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  1. We brought on a current scotland defender,ok your goal was partly his fault but it still makes your point moot. For 1 reason or another players like mcgeough and watkins (who would both walk into your team)weren't even stripped today
  2. What about a cheeky bid for halkett at hearts.I know he hasnt exactly been brilliant at hearts but a proven partnership with gala her
  3. The only difference being Ferguson wouldnt want to go to hibs whilst boyle is a lifelong dandy. Atlanta to invoke his clause and then immediately swap him for hernandez
  4. First mistake and we havent even kicked off. Saints wont be the first team to do the cup double outside the old firm,Aberdeen in fact have done it twice 85 86 and 89 90
  5. So if an epl club offered way below what you think kerr or McCann are worth saints should just accept it
  6. Sadly for diddy utd and their fans fitba didnt start 30 years ago.
  7. I really cant believe that apparently the worst Don's team in a decade have take 10 points from 12 against the most successful side bar celtic in the last 7 years. Actually I cant believe we actually dropped 2 against them despite 3 of the 4 games being played at the 3 quarters OF dome,still never mind hibs will hibs it anyway.
  8. Anything celtic and rangers want should automatically be opposed.
  9. Yup whole matchday routine virtually unchanged,many fans make the match the central point of a whole day out.
  10. Is wright to the b*****d garden confirmed,havent seen the obligatory picture of him in the manky blue shirt
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