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  1. Pretty poor of the BBC not putting up an as-it-stands table.
  2. It's the people who represent the nation of Belgium in international football. But that's not important right now.
  3. In full agreement there, hence my "a great many" caveat. It's generally not the ones travelling for minimum wage jobs who use anecdotal evidence from their pals to fill Guardian opinion pieces though.
  4. How do folk get through life with such a negative attitude?
  5. Whilst that is obviously nonsense, there are a great many people who've chosen an extra £20,000 a year over an extra 10hrs free time a week. They're happy to take the money yet then complain about not having the free time.
  6. I thought the "Scottish gang war" thread was a nostalgic look back at meh derbies at first.
  7. Still waiting on Pele to finish publishing his most hated players in Scottish football list. That was Pele, right?
  8. I think I'll settle for figuratively shitting myself.
  9. There are very few players faster than Chiesa when he gets going. Lovely to watch.
  10. Move to know ours isn't the only anthem where folk sing out of time with the music.
  11. Just realised I watched Şükür score his last ever international goal in the same game Edin Džeko scored his first. One of the best matches I've ever seen 3-2 Bosnia.
  12. He's an alleged Gülenist, so a wanted man in Turkey. He's in exile in the USA.
  13. It is indeed. Not just Mexican football, it's all over Latin America.
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