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  1. I'm sure one of the fanzines at the time summed it up just right: "Thomson came in so it was Gogs to Forfar and Tam to the reserves"
  2. It’s great getting credit for a job well done - the entire RaithTV team are supporters like the rest of you, who’d be in the South Stand and at away matches every week anyway if we weren’t helping the club out. It’s a source of pride for us all that the only football played this season that we’ve not provided highlights of has been the Fife Cup tie at Burntisland, due to there not being a suitable camera position to film from 🤣🤣
  3. Are the club planning on running buses for the game? To be confirmed - keep an eye on official channels for that and ticket purchase details...
  4. That's to be confirmed over the course of the next week or so, which is why (for the moment), it's currently on the website fixture list as an away match...
  5. Might be an idea to refresh your browser while on www.raithrovers.net at 5pm today 😏
  6. Thanks for not using "riding the pine" TX 😉
  7. http://www.raithrovers.net/43250/kieron-bowie-2.htm
  8. It’ll end up going to the safety officer to investigate (as it was he who spoke with the group at the last home match about the Mendy song). Cut out the middle man and email Bob at [email protected]
  9. No idea mate. He's well established in his day job, and I understand that that's what suits him best at the moment. Obviously, if Man City came in with the right bid he'd probably think again 😉 ......
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