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  1. Yeah, just can't shake the feeling there's still a player there that hasn't quite woken up. Anyway, I think he'll need to leave Saints and move on for it to have any chance of happening, and it's probably best for both parties.
  2. It's a much better loan for him than Aberdeen. Needed to drop down a level and start scoring. If he found some form and confidence I still wouldn't be against him playing for Saints again. I'll probably be a little disappointed when the inevitable happens and he stays at Killie on a permanent deal.
  3. If LancsLive is anything like EdinburghLive it's no more definitive than something scrawled in shite on the bathroom wall to be honest.
  4. With or without the words "out" or "get tae f*ck!" after it?
  5. Decent enough statement. Over a barrel trying to balance two very important reputations - as a place where players are nurtured and not blocked from furthering their careers and as a club that won't accept crappy fees for valuable assets.
  6. Vertainen announced but still not eligible as work permit still in progress. In no way looks like "quick, get something out that's not totally fecking depressing" and yet managing to still be totally fecking depressing.
  7. He lost his reason and went to Hibs for a bit if that counts?
  8. If Middleton can fire in low crosses like last night's on a regular basis I can see Kane becoming a relative goal machine. edit: Yes, I am well aware how much heavy lifting the word "relative" is doing in that sentence.
  9. The longer Willie Miller stays on the BBC getting his panties in a bunch over our success the longer it'll give me a massive smug grin of satisfaction.
  10. Working for me, although obviously haven't actually tried to pay for one. https://www.perthstjohnstonefc.co.uk/tickets/new-buyer
  11. I'd imagine some combination of how early you turn up and how likely is that you're bigger than the "just sit anywhere" twat who has decided sitting anywhere is not for them and your seat is better than theirs.
  12. Yup, https://www.perthstjohnstonefc.co.uk/tickets/renewals I'll be pathetically delighted if I get my "own" seat back on Thursday. I expect parking pass renewals will be a step to far at this stage though - being close to the A9 exit alone was worth it.
  13. With Middleton being ineligible for Thursday, you've got to think he goes straight into the 11 for this one.
  14. With the current attitude on "vertical drinking" I think it would have to be *very* limited numbers.
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