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  1. Thomas is a talented player but he certainly flatters to deceive. Fans continually rave about him but he keeps on dropping down the leagues season after season. Didn’t exactly set the heather on fire at EEP despite playing a few good games.
  2. It would have been bad enough going down today if we had played out a scrappy 0-0. In typical Queens’ fashion we get ahead with a few Minutes remaining and lose a dreadful scrambled goal from a long throw despite having everybody back. Cant understand why we start with both Cameron and Junior up front in the key striking positions. They are honestly two of the poorest finishers I have ever seen in a Queens shirt and trust me there have been plenty of contenders.Paton always seems to be left out - he did more in the short time he was on than the pair of them did in the full 90. Don’t even start me about Connelly being stuck out wide where he literally hasn’t kicked a ball for months. These decisions really bring into question if WG and GM can be trusted with the major rebuild that we face. Dont like having a pop at Willie because once again he was our best player but these key selection blunders really add up. Junior has had so many chances to deliver and he just keeps on flattering to deceive and we stick Connelly in an alien position and omit Paton to accommodate him?
  3. There was a huge temptation for Arbroath to sit on their lead last night but it's invariably a big mistake. They conceded very cheap possession to Killie all over the pitch, stopped pressing the ball early and basically invited a mountain of trouble. That said, I wasn't convinced at all that Killie were going to score - Gaston did well but they were all saves that you would totally expect him to make. Arbroath haven't remotely resembled a PT side this season BUT they did in that second half. I genuinely think that they should have introduced fresh legs much earlier and adopted a much more positive outlook. In all honesty they created nothing in the second half and the ever dangerous Hamilton was starved of any decent service. Its a shame for their monumental effort to end this way - at HT they were in control of their own destiny but I think the Mgt and players will be kicking themselves that they have allowed this unbelievable opportunity to slip through their hands.
  4. Didn’t see more than a few glimpses of this match due to streaming problems but clearly the result was extremely well received. It makes Saturday a huge game for both clubs. Credit to the players for re-grouping after Saturdays second half horror show. With Cameron and Junior I keep thinking that one of them has to score sometime- it is not as though their general play is that poor - but I have never seen a pair of strikers who keep finding new ways to avoid scoring. Cameron at least looks like he might score eventually but Junior just never seems to gamble or anticipate where the ball might go in the box. Neither of them can strike the ball properly - even when a great chance emerges they consistently mis-hit the shot at the crucial time. Surely Connelly through the middle with Cameron is the obvious choice. Ruben might do a job out wide, drawing fouls, holding the ball up etc as we don’t have too many other options with Fitzpatrick still out.
  5. I hope that Willie stays on as a player but it would be better if he simply put his hand up and states that managing Queens is not for him at this time. That would make the Board's decision for them. Seven consecutive defeats is truly horrific form even by our standards and when you throw in some really perplexing selections and tactics along the way it has been a disastrous run. This is a really spineless group of players - as soon as they go behind it is immediately a lost cause. Heads go down, players stop doing the basics and when you add in terrible finishing and schoolboy defending the outlook is truly depressing. I am struggling to think of many players to keep - Todd and Cochrane's repeated absence through injury just when you really need them annoys me but I guess we're stuck with them. Arbroath are everything we're not - experienced, high energy, never know when they are beaten allied to resolute defending and clinical finishing.
  6. You’ve really got to feel for Killie - admittedly they are one of the poorest prospective Championship winners that I can remember in a very long time, but they are now hoping that we can somehow spring a surprise at Gayfield to get them out of jail. We have just lost 6 consecutive “must win” cup finals and we can’t even do ourselves a favour. Football has an uncanny knack of throwing up some ridiculous results and although it sounds a crazy statement there is probably very little between ourselves and Arbroath despite the gaping points deficit. The reality is that we continue to find a way to repeatedly lose really close even games by the odd goal. Arbroath are brilliant at doing the opposite and have done all season. There is nothing to suggest that we will not revert to type today and find a way to lose a close game but we are long overdue some “luck in running” so you never know.
  7. The 4-4-2 deployed against Partick worked really well up until the “trigger had to be pulled”. I am still trying to work out why McGrory didn’t shoot from about 7 yards out when ball “was on his good foot” in second half. Not sure about fitness situation but I would play Connelly up top with Cameron, drop Roy, play Paton and Todd wide unless Fitzpatrick has made a miraculous recovery in which case I would start him in favour of Todd. It’s a no brainer to stick with 4-4-2 - let’s hope there is not an attempt to overthink the tactics.
  8. Is it just me or does anyone else find it incredible that, despite our repeated failure to triumph in any of these recent “must win matches” our ability to finish 9th is still in our own hands. To me it’s unbelievable. Dunfermline have had a couple of great home performances but their away performances have been very poor. Apparently on Sat at Killie they were woeful and the match stats certainly bore that out. If we were to beat Arbroath the Caley match would be massive. Our record against them at Palmy is truly abysmal but you just wonder how seriously they will take that match if their league finishing spot is already rubber stamped. We are long overdue some luck this season but you could say we are lucky still to have an escape route given our inability to take care of business. This group of players is in a league of its own for repeatedly letting down fans. If it’s not conceding daft penalties it’s missing a succession of chances. Come on give us some faint hope of survival.
  9. Sean Maloney arrived at Easter Road with this modern football philosophy no doubt borne out of the Belgian national team. Football decision makers really fall for this nonsense - Hearts went through this with Cathro and Hibs sadly look as though they have to learn the hard way. They had a very good Manager in Jack Ross - 3rd in table and good runs in Cup competitions. Hardly sacking offences despite a poor run of league form. To deny him his Cup Final appearance was not a very classy decision. I have seen Hibs a lot under Maloney and there is absolutely nothing that leads me to believe that he has some revolutionary footballing methodology. He talks a great game but failing to get in the top 6 with his budget and playing squad is a major failure and it won’t be long until the boo boys are out in force- starting Saturday if their old rivals turn them over at Hampden.
  10. I thought Livvy were excellent today - by far the better side and what happened there was daylight robbery. I have never been a fan of sitting deep with extra central defenders trying to see out games. You invite trouble and you concede cheap territory. Until Livvy brought on Boyes Motherwell failed to apply any concerted pressure. Taking off Forrest was a big error - lost his ability to run off Nouble. Best form of defence is attack and sitting deep is a sure fire way of asking for big trouble.
  11. Yes a lot of really classy performers - in the 70s we signed so many players from the Junior ranks something that just doesn’t happen now. Players like Dempster, Donald. Tommy Bryce mark 1, Crawford Boyd all came direct from the Juniors. We obviously had a network of scouts at that time because these 4 all came to us from unfashionable Junior teams. Changed days indeed.
  12. One of my early away trips that day to Broomfield. Went there with optimism - we had a good side, Bally, Dempster , Reid etc and as you rightly say we were comprehensively dispatched by a very good Airdrie side. That day taught me a salutary lesson watching Queens - you have to be fully prepared for disappointment at all times. The higher the expectation the more likely the big let-down.
  13. Ayr showing real grit today to come back from 0-2 - something that we just never look remotely like doing. A win last night and things would have looked so much better. Unbelievably, we still have a chance of 9th. To try and somehow score goals I think we need to partner Cameron with Connelly up top. That is the obvious pairing - I am no big fan of Cameron but we need to get Connelly firing and you won’t do that playing him in a wide role. I don’t think a Roy:Connelly partnership would work. All these must win Cup Finals and we lose every one - surely we are due some outrageous luck for once?
  14. No doubt at all that Cameron works really hard but a central striker, (very often a lone striker in the modern game), who essentially has next to no finishing instinct has got a limited future. I can’t see Championship clubs queuing up to take him and it’s not certain that he would fare any better in League 1. I have seldom seen a big bustling striker who takes up such poor positions when “Hollywood” crosses come in to the danger area. His shooting technique is dreadful - doesn’t seem to have mastered shooting with his instep and getting his laces through the shot. It is hardly a difficult skill to master. In all my years of watching Queens I have never seen a group of players consistently find so many ways of losing matches that we either should have won or drawn at worst. Pundits on BBC saying that there has been a big improvement in recent weeks BUT WE HAVE JUST LOST 6 ON THE BOUNCE!!!
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