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  1. Good luck to all teams, stay fit healthy and may there be plenty of talent on show for the senior sides to keep an eye on.
  2. Thought I read this earlier in the thread. Troon not that innocent if this is the case. Overlooking their own squad ????
  3. Doesn't say much for there characters doing that its actually disgusting It says everything about the character as willing to walk away from 2yrs hard work to maintain the opportunities for the players in their squad. There are 2 sides to every story and the full story will come out for sure. Not the best news for Troon but for two coaches to stand up and maintain a dedicated squad looking after “youth” interest for a change takes a lot of courage and hard work. Looking from the outside Troon could probably have done with fresh legs / desire and hunger last year never mind the typical Scottish way of auld heads to get the job done. Good luck to Troon and the new Medda 20s.
  4. Bad sign when their own managers screaming at the number 10 to stay on his feet.
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