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  1. Fair comment - we have signed a lot of very promising young players and we have played entertaining football in all of the games. Against Airdrie we were particularly positive but the problem is trying to assess the true value of good performances against teams who are clearly someway short of Championship level. Yesterday highlighted the defensive weaknesses - run of the mill Champ teams are invariably tough, uncompromising, organised and very fit. In many of these games the better football team loses as they are invariably close and the best “grinders” tend to edge them. We soaked up pressure last season and hit teams on the break with several “sucker punches” in classic Championship fashion. This year we look as though we have a much better squad in terms of ability but as you say we have to tighten up dramatically at the back or lose matches that we really don’t deserve to. I was very disappointed yesterday - that was so winnable against a very mediocre Partick team and we somehow found a way to concede 3 goals which left a mountain to climb. A good well organised central defence will invariably keep you up in this league - conceding the sort of cheap goals that have now become part of our ongoing DNA will undoubtedly stop us in our tracks.
  2. Thistle have created very little and we have lost 3 goals. So typical of us - we find a way to lose games out of nothing.
  3. Agree - whoever is producing this footage needs to have a full “drains up” because if this is the best they can produce it is miles off the quality others produce.
  4. Since PPV started there have been plenty of contenders for worst footage but this is right up there.
  5. Looks as though our game management hasn’t improved any. Lead held for 6 mins
  6. Yes I agree - early days but the rebuild that AJ and SC have done has significantly exceeded my expectations. Great to see us go with younger players with pace, skill and the emphasis on attack. If we don’t sign the key players on 2 year deals the danger is that the vultures circle and they get the longer term benefits of our good recruitment. For me Nditi, East, McGrory, Dunn,Connolly, Roy,Joseph, Ruben all fall into this category. I appreciate that we may have already tried to do this and perhaps some players have hedged their bets but this crop look good to me and with youth on their side they can surely only improve. I also liked the look of Muir, and McMahon when they came on. We have had such a dearth of young talent recently that it certainly gives grounds for cautious optimism. That said I can’t see any Champ rivals being as lazy and disorganised as Airdrie were today.
  7. I am under no illusions that Airdrie were awful , lazy performance, players not tracking runners etc etc but we have played some exceptional stuff today. Could have scored another 3/4 easily but most pleasing was the quality of our passing and attacking play. If this continues and it is always a big if the entertainment factor will be very different from last season.
  8. We have played some great stuff so far - Gibson has been outstanding
  9. Dearie me that was awful goalkeeping. As usual we throw one in the net when in a commanding position- nothing changes
  10. Shambolic registration process - gone through the sign in process and am just getting a blank white screen with no drop down box to buy the match???? Don’t deserve the money if it is this complicated?
  11. Agree - given another complete rebuild the first two performances have been decent. Football is much more pleasing on the eye than last season but it remains to be seen whether we can grind out results in the same way as the team did last season. No way should East be contemplating playing anywhere else on the evidence of his last two displays - strolled through the games and now that he can see everything in front of him his distribution is very promising. Early days but if he keeps playing like this an extended contract might be needed sooner rather than later.We certainly have plenty of pace and invention up top so expect us to be entertaining. Obviously we face some big tests ahead and we could do with some more experience in midfield and at the back but we have the nucleus of good base to work from. We should really have had six points on the board but encouraging start all things considered.
  12. Far too many journeymen who are simply not nearly good enough at this level. Two home games was a huge advantage and we have no excuses whatsoever- pure and simply not good enough
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