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  1. Thirty years ago your club wasn't even an empty form in a lawyer's office.
  2. It's possible to be passionate and utterly demoralised. Often it's those who care the most whose heads drop when things go badly.
  3. Scenes as Iraq beat Iran with an injury time winner. Twitter highlights below. Very impressive turnout from the Iraqis considering the match was played in Jordan.
  4. I thought he was going to ask for a reasonable amount but his wife advised him to ask for silly money to see what they'd say and they agreed to it without question.
  5. The Coppa Italia is a bit of a joke, eight teams parachuted into the last sixteen, the whole draw is completely seeded, higher seeds are always at home if they progress as expected, only the semi-finals are two legged and the two legs are nearly two months apart.
  6. Actually that's not being used as a noun it's just completely incorrect grammar. Such has to be followed by an adjective and a noun e.g. That was such a terrible display that Caldwell should be ashamed. A noun on its own should use so much/many e.g. There are so many jobbers in the squad McCall won't know who to cut first / We've signed so much shite of late it makes me long for Ade Azeez.
  7. Nonsense, it all depends on what the meal is. You're not going to have a pint with coq au vin, nor wine with a steak and ale pie regardless of the venue.
  8. "In the city..." you sound like one of those pro-Kingsford Dons fans.
  9. Sorry, I was referring to the Elo rating system. Though speaking of bands and acronyms is there not something about the car being the Reo Speedwagon but the band being R.E.O. Speedwagon?
  10. A mate of mine was his son's cricket coach. Apparently he was a thoroughly decent chap. Presumably though ex-sportsmen are more likely to be understanding of their children's coaches' decisions than your average failed parent. The same mate told me that Matt le Tissier drinks Bacardi Breezers though so the quality of his intel is somewhat disputed.
  11. I reckon volleyball players would make the transition to football goalkeeper quite easily, especially liberos.
  12. So gents, when will IndyRef2 happen?
  13. I'm well aware what a baby boomer is, but "OK boomer" is not a phrase I'd ever heard before and was given without any context.
  14. Can someone explain this one to me? I'm assuming it has nothing to do with the 1980s Cincinnati Bengals quarterback.
  15. Guy Fawkes hated Scotland. Most of the plotters were concerned about the rights of Catholics, Fawkes wanted rid of the Scots.
  16. Inter couldn't wait to get rid of Icardi (and Nainggolan). He's a perfect fit for PSG.
  17. I don't mind a few weeks off for whatever reason but I've no idea what they gain from calling a group of episodes one series when there's a year long break in the middle.
  18. That's Hellas banned one of the ultras involved until 2030. And one section of the Bentegodi will be closed for one match.
  19. That's Brescia and Udinese sacked their managers this week. Five coaches gone in Serie A already this season.
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