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  1. If we are taking 1,000 to this on Monday still, any idea how many seats are under cover in case it rains?
  2. You stick by your "wee team" through all the shite luck and runs and still go along and every so often it repays all the bad times in buckets with scenes like that at the end! Can any Hibs fans at the other end and closer to the action clarify on the penalty call?
  3. Hopefully we actually score for a change. Would be a fair exchange for spending my afternoon in the same vicinity as Neil Lennon's teeth.
  4. He'll most likely have it deep fried. Fat c**t.
  5. I might've missed the posts, but have any Killie fans commented on Boyd's comments about this and his pandering to Rangers whilst still playing for their team?
  6. Sounds good man. Hopefully find you there at some point. Don't think we'll get to Edinburgh until 1ish so maybe head straight to the Murrayfield Bar.
  7. Don't suppose any Jambos could recommend a boozer near Murrayfield - if any - for a quick pre match pint?
  8. Is it Terry Butcher making these semi orgasmic noises on the mic every time there is a good pass or bit of play?
  9. http://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/opinion/sport/hotline/rangers-celtic-fans-say-over-11121455 Rangers and Celtic fans have their say over St. Johnstone star Michael O'Halloran. Jesus Christ. Mind you, they will still complain of media bias when they are talking about another teams player who's fans don't get offered to have a say.
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