always is .......”can we build on this and go on a run?”
  12. Semple wasn’t available for selection for the QP match so I don’t understand where you are coming from? As I said the Manager had limited options yesterday.As I see it Holt was the obvious choice but he could have kept Holt at LB and either brought in Gourlay or move a midfielder either (Osman or McCarthy) into CB. I am all for giving young lads a chance IF they are good enough. If you have seen a lot of Gourlay and think he deserves that chance I am not in a strong position to disagree BUT the reserves ship goals for fun and I haven’t seen anything in his brief performances to make me think he is ready for that step up.
  13. If you want to piss off your loyal supporters a Scottish Cup home exit to League 2 opposition is right up there. From a financial perspective an unmitigated disaster - not quite on the scale of the Albion Rovers defeat but a truly dreadful defeat. I certainly dont subscribe to the view that playing Holt at LCB was some huge mistake. With Kilday and Semple out what other viable option was there? I have only seen Gourlay briefly a few times but he has looked way behind what is required at this level. If Holt’s performance was sub standard then there is only one person to blame for that ......Kevin Holt. He played in that position for Paphos, slotted in well at Tannadice so why should a home fixture against QP present a huge challenge for a player of his experience? If blame is to be apportioned on this occasion I am sorry to say that Messrs Oliver and Dobbie have to shoulder some responsibility. With the ability this pair possess,to draw a blank as a partnership in this fixture is where the problem unquestionably lies on this occasion.
  14. Absolutely no question that you need to make a change before it is too late. It is pretty obvious that McKinnon definitely does not have “what it takes” and while it is retrievable at the moment - any further slippage will surely make it insurmountable.
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