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  1. Once again you're dealing in black and white. How many people buy the most expensive house/car they can afford? How many choose something less desirable so they can have savings? You see it all the time on property shows: their budget is £250,000 but they end up spending £300,000. I realise there are many folk living in dire situations who can't downsize, but most could have gone with a cheaper house or car.
  2. Well, being conscious of the possibility would probably be a good start for most people.
  3. I'm not saying "don't take out a mortgage", just that if you're getting into debt to buy something which could go down in value, prepare yourself accordingly.
  4. I don't wish anyone (even rich folk) to get into financial difficulty, but if you're making a leveraged investment in an illiquid asset then you should be aware of the risks.
  5. Anecdotal, but near me plenty of employers have upped their basic wage. You can easily get £10.50 an hour for a housekeeping job when pre-covid it was minimum wage. Positions are still going unfilled though. It'll take a long time for the equilibrium to be found.
  6. Great result considering how outnumbered they were.
  7. Aye, that's a pretty small portion right enough. In Turkish supermarkets they'd put chicken hearts in with the chicken liver. Heart is just muscle really, generally a more intense flavour of the usual meat.
  8. Well Turkish social media is an absolute bin fire so that's more than likely. Having lived there and travelled to its corners of say that the vast majority of Turks agree that the border of Europe and Asia is at the Bosphorus. There's a clear geographical definition of the continents that works very well. It was only when people started using geographical terms in a cultural, ethnological or political context that trouble arose. It's one of the reasons I disagree with people who take the positing that language is constantly evolving so whatever people say is correct. Definitions matter. Berbers are absolutely not Arabs, that'd be like calling a Celt, Anglo-Saxon. One of the issues with the Berber name is that it isn't what they call themselves (which is Amazigh) it's what foreign powers called them. The other issue is that Berber has the same root as barbarian, which is a very negative term, so it's not surprising they're not big fans of the branding. One of the chaps in Algeria who explained this to me went on to say that Jews are less than dogs, so it was hard to be too sympathetic to their cause.
  9. Who really gives a f**k what make of car sometime else drives?
  10. How did Henoc Mukendi ever get a professional contract with Liverpool? I see his brother managed fifteen clubs in four years, too.
  11. To be fair emigration was a f**k of a lot easier before Brexit. No petrol left in Aviemore today.
  12. Denmark's national food is the hot dog. They're fat fuckers too.
  13. I don't think they are. As they've shown it's very easy for them to toggle laws on and off when it suits them. They don't have a drawn out process to make such a change as we would. Right now, it suits them to ban it. Possibly to curb capital flight post-Evergrande fiasco. Once crypto is in their interests again they'll allow it again. I do thank them for their timing though. So much easier to buy the dip when it lands on pay day.
  14. All best befores were still days away, all looked and felt fine until you cut into them. They advertise their produce as "fresh" so the onus should be on them. Have you considered what the point of the PTTGOYN thread is?
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