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  1. My first accumulator in about two years
  2. The issue is that all of the likely contenders have completely thrown their lot in with Sturgeon, which is problematic not only in the sense that there are aspects of the Salmond inquiry which could get very serious indeed (namely, the Daily Record leak) and blow shrapnel in her successor's face, but also that there is only likely to be a Sturgeon-lite successor which I feel will only perpetuate issues like twitter culture policy agendas and hoarding party levers in the leadership's favour. Cherry is the only real 'alternative' option. In my opinion she's the most talented politician and strategist of those listed that is capable of handling the office of FM, but for obvious reasons would be too divisive and probably wouldn't appeal to voters as much as Sturgeon does. That there is no one in the middle of the two is a big problem for the party.
  3. I think the problem with Leslie Evans taking the hit on this is that all of the failures she is required to take the hit for, were known about at the time the FM backed herself into a corner by deciding to extend her contract. The boat has long since sailed on that and it's hard to see how she goes down without Sturgeon going with her. My impression is that Sturgeon is terrified of internal dissent and much of the internal structure of the SNP, from Cabinet to HQ to special advisors, reflects this. Notable from the Salmond case has been the complete absence of anyone in Sturgeon's circle who was able or willing to have a quiet word in her ear about the potential shitstorm she might just be getting herself into - you could also extend this to the tactical blunder of letting Boris Johnson out of his box by voting for the election in 2019, or increasingly populist domestic policy such as folding like a deck chair to teachers and parents on exam results in 2020. If the party is to survive the next few years then there are many beyond just those involved in the Salmond fiasco who need to be flushed down the pan.
  4. My preference is for Sturgeon to somehow come through this cleanly enough to lead a credible election campaign, purely because we're now just two months before election week - about one month before this comes to its full conclusion - and because I'd like to see Scottish independence in the relatively near future. Given the only defences being offered of her at the moment appear to be one or more of 1.) casting doubt on the jury's verdict on the Salmond trial, 2.) bigging up opinion polls that apparently show people don't care about government wrongdoing, 3.) most embarrassingly, setting the benchmark for behaviour on the ministerial code with Tory ministers, it's not difficult to be concerned that we are headed for a relative disaster in May (i.e. anything short of majority).
  5. I believe he did yes, although I haven't seen the footage which claims to show him doing so. Regardless, it has nothing to do with my point about those tasked with protecting the interests of the complainers and their complaints, did nothing of the sort.
  6. And rightly so. However Nicola Sturgeon cannot claim either that the process of taking up the complaints have properly upheld the wishes and right to anonymity of the complainers, and therefore it strikes me as incredibly cheap of her to build some morally superior throne for herself to sit on.
  7. None of this actually matters in the sense that what is under investigation is the independence and credibility of key Scottish institutions and figures of power in the handling of harassment complaints, including why they have ignored police and legal advice throughout the process. If they can't stand up to a challenge from Alex Salmond - regardless of his own motivations - then they are not fit for purpose and it calls into question the positions of those who have presided over them.
  8. The repeat assertion that women with serious complaints are 'at the centre' of this (whilst correct), is particularly grating coming from Sturgeon. Whatever your views on Salmond, it was hardly him or his legal team that 1.) Leaked the story to the Daily Record, without the collective permission of the complainers 2.) Sent the case onto the Crown Office (then requiring it to be passed onto the Police), without the collective permission of the complainers. 3.) Recalled and redacted submissions to the Committee, in a way that inadvertently, and effectively, draws attention to who the complainers are. We already know from the outcome of the Judicial Review that there has been, at best, gross incompetence in the handling of complaints, but when you see language from the Chief Executive of the Party as well as the Civil Service like 'losing battles but winning wars' or being out to 'get him', it's not unreasonable to be concerned that this could escalate into something far more serious that implicates the FM, should the Committee see all of the relevant information (as it should). Sturgeon's political acumen and bridge-building in Europe (not to mention current polling numbers) are undoubtedly an asset to Independence. But you simply cannot go into an election - let alone a potential campaign for Independence - with this threatening to bomb in her face at any given moment, because with the amount of people determined to not care about this or make it out as a 'non-issue', the bulk of the movement bombs with her.
  9. I thought Flopp replicating his last season at Dortmund wouldn't take place at Liverpool til next season, but here we go. Beyond 90 minutes of high press, he has no ideas.
  10. The results are hardly surprising given the circumstances, but it seems strange that Salmond would be included in a poll like that at all. Do we know who it was commissioned by?
  11. Eric Dier playing his way out of England's Euros squad unfortunately.
  12. "I went to college in 1980 to do journalism and hated it. Failed all but one exam" Telling.
  13. Get him in the coaching staff - if it's good enough for Mark McGhee and Stuart McCall it's good enough for him. Then get to work on our Euro 2020 head banger XI. 3-3-3-1 Marshall Lithgow, Gallagher, Considine McTominay, Jack, McGinn Burke, Paterson, Griffiths Dykes
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