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  1. Thanks Flash shame on me for overlooking that run. Am I right in thinking that the Albion Rovers defeat was part of that chapter?
  2. Ayr v Queens

    Dykes’ main role is to mark the opposing holding midfielder and get “goal side”. If he does that successfully he has done his job apparently. The fact that we can lose 7 consecutive matches with this formula and still persevere with it says it all.
  3. I would be surprised if we have ever had as bad a losing run in our long history - it takes a bit of doing!!
  4. Queens v Inverness

    That first half display was truly awful given what was at stake. All the same GN tactics were in evidence again in first half - sitting off the opposition, lying deep and despite having all these players back, getting cut open time and time again. Dykes is apparently now a midfield player??? Wilson came with a decent write up from Killie but he has been awful in midfield and quite why McGuire is being excluded is beyond me. Can only see one outcome if we entrust our relegation fight to GN but it will not be an easy job for someone coming in on a “rescue mission”.
  5. I am sorry to say that this has been a huge problem under GN’s tenure.This is nothing new. He has never quite grasped the significance of 3 points for a win and 1 for a draw. When games are tight and let’s be honest, most are in this league, surely better to try and get the winner than hold out for a solitary point. This has been the long term mentality and Is playing a huge part in the predicament that we now find ourselves in. Wins are required starting today.
  6. These stats certainly tell a story. Playing somebody like Doyle in RM when faced with an injury crisis is totally understandable but consistently picking him ahead of Stirling/Aird falls into the “massive error of judgement category”. We still have matters in our own hands with a round of fixtures to go which is of some consolation.I continue to hope that he will play Dobbie and Dykes up top as a genuine partnership supported on the flanks by Stirling and Aird with the proviso that neither Dykes or Dobbie drift back into midfield at every opportunity.I would be surprised if we didn’t create a load of chances with this formation and if nothing else it will signify some positive intent. No guarantee that it will work but this so called counter attacking formula only worked in certain games usually when Dobbie was on fire and the current League Table doesn’t lie. Low is a good player but we can ill afford his injury track record and that has been a gamble that has backfired. We were all well warned by Dundee P and B regulars who sadly called it right.Todd’s absence is a huge blow and I am not sure just how motivated he will be to get back in given his PCA departure to Dundee. Wilson looks a good player but we have lost every game that he has started!!!!!!
  7. Worrying times to say the least. When every game in this League is pretty even and largely unpredictable - to lose 6 consecutive league games takes some doing. To put things in context we are talking about a 180/1+ accumulator. We played well first half but we retreated into our shell and the goal was overdue when it duly arrived. Doyle in midfield ahead of Stirling drives me mad and when we were really struggling in the second half a positive Manager would have introduced Stirling and given us an out ball wide right and tried to stem the tide by taking the game to Dunfermline. As invariably happens we lose the goal, make some changes and finish the game strongly in the last 10 minutes by which time desperation has set in. Difficult decisions to be made now - does the BOD stick or twist. Not many Managers survive 6 consecutive League defeats but with it being so late in the day is it fair to pass the baton to somebody else in these circumstances. I suspect we will choose to “sweat it out” and hope that our narrow points cushion and good goal difference might see us over the line? Dobbie looked very tired today and was frustrated at his lack of service In second half. We certainly need him more than ever in weeks ahead.
  8. Morton v Queens

    Even by Gary Naysmith’s standards that team selection tonight takes negativity to a new level. Absolutely horrific to have Doyle and Wilson on the flanks when Aird and Stirling were left in reserve. As I have said for some considerable time a negative outlook will ultimately achieve nothing and I just hope that the marginal cushion that we have is enough to avoid relegation in our Centenary season. It is all very well “talking a good game” but when you continually punt aimless balls in the general direction of Dobbie and hope that he can somehow keep delivering wonder goals game after game is a strategy that is ultimately destined to fail. Despite having a thin squad we have more than enough quality in our ranks to be able to go to places like Morton with a positive outlook and give ourselves a chance of taking 3 points. No future whatsoever in this type of football but I guess we are stuck with it till end of season.
  9. Queens v Alloa

    Personally I think if the Manager let Dykes focus exclusively on staying “up top”, making runs in behind and most importantly getting on the end of penalty box crosses we would add a massive new dimension to our attacking armoury. Dykes constantly funnelling back to mark the opposing holding midfielder very often leaves him far too much ground to cover when we get into dangerous positions. I think Dykes has made a big contribution but whatever way you argue the issue one solitary League goal for our “supporting striker” is an extremely poor return and the inability of Dykes & Others to score goals puts far too much pressure on Dobbie.
  10. Queens v Alloa

    very little firepower and are still competing strongly with us.
  11. Queens v Alloa

    By the time this season ends GN will have had half a season followed by two full seasons in charge with the full benefit of Dobbie’s brilliance at his disposal. Other mid table Managers have had to battle on with
  12. The positive in the 3 at the back option is getting Dykes up top alongside Dobbie playing on the shoulder of the last defender. He will never score goals from that withdrawn midfield role and while he may never be prolific in any event his value to the team will be hugely more significant the further forward he plays. It was plain for all to see that despite being a man short yesterday in the second half our positive outlook and higher defensive line was like “night and day” compared to the first half. Personally, for the life of me I can’t see why that cannot happen in a 4-4-2 or 4-3-3 but if it needs to be in a back 3 formation then so be it. Yesterday we started off as if we were playing a team from 3 leagues above us .........no pressure on the ball, Dykes deep and ineffective, wide players marking the opposing full backs etc etc. Don’t think we had one chance in the first half playing at home on a plastic pitch that should give us an advantage. Yes we were against the wind and while that was a negative it wasn’t the cause of the situation that unfolded. People have previously likened Dykes to O’Connor - could anybody really justify asking Sean to play in a quasi midfield player in his heyday? Manager made a great tactical change yesterday and players did really well in second half but the first half was dreadful. Nobody could legislate for the double whammy penalty/red card but if the ball is constantly in your final third these things have a much higher probability of happening.
  13. Queens v Dundee Utd

    Personally I would like to see Wilson and Low start for us to see if we can actua
  14. Aberdeen v Queen of the South

    It was always going to be a difficult task for us although I felt that as long as Stevie May was involved we had a chance. Compared to GMS, McGinn and Stewart he looks way out of his depth and he must be some player in training if he is getting the nod ahead of any of the aforementioned 3? I am not a fan of containment football (as it ultimately achieves very little)but the first half was relatively stress free and the system provided some stubborn resistance.Having got to HT at 0-0 I think we could have been a bit more adventurous in the second half but I guess the flurry of goals just after the restart set the pattern and at 1-3 down match was effectively over. At that stage it was a case of avoiding a real drubbing which would have been undeserved. I was pleased that Dobbie scored such a brilliant individual effort in a live game - many Premier League supporters will assume that Dobbie scores a vast array of tap ins and penalties but the reality is that a huge number of his goals are brilliant strikes at the end of a dribbling mazy run. The individual quality of his goals is absolutely outstanding and to score a goal of that quality on such meagre service rations was an achievement in itself. As others have rightly said the better team won but the cash from the cup run will be welcome. Players gave their absolute best - thought Dykes and Marshall were our top men on the day.
  15. Falkirk v Queens

    It was never a 3-0 game but Falkirk were better than us at both ends of the pitch. Falkirk had very little forward play and yet scored 3 goals. We had loads of the ball, plenty of attacks but never really looked like scoring. Falkirk deserved the win and it will be interesting to see if they can mount a concerted recovery. Not an easy thing to do in this league. We have had a lot of draws over course of season and three defeats against Alloa, Thistle and now Falkirk in past few weeks. We are only 9 points above bottom spot so not exactly an insurmountable gap.