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  1. Can't see what difference where you train has much bearing on fitness levels or indeed skill levels. It's what you do at training that's the crucial factor.
  2. "then maybe stuff on your own" There should be no maybe about it - unless of course a player has no weaknesses in his game. No one at Palmerston fits the no weaknesses description.
  3. Most of the time McGuffie played in mid-field was as a wide mid-field player in a 4-4-2 formation which is a totally different ball-game from playing in the centre.
  4. I'll be surprised if McPherson gets another significant managerial job. Football has moved on a lot but I don't think he has. I remember hearing stories allegedly coming from players a year past in December about a lot of unhappiness on the training ground and the dressing room. I think I posted then that we were going down if the manager stayed. That coincided with a rash of silly 'in Gus we trust' type posts. All the excuses about lack of resources were trotted out but the bulk of the current squad were at Palmerston back then and properly managed they could have survived in Div 1. When a manager however loses the dressing room (or a large part of it) a team is in real trouble. For that scenario there are only two solutions : a complete change of squad or the manager walks. The former was never a possibility and the latter unfortunately didn't happen.
  5. A couple of mates who were St Mirren fans couldn't wait to see the back of McPherson and had doubts about his ability to do the job at Palmerston. In a league where 'everybody can beat everybody else' his philosophy of 'don't lose' was always going to be a disaster. With that approach you can't win games but you can still lose them. His rating of players was fairly amazing. Players like Simmons and Potter he rated highly while players like Craig Reid and McKenna he didn't. No wonder he lost the dressing room. I wonder if Davie Rae regrets keeping him in the job at the start of 2012. Had he been punted then I think we might at least have been in play-off position. All history now unfortunately.
  6. But Levein played an attacking 4-6-0 formation unlike the McPherson 'park the bus' 4-6-0 formation. In all seriousness I would rate McPherson as one of the worst managers at Palmerston in over 60 years of following Queens and there have been a lot of contenders for that title.
  7. Alan Preston's rating as a pundit has just become negative. Quote " there are still good managers out there without a job , like Jimmy Calderwood and Gus McPherson".
  8. For me keeping the management team in place is probably the most important job.
  9. After a season of torture under 'park the bus' McPherson , everybody at Palmerston is playing better. No surprise there.
  10. McKenna and Young are far and away the best central mid-field pairing we have. They give us dominance in mid-field. So much so that against Arbroath in the second half Johnstone was able to switch to what was a very risky 4-2-3 formation and we blew the opposition away. I doubt we could have done that without either of them.
  11. In addition the SFL have to agree to release clubs to form an SPL 2.Either that or the clubs involved have to give 2 years notice. Any attempt to form SPL2 without the agreement of the SFL will result no doubt in protracted litigation and intervention by FIFA/EUFA which could result in severe sanctions for any associations complicit in the matter.
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