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  1. Been with Private Internet Access for a few years now and not had any problems. There support is good too. There are a few freebies around but they tend to be pretty crap - only interested in getting you to upgrade to paying. If you go for one of them read their 'super special offers' on upgrades carefully. they sound good but only after you sign up do you find out that the countries IP you had been using on their free service isn't included in your upgrade package and to get it requires a further upgrade.
  2. Dissociative identity disorder or a belief in reincarnation?
  3. This video must have been faked somehow, I watched it 152 times and each time I counted the total number of people as 11,294 (except for the 86th time when I was distracted and the total came to 13billion)
  4. T. C. Keay end at Dens in the days before segregation with Celtic the visitors. Two players trying to reach a low cross end up on the ground just beside the goal. A tumbler, lobbed from the crowd, bounces off the thigh of the Celtic forward John Hughes. After some shuffling of the crowd, one wee guy is left standing in splendid isolation with fingers pointing at him from all directions. Like the parting of the Red Sea a way is cleared for two police to make their way to him. As he is being led down to the track he comes out with the ultimate, sure-fire defence - " It wisnae me, Ah didnae mean to hit big Yogi! "
  5. Ouch! Squawked by the thing at the back in response to the backhanded uppercut from the blonde mutant.
  6. Or perhaps you'll be crushed by Marshall Wade, with God's almighty aid, for being a rebellious Scot
  7. Did the glorious old black passports have the holder described as a subject rather than a citizen?
  8. . . . then let them her eat cake
  9. In the interests of fair play and balance, etc and before they are labelled **** it also contains this gem Lossiemouth FC‏ @lossiemouthfc Dec 8 Replying to @lossiemouthfc @StrathspeyJags *nb - does not include European losses, domestic defeats or any other game we’ve lost that might render the term ridiculous 0 replies 1 retweet 6 likes
  10. Had a months sub for an iptv but it's been pretty crap so looking for a better one (any suggestions/recommendations welcome*) and after reading this went to sparkhost.pw Tried a couple of times to sign up through their website but they haven't got back to me. Is there another way to contact them? Eta *it's for a Mag box
  11. Those flags look very dark union flag type blue
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