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  1. You boys stay put and just give us a 3-0 win already please.
  2. New Download line up looking pretty tasty. Worried about if it'll actually go ahead though!
  3. Sounds like headphones envy to me.
  4. Sorry if this is a stupid question but now with the 5 mile restrictions lifted and the ability to travel to a second home if facilities are not shared as of tomorrow would this mean I can travel to my parents house from my flat and stay over? The house and it's rooms are of a big enough size to socially distance and they only ever use their own on suite and never the main bathroom. I don't want to go full on Dominic Cummings here and take my own interpretation of the rules but I'm a bit confused by this. I don't know if I'm maybe trying to bend the "second home" part to my own situation though. I've checked the route map and still no clearer.
  5. Enjoying this a bit too much. Any advice for a loaf out? Really enjoy the stability of the P90 but I feel it's a bit weak.
  6. I think we are all just weeping that we weren't at Download this weekend....
  7. Probably raging after being fobbed off by Larry The Number 10 Cat earlier.
  8. Can one of you lads come round my gaff and cough all over me so I'm allowed to travel up to Perth to see my folks for the first time in nine weeks? No symptoms just now so not allowed. Just using my common sense here. Thanks in advance.
  9. If we are taking 1,000 to this on Monday still, any idea how many seats are under cover in case it rains?
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