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  1. Sorry, but that's nonsense, even in a shortened season.
  2. I wasn't disputing the fact, just interested to see the working.
  3. I imagine they'd do something along the lines of the very successful basketball Euroleague.
  4. I'm not sure if it counts as a conspiracy theory, but I do love the idea that Alex Pushkin faked his death, snuck away to France and continued writing as Alex Dumas.
  5. Spain gave Gibraltar to the UK three hundred years ago. If you give something away it doesn't belong to you any more.
  6. Why? If you love the sport you keep on at it for a long as possible, no? Charlie Adam didn't chuck football just because he wasn't good enough for Liverpool; he surrendered his dignity and ended up at Dundee, and good on him.
  7. Ah, I was living over the seas at that point so don't know about any of that. Thanks for enlightening me.
  8. It's not in Morocco, it's in Spain. No it doesn't.
  9. I garrotted Keith Chegwin in a dream a couple of weeks ago.
  10. I like Atlanta but I wouldn't call it a comedy. It has less laughs than Game of Thrones.
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