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  1. It's a PTTGOMN, but Elo is the name of the guy who came up with it (or Élö if you want to be precise), capitalising it is weird.
  2. I genuinely didn't. People have said stupider things on here and been serious.
  3. What are you unhappy about now, the chance of promotion? Getting to beat Hamilton?
  4. Can't see 21 being relegated in fifteen years (and none coming back up) regardless of ability.
  5. Aye, so much worse than the bottle you were in previously with the cap still on.
  6. There are a fair few academics who have been labled right wing who support Open Borders.
  7. Random matches you're not going to for this pish, but fingers crossed Romania come out of lockdown for St Andrew's Day as planned. That's two football games and a hockey match I've missed out on this weekend.
  8. Bitcoin price and Scotland performance level have a 0.93 correlation since Steve Clarke took over.
  9. Rugby's one of those. Any sports which are shite to play but fun to watch? Russian roulette?
  10. I'm watching futsal on the telly. It seems... a bit shite really?
  11. Got mugged at gunpoint by a Krgyz policeman many moons ago. Didn't really hit home until about an hour later.
  12. Thirteen months ago 90% of folk on here had Norway already in the Euros simply due to Håland and they couldn't even get past Serbia.
  13. Why is Perth railway station so grim when compared to other Scottish stations?
  14. This summer it seemed to be Loch Morlich.
  15. The line has to be drawn somewhere though. If Italy was included someone would say "What about France?"
  16. That's like saying barstaff get paid 10p for every drink they serve and you could double their wages without anyone noticing. I'm pretty sure people would notice.
  17. I'm not sure about covid restrictions, but when I was going to games before the first lockdown, tickets had your name and passport number on them and the police checked it matched your ID on the way in. I'd steer well clear of second-hand tickets. The game is unlikely to sell out, you'll be fine getting tickets the normal way like everyone else.
  18. Buy them online from the official partner on their website. I'd imagine they'd be about €25 or so. It's essential you bring your passport with you to the game (by law you should have it on you at all times).
  19. What is the best thing for someone in a shop to say to a departing customer? "Have a nice day" etc. is twee and insincere, "goodbye" seems a bit cold and "Have a good one" is apparently a Christmas thing.
  20. How often are games postponed in southern Europe due to the heat? How often are games in northern Europe postponed due to snow? It's not League Two, they can't just reschedule it for the following midweek.
  21. Reykjavik is about 5,000km from Nur-Sultan, the closest point in Australia is over 9,000km. I think the reason for their switch was that the Asian qualifiers involved loads of matches against utter diddies, whereas Euro and UEFA World Cup qualifying was a more consistent schedule against teams their squad could actually be arsed traveling for matches against.
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