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  1. Personally I think a 1 year deal would have been more sensible but we are now looking at another Houdini style escape to avoid the bottom 2. It is almost certain that we will have a skeleton opening staff list and it is likely to be a total rebuild with incoming players having no affinity with the club. For any Manager to replicate what was achieved last year is a huge ask. This annual rebuild model is simply not sustainable but I can’t see any obvious way round it. Willie Gibson was the best RB I saw in this league by far last season - he may just think that a promotion seeking rival might give him a “last hurrah” on better terms than we can offer him. If he performs at a similar level next season he could walk into any Champ team but losing him would be a huge blow and I hope it doesn’t happen.
  2. Yet again AJ’s fault no surprise there. I am intrigued to know exactly what this rigid system is? He started out with a 4-2-3-1 (which incidentally is the self same formation that GN deployed for most of his tenure. Ravaged by injuries he had no option but to experiment with other permutations and basically pick teams based on “ the last man standing principle”. At various times he has played 4-1-3-2, 4-4-2, 3-5-2 and 4-1-4-1. Dobbie started as the 1 up top, he has been the No 10 on a few occasions (the role that Brendan Rodgers said was his best position) and he has played in a 2 up top with Shields on a few occasions. So the big question is what exactly should the Manager have done to get the best out of Dobbs? Bear in mind that there was a time where Shields and Dobbie were both out injured and ironically we got some of our best and most unexpected results with both out. Is the sad reality of the situation not that this has just been one season too many for the great man. The Dundee game was a case in point - playing alongside a big target man in Goss he twisted and turned and had about 4/5 shooting opportunities but on each occasion the defenders got back to block the shots or take take the sting out of them. That infamous “Dobbie half yard” was just not there this season. Whatever way you cut it - for Dobbie not to score a single League goal from open play in a team that was scoring goals (also conceding many) is surely a little more than an AJ system failure? I am as gutted as anybody that his time with Queens is up but nobody can go on for ever.
  3. If you lot think treating a decent former player and a very successful Manager like that (whether he was thinking of leaving or not) is acceptable then there is really not much more to say.
  4. You had an excellent manager in Peter Houston who as I recall guided you to the Play Offs twice (when the league was at its most competitive) and a Scottish Cup Final. If that doesn’t represent a successful tenure as Manager at this level, frankly, I don’t what does. With key players leaving and some getting older and others dipping in form it was inevitable that the momentum couldn’t continue without serious investment. It is inconceivable that given time and support PH would not have turned things around and re- built a competitive Falkirk team in the Championship. When you factor in his success at Tannadice he has more than demonstrated his capability. I was at TFS when Queens (or should I say Dobbie) inflicted an embarrassing home defeat on Falkirk and the bile directed at PH that day was shocking and undeserved. The obvious phrase that day was “be very careful what you wish for”. We have a faction of our support at QOS who would gladly replace AJ & SC immediately having just kept us up on a shoestring budget and only 3 signed players at the start of the season. I would call that a notable achievement ..........others would say he doesn’t use his subs quickly enough, is tactically weak and his times up!!! Where are these great Managers in Scottish football - many talk a great game at the interview but the reality when the “rubber hits the road” is a lot different. It is easy to blame the BOD and Owners but the supporters have also to take some of the blame because you more or less forced the decision makers to sack a very capable Falkirk Manager with an excellent track record.
  5. A very sad day for everybody associated with the Club especially the supporters. What a tremendous player and a great guy as well. Usually when a striker scores the number of goals that Dobbs has done most of them will be short range tap ins ........Stephen very rarely scored tap ins. Invariably his goals involved selling a dummy or a nutmeg followed by that lovely crisp striking action that left keepers floundering. That in itself makes his scoring record all the more incredible.He unquestionably leaves a huge void at the club. Such a pity that despite his brilliance we were unable to mount a serious play off push for promotion. We should really have done so when we had Dykes alongside him but that is another story. Many thanks for the memories and good luck for the future.
  6. We look like a team “going through the motions” and hoping that results elsewhere will bail us out. Arbroath showing the fight that we wish we could see from our players. Our survival still finely balanced as things stand - uncomfortable viewing unfortunately.
  7. I must admit that I have to laugh when people repeatedly say that Jones is too good for this level of football. If he was he would be the first name on the team sheet every week but the reality is that he’s struggling to start for us and if we’re being objective he has gone awol in a lot of games when we have really needed a big performance from him. Don’t get me wrong I would start him but he needs to show a lot more than he has done if he wants to play first team football for ‘Boro”.
  8. Nditi was outstanding for Forfar in the recent cup tie v Dundee United. Thought United would be first in the queue having witnessed first hand what he can do. Always dangerous to judge players on one match but he was everywhere and comfortable on the ball. It’s the type of player from League 1 that we should be going after but when they play well in a live TV game we will no doubt be at the back of a long queue.
  9. Agree with most of that. I totally understand everyone’s frustration on the back of the recent disappointing results. Queens have an annoying habit of raising the fans’ expectations and just when you are on the verge of “wanting to believe” it all comes crashing down. Hope for the best but fear the worst tends to be the order of the day.Whatever anyone thinks of AJ’s managerial acumen or otherwise the task here or at say Ayr, Morton,Inverness, Raith is enormous. No chance of holding your best players, no budget to sign other teams’ best players, too costly to run a meaningful youth academy. Recruitment is therefore reliant on trying to pick up lower league talent basically “unknowns” before the vultures circle, a few journeymen and the loan market which is now the most crucial part of the equation. I couldn’t imagine how poor we would have been without this season’s loanees. Any manager who doesn’t have good entry points in the loan market is putting his club at a huge disadvantage and sadly this process means it is almost a complete re-build every season. This is not a good model for tier 2 football for either supporters or players but it’s not likely to change any time soon.
  10. Let’s not be under illusions being a Manager at this level is an absolutely thankless task- no meaningful financial rewards and an army of keyboard warriors who all apparently have a better knowledge of player abilities and tactics than the incumbent has. Personally I think AJ and SC have done well this year to get us into a position where we should stay up despite starting with only 3 signed players. I wouldn’t have renewed any contract until we were mathematically safe and at our level a one year renewal is a safer option. I don’t see any big advantage in locking in for two years because if it goes pear shaped compensation can make an exit difficult to contemplate. You say that you wouldn’t trust the Manager with a rebuild? I would say that his signings and use of the loan market were excellent considering the hand that he was dealt and the budget at his disposal.We can all disagree on his selections and player “favourites” but personally I think the players have let him down in recent weeks :- - Ayo’s form has shaded considerably last few weeks - Jones and Mabude have had the odd good game but neither have performed anywhere near their capability - once teams realise to defend deep against Shields he has really struggled - Dobbie has sadly been a pale shadow of his former self
  11. I remember that match vividly - a great crowd and destiny in our own hands. We barely strung two passes together and were comprehensively outplayed by a very very ordinary Thistle side. I think we probably need to restore some of the less heralded “battlers” into the fray for Somerset. We started today’s match at a walking pace with no urgency, drive or real enthusiasm and we all know what happens when we lose the first goal.
  12. With 5 games to go we had a huge opportunity to get ourselves a play off slot. Managers and Players come and go at Palmerston but invariably when we have to really deliver at the “business end” of the season the end result is all too familiar. The last thing we want is to go into the Dundee match needing a result to avoid 9th. It would be a very sad ending to the season relying on other results going our way because I am not confident that this group will be masters of their own destiny. To be fair we have had a strong squad to pick from last few weeks but our big players simply haven’t performed and have gone AWOL at the crucial time. Gibson certainly doesn’t fall into that category - he has been outstanding and our POY by a distance.
  13. What a dreadful performance from start to finish. If we go 1-0 down even if it is early on we just dont seem to have an answer. Gibson the only player getting pass marks - our best player by a distance. The much heralded front 3 of Shields, Mabude and Jones were completely clueless- offered nothing not helped by an outplayed midfield.
  14. I must admit I would certainly have been inclined to wait until we were 100% safe before extending any contracts.
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