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  1. Or more likely straight into the arms of the waiting plod. Dearie me.
  2. As the previous chap said, it was against St Mirren. Our last home game of the 1996/97 First Division title-pissing season. We were presented with the trophy at full-time if my memory serves me correctly. I had a season ticket in the Ormond Stand that year. Some view that day as the bold boy in the photo sprinted across the park. Seem to remember he made it over the perimeter gate to freedom too?
  3. Thought Shinnie was magnificent. At 27, playing like that, if he gets an offer from the English Championship he’ll be off, no doubt. And rightly so. Kerr gets better every time I watch him. I’ve come around to those who say he’s a better ball player than McKenna. Kerr’s cultured. He’ll go far.
  4. Really enjoyed that. He comes across well. Philosophical about the difficulties he faced, which is admirable. Really feel for him over the Challenge Cup Final snub in particular. The Dundee United question will always be an interesting “what if” for him - and fair enough too - but United were signing players at an insane rate at that time, and plenty of them found themselves cast aside pretty quickly, so there would have been no guarantees at Tannadice. He was a player I wanted to see succeed at Saints. Bags of pace and loads of potential. It’s a shame he didn’t get the kind of breaks he needed.
  5. Wages would certainly be a factor from Kerr’s perspective. But if Aberdeen punt McKenna for a substantial fee they’ll feel themselves well-placed to say to Steve Brown that they could get a bigger sum a year down the line for Kerr than we could. Chuck a 33.333 etc.% sell-on onto the deal and I could see that being tempting.
  6. I’m not advocating a move to Aberdeen for the boy. I agree Kerr’s better than Hendry. I do wonder whether Aberdeen could convince with a mid-six-figure offer next month and the promise of an obscene sell-on clause though? If McKenna goes, I could see them making a move.
  7. I certainly hope Kerr does make Saints a heap of money. I’d like to see him stay another season after this one, playing every week. If he gets to this stage a year from now, still in the team, he’ll be even better for it, and it won’t be the likes of Celtic and Rangers looking at him. He’ll be out of their price range. Much like McKenna is now. incidentally, in order to help that whole “making Saints a pile of money” scenario along, I’d love to see the club get him tied to a longer contract. Ideally any day now. If not, it actually wouldn’t shock me if Aberdeen chucked a bid in next month.
  8. I hear what you’re saying. And as I said, Kerr is great. I love the guy. He’s got bags of potential beyond St Johnstone. At the same time, I’ve seen a lot of McKenna over the past two seasons. He’s an absolute beast. A unit. He’s also got a great football brain and a wand of a left foot. Very comfy on the ball. Uses it well. Strides out of defence with confidence. At this stage, he’s a level beyond Kerr. I’m not saying Kerr won’t get there. He’s got great attributes. But McKenna’s seriously impressive at this point.
  9. Kerr’s great. But you boys need your heids examined.
  10. Had Craig Halkett to score anytime and Livingston to win at nearly 15/1 tonight, which was nice. I really like this Livi team. Scott Pittman is fantastic.
  11. I quite liked it. It’s a funny story. But I felt guilty for posting it on a public forum. That said, like all the world’s top shaggers, I wear my hypocrisy on my sleeve, so I will absolutely roar it into the face of anybody who’s interested should we ever meet over a pint or two.
  12. Aye. I posted a daft story, told to me by a pal, that is more than likely a load of bollocks and makes a figure of fun out of Kevin Cuthbert, who I’m sure is a nice fella. I felt it was a bit mean-spirited for that reason so I deleted it.
  13. Top boys. Obviously away to get on the ching at the Ice Factory.
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