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  1. Saints TV doesn't (officially) allow live streaming within the UK and Ireland. It also seems it will be clubs selling these, not Sky themselves, so may end up being Saints TV in some form. I suspect it'll be bundled with regular season tickets for when attendance is allowed again in some way.
  2. Those are both belters. Even the sponsor's logo's a cracker. Shame booze sponsorship is banned, but gambling's fine. EDIT: Looked it up and it seems it's not banned. Which makes the lack of alcohol brands when betting is all over the place rather glaring.
  3. Of course, it was Dinamo Minsk that suffered an extra time collapse last night, a team that Saints have never played.
  4. Ooft. I'd forgotten he'd been released. Would be very Saints like to take him on for the rest of the season TBH.
  5. Did May not just cost Aberdeen in the region of 250-300k? You'd think if we were in that market we'd have been in for him, too, although I accept the wages may be a different story. Just can't see us paying that much for anyone.
  6. Most of which seem to be from one guy to be fair.
  7. And to think, when MOH signed they thought all their Christmases had come at once.
  8. Chicken and chorizo was a huge let down though.
  9. No, but it's not like they're blind to the links and have probably at the very least enquired about them. "More to follow" suggests that the pieces are already in place but also stokes the speculation engine. So far it's gone from an interesting teaser to frustration due to a lack of promised info. Although if we do end up signing a 3rd "jewel" I won't really give a stuff.
  10. I'm sure it'll all come out in the wash, but the 'more to follow' line set an expectation that's currently being met with tumbleweeds. Which is then not being helped by other clubs announcing players previously linked with us while Saints continue with radio silence.
  11. So was the "more to follow" on the official twitter something that just evaporated (e.g. Storey)? Odd to post that then nothing for the rest of the day. Especially when the only two posts since are about tomorrow's match.
  12. Come to the thread hoping for transfer news, stay for the graphic descriptions of RG's underwear.
  13. That's what Google translate says some French dude on twitter says Yahoo France are saying. It might actually be that Emmanuel Macron was seen buying some St. John's Wort last Wednesday.
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