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  1. Sky blue as it's supposed to represent the sky, unless you needed navy blue for navy reasons. It's not rocket surgery.
  2. I believe it was Sun Tzu who once said "Strike your enemy not at their lowest point, but when they're celebrating reaching the AFCON quarter-finals."
  3. People who don't complain at the time and instead leave negative feedback once they're out the building. So often the complaint can be easily rectified at the time, instead they put up with it for days and leave a bad review when they get home. Had one tonight complaining that we don't sell hot drinks. We don't sell hot drinks because we provide them for free. Obviously asking a member of staff if hot drinks are available was far too much effort and they just assumed the worst.
  4. That's my point, Brentford don't have a good record of being in the top flight, whereas of late Bologna have been a well-backed mid-table club. If you're a young, developing player I think you'd probably be better with the safer option all else being equal, though I guess there's a "character building" argument to be made about going through a relegation dogfight and managerial changes.
  5. There's less diversity in a Scottish supermarket meat aisle than there is at your average Orange Lodge as it is. These vegan options absolutely eat into the footage allocated for meat and fish, resulting in even more cuts of meat being wasted. So in the medium term while the tonnage of meat consumed will drop, the number of animals killed will remain constant. All the while consumers will be steered away from hyper-nutritional fresh foods like liver toward ultra-processed vegan alternatives.
  6. What Chris and Welshbairn said. Plus take a look at Russia's borders, Caucuses aside, they're indefensible. Their one with Kazakhstan is the longest contiguous one in the world. They need buffer zones far more than most. They lost Moscow to the French for f**k's sake!
  7. Brentford don't have a good record of being in the top flight though, so there's a good deal of risk involved there. I'm open to being proven wrong on this but at this stage of his career I think another season of better the devil you know is the best call. He can still develop a lot in another season at Bologna, perhaps after that he can make a genuine step up rather than a debatable one.
  8. The other thing about regarding crypto or equities or mortgages is that cash is the same, just with lower risks and almost guaranteed to lose you value. Deciding not to invest is an investment decision and still a gamble. Everything we do in life has opportunity cost and associated risk and dependent on what choices the outweighing masses make.
  9. It's very debatable that those would be the main reasons for an invasion.
  10. Who are they saluting? That's what I don't understand.
  11. So, will we be home or away to Celtic in the next round?
  12. Could be interesting as a one off, but I don't think his knowledge of the lower leagues is enough to make him a regular contributor.
  13. Three low-flying fighters passed overhead here in Strathspey at about 2.30pm*. Came back the other way about five minutes later. *Sorry, fourteen thirty hours.
  14. Nice that Cove haven't been "over-oared".
  15. Football aside, most Bolognese would love to live in London.
  16. What's the connection between that and wanting a new leader?
  17. Out of curiosity, what are you doing where rape oil wouldn't be a sufficient substitute?
  18. Bet the newsreaders are vastly more attractive than those on Scotland Today.
  19. There are also strategic reasons for expansion. Barring the Caucuses, Russia has no easily defensible borders. When foreign powers start gaining influence over and passing troops in buffer regions that's an understandable worry. There are also many Russians in those states. 17% of people living in Ukraine and 23% of those in Kazakhstan are Russian. Most of which live in these indefensible border areas.
  20. These house moving stories are one of the reasons I rent. Sounds like a lot of faff, wasted time and stress is usually involved.
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