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  1. It's just a male name, more common in the north and Kosovo. In Georgia it's a female name.
  2. Or as Dire Straits once sang, money for Rudden and Fitzpatrick's free.
  3. In 100 years' time there will be a post on this thread telling people that "The term sliding doors is actually a reference to an obscure 20th century film starring John Hannah".
  4. Not as weird as people called Campbell doing it: "Campbell with a p", as if there's another way of spelling Campbell.
  5. Indeed. I think for flies it's something like 10x slower. For Chic Charnley it was only 2x but enough to compensate for his lack of maneuverability.
  6. I remember that cup game versus Ayr. Mukendi was perhaps the only thing stopping Mark Kerr being our worst player that day.
  7. Probably being a bit dim but I can only think of Leith Athletic FC.
  8. Well I have also stayed at a Nazi guesthouse in Georgia, so there does seem to be a pattern developing. I'll need to find out how one goes about pledging.
  9. Time to start the Russian invasion of Albania thread, methinks.
  10. Disgusting, not even minimum wage. Pretty sure Gabriel Piccolo was Barcelona U19 captain or something. Don't think he played professionally again after leaving us.
  11. Calling us Plastic shows you clearly do. I'm happy to admit that I'd have Morton relegated over almost anyone else in the division.
  12. I'm with you on that, but you can't expect to join an alliance when you're arming people fighting your would-be allies.
  13. I don't think Turkey's main demands were controversial at all.
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