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  1. I'd love for that to happen and be a fly on Lennon's living room wall as John Kennedy celebrates winning ten in a row.
  2. P&B Premiership, DiegoDiegoPB defeats Cardinalrichie. A by-the-book exchange Ruy Lopez saw both queens come off the board before the middlegame. White had an advantage in development and its bishop cut off the queen-side castling lane. With his king-side undeveloped, black countered an attack on his bishop with an equal threat to white's. Unfortunately, white was only too happy to oblige and after capturing the bishop forked black's king and rook, ending the exchange +5 in material. Shortly thereafter a disconsolate Cardinal, knowing his Lord and saviour had abandoned him, resigned. I've now booked in for an hour's slot with International Business Machines Corporation to make use of their Deep Blue supercomputer, on which I'll analyse the games of gkneil in preparation for our upcoming bout.
  3. The 538 "supercomputer" showing Killie finishing bottom as more likely than not. Relegation likelihood %ages (they give clubs 50/50 in the relegation playoff): Motherwell 1% County 34% Accies 46% Killie 67%
  4. "The fans have been starved of success for so long". Nope, not Morton, not East Stirlingshire, but Sevco.
  5. Hugely disappointing lack of truncheons arcing through the fetid air of Ibrox.
  6. That's not a problem with a league structure. There are plenty of examples of traditional top tier league formats which provide a variety of winners.
  7. Ref should have made Beef wear their orange away strip.
  8. We are clearly in a better state now than we have been at any point in the winter and much of the autumn. We're most certainly not in a worse state than ever like you said.
  9. ^Has his club's year of formation in user name.
  10. Just watched the Scottish news on BBC1. Two main stories, nurses pay for vaccinating and the Finlay tea lawsuit, were incredibly one sided.
  11. That's just not true in the slightest though, is it?
  12. If play resumes on the twentieth, will it still be Cove away? That's a huge game*, hopefully being full-time should help us get up to full speed quicker than some of our rivals. *go back five years and imagine telling a Thistle fan that Cove away would be a huge game in 2021.
  13. Isn't that, you know, the whole point of a ship?
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