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  1. Assigned seats on buses. What's the fucking point? (copyright M. Paatelainen)
  2. Not a Scottish stadium, but I passed this today and wondered if there are any Scottish stadia with floodlights across the street from the actual stadium? There's probably a really obvious example in forgetting.
  3. I think it's a bit of a cheap shot to blame capitalism for climate change. I've just spent a couple of days in the shadow of a highly polluting copper smelt, designed, funded and built by communists. Heavy industry is an inevitable step along humanity's technological advance. It doesn't matter what political system is in place. Which leads me on to my next point. I'm not sure how morally defensible it is for the UK to refuse to do business with polluting countries. We made huge advances during the industrial revolution which put us in an incredibly powerful position. Now that we've advanced beyond the need for heavy industry (essentially by outsourcing it to the countries we're now criticising) are we really going to deny other countries the chance to benefit themselves in a similar manner? The above mentioned copper smelt now sustains a city of 60,000 which otherwise wouldn't exist, providing income for a people who beforehand were living a pretty desperate existence. For a country like Tajikistan heavy industry is their only chance, melons and remittances alone won't drag them out of poverty.
  4. Taraz 0-2 Kairat. Newly promoted Taraz really should have won that. They were clean through on the keeper four times in as many minutes but spurned all their chances and went in at the half goalless. They then hit the crossbar and fired straight at the keeper after the break before a Kairat shot was half blocked and looped over the keeper onto the back of the net. Not to worry though as five minutes later Taraz got a stonewall penalty. Skied it. After that Taraz were pretty deflated and Kairat defended in numbers, grabbing a deserved second towards the end. The result puts Kairat at the top of the league and Taraz are only safe on goal difference as things stand. The quality wasn't too bad, UEFA rankings put their league between Norway and Poland and that seems about right. Kairat had a couple of decent players who are national team regulars. While Taraz's manager is 66 and on his twenty-ninth job, Kairat's new man at the helm is only 31. In not entirely unrelated news I am massively hungover today.
  5. The difficulties in buying a pair of jeans these days. They all seem to be a blend of cotton and stretchy man-made fabrics. It's hard finding a pair of genuine durable denim.
  6. No, I didn't. Ignoring the logistics of getting to Poland, I could have gone to that game not owning identification of any kind. At no point during the process was I asked to show id or send a photocopy/scan.
  7. Not strictly true, unless things have changed this season. For Lech Poznan I inputted my passport details online when buying the eTicket and there was no check at the stadium. I could have entered any old nonsense.
  8. You've obviously never experienced a dictatorship.
  9. Quite an astonishing overreaction that from BB.
  10. I spent the other night in an Uzbek mountain village, about ten kilometres away from a new observatory. At night the sky was incredible, you could very clearly see the milky way and every couple of minutes or so you'd see a meteor. Beautiful but also a mindfuck.
  11. Does anybody else think that Thistle's backside into obscurity is all a result of giving Jaggy MacBee the heave ho?
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