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  1. Tea shouldn't be brewed with boiling water. Around 80 degrees for black, 65 for green.
  2. Even amateurs need to be more professional than that.
  3. There's been one in Lazio, I think. I think that's highly unlikely. As things stand the schools are reopening on Monday and the few lockdowns in place are of villages with little economic significance. The supermarkets are as normal.
  4. I've no idea how Thistle's chances of safety have increased since the last update, but it's pleasant reading.
  5. As well as the schools, all swimming pools, gyms and cinemas here have been closed and all sports training cancelled. No Fat Tuesday parties tomorrow will thankfully protect me from the flocks of children it normally brings. I'd be rereading Camus' The Plague right now if it wasn't so terribly dull.
  6. Well, that's coronavirus got me the week off work!
  7. A lot of games this weekend postponed due to corona virus.
  8. Come on, modern football at the top level is no cleaner than the hundred metres at the Seoul Olympics. Everyone's at it.
  9. Especially as the feast of Saint Patrick lies during lent, when one should be abstaining from such things.
  10. One woman asked me what it was like being twenty-one again. I'd have booted her in the pie had I not suspected it might have become permanently lodged in there. I tried to get away with it but the receptionist chose that day to doctor my CV in order to impress prospective clients and the game was up. I bought some shitty Lidl confectionary for my colleagues and actually splashed out on some decent stuff for the clients, who in general are far more pleasant.
  11. Sad to hear about the knock-offs but I guess there's not much to be done about it. I got mine directly from the blacksmith so I'm pretty confident about its authenticity. There was no trouble with the plane but I had some issues getting off the train in Almaty. They'd already scanned my bags before boarding the train and deemed the knife okay so I'm not sure why they had such a problem with me taking it from the train station into the city (safely stowed in my bag, not brandishing it like a Fenerbahce fan).
  12. People asking "So, what's it like being [age]?" on your birthday. What an idiotic question.
  13. Aye, it's practically impossible to get to with public transport due to the number of buses from the stadium to the city. Pordenone fans aren't able to get to the majority of their home games using public transport. Nice stadium though. I was going to toddle through to Cittadella on Saturday as work commitments finally made it plausible but now I've a friend visiting so may have to give it a miss.
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