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  1. Think it might have been Jura. They also fired blanks from an automatic rifle over the heads of the crowd at the Brit Awards live on TV then quit the industry and deleted their back catalogue. Their music only reappeared on streaming services last year.
  2. Our just a consequence of manufacturing costs falling relative to wages.
  3. It's amazing how a band so conceptual, so full of indecipherable imagery and so alien in manner from everything which had gone before or has come since managed to be so commercially successful. Thirty years on I'm still not sure if it was genius or madness. Truly one of a kind.
  4. Albania is easily my favourite country in Europe. I think we're still at least ten years away from it being a stag destination though, I'm not sure the infrastructure is there and English speakers are too far between. If it does end up a stag venue it will probably only be Tirana/Durres anyway, and I'm willing to cede them if that means the rest of the country develops without British vomit coating the Sunday morning pavements.
  5. There are plenty on the trains who slowly munch their way through a big bag of crisps, or sip away at a bottle of water in order to avoid having their mask on properly. The median train journey in Scotland isn't long enough to have more than a couple of cans anyway. It seems to me the alcohol ban is a (as we've seen, barely enforceable) solution in search of a problem.
  6. Why would that make a difference?
  7. I love it when folk use gay as a noun. Hopefully such grammar catches on and we get replies like "Yet another crime committed by a fat and yet nothing but silence from the obese community!"
  8. I used to live out there and am heading back for three weeks pretty soon. You have to search for a bunker around places like Berat, Elbasan and Gjirokaster, even somewhere nearish a border like Korçe. Some of the shoddy housing erected when it was close to falling as a state is far worse. Luckily UNESCO put on a lot of pressure to tear them down in areas of architectural significance. One hotel owner in Berat thought they were bluffing until the heavy machinery turned up as warned one morning. I've seen photos of his guests stood outside in their pyjamas looking on in astonishment as the place began to be demolished.
  9. Most of them have disappeared now and they were concentrated around border areas, many of the surviving ones serve a useful purpose as storehouses. You could easily spend a month traveling in Albania and not notice a bunker, the blights on the country's landscape came after communism.
  10. Any recommendations for a pub lunch near the centre of Kirkcaldy?
  11. Kasimpaşa's fifth win on the trot (after picking up only twelve points from their previous eighteen games) means that Galatasaray are the worst Istanbul team in the top flight. I'd love to still be there getting it right up the glory-hunting fans of the sixth best team in the city.
  12. I really enjoyed 1Q84, read it while isolating, the length didn't trouble me at all. Killing Commendatore I liked a lot, too. On the weirdo Japanese author tip, Kenzaburo Oe is another mad one keen on some incest.
  13. You're joking, right? Belarusian GDP per capita is 150% that of Ukraine. That's bigger than the difference between the UK and Romania. Syria: No to US and French intervention in Syrian internal affairs. Also Syria: Thank you Russia for all your help. Those were two banners I saw in 2011. The first in Aleppo, the second Damascus.
  14. It's easy to quote extreme examples, I could say Aberdeen were a safe bet to continue to be to flight fifty years ago. Reality is that past performance in sport is heavily correlated with future returns. You have to look at every move through a risk:reward lens and personally I don't think a move to Brentford at this stage in his career has enough reward to outweigh the risk. That said, I have my biases too. I know far more about Serie A than the English Premier and a hell of a lot more about Bologna than I do Brentford.
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