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  1. An early leak of St Johnstone's 2020/21 Joma kit.
  2. Regardless of the quality of our bench, it's not as if the starting eleven itself wasn't packed with dross aswell. The midfield had two of your ten-a-penny side-to-side passers in Cole and Slater, and combined with Palmer who offers nothing of note, conspired to be completely ineffectual. This is why Miller constantly drops deep to try and start his own attacks, and it's largely why we struggled to break down an Alloa team who were puffing out their hoop the entire second half. We don't have anyone on the bench with the clear attributes to change a game in our favour, but for the level we're at simple things like fresh legs or different personnel or a lump of wood to aim at up front can give you a chance at a decisive alternative to an absent midfield and side-to-side passing to pointless, sand-dancing wingers. If that option hasn't been used to make some kind of point then it's an abdication of responsibility and hardly puts credit in the bank for McCall, when he really needs it after the absolutely harrowing shiteshow at the weekend.
  3. There are a number of ways of maybe doing this, i.e. Players such as Ryan Scully or Christie Elliott who had regular game time to the point that they were more damaging to the team than the pub team dross who had limited time on the pitch. Or, just listing the pub team dross XI. I've attempted the latter here. GK) Bryn Halliwell - From memory he was signed as a replacement for Jonny Tuffey who left for Inverness, and was taken as experienced and acceptable enough filler for the position. Weekly horror shows - including a 4 goal surrender against Stirling Albion - saw him replaced by Scott Fox at the earliest opportunity. RB) Darren Cole - One of several loanees we took from Deadco between around 2009-2011. Was in the Scotland u21s at the time and heralded to have a good deal of potential, but it took five minutes of watching him to realise he'd be rattling down to the Juniors by his mid 20s. CB) Willie Kinniburgh - I believe he occupied a backline with John Robertson, Ian Maxwell and Alan Archibald all well into their 30s, and he still looked like the slowest geriatric out the lot. Responsible for some absolute nightmare individual performances and one of the worst centre halfs I've ever seen. CB) Gabriel Piccolo - Didn't have a clue how to play the position and got an absolute riding off of James McFadden in a 5-1 defeat to Motherwell. The fact he left us aged 24 and is yet to play for a club since suggests we'd been had by a dodgy agent. Now to be found touring Mexican playgrounds and swinging off the monkey bars with his top off. LB) Dale Keenan - A bug left about 80% of our first team unable to play a home game against Dundee United, which we managed to draw 2-2. Whilst I believe this might have seen the emergence of Liam Lindsay as a regular centre back, it also meant this boy found himself playing top flight football by accident when he barely looked suited to professional football at all. RM) Jason Banton - One of several Archibald loan signings who made one or two sub appearances, and in those appearances making clear to anyone watching that they were only there to wind down their contracts with their parent clubs. CM) Mark Woods - About 1,255,523 corners being floated tamely into the first man aside, an absolute shitebag of a player who gave the impression of thinking he was Xavi while side passing directly into the opposition's possession. A prolonged injury crisis meant he played every week, as we unsurprisingly shat ourselves to relegation. CM) Mark Kerr - See Mark Woods, except he had the good grace to stay away from set-pieces and to mostly stay out of first team affairs. LM) David Wilson - He was at the club for what seemed like 20 years and I still have no idea what position he was meant to be, largely because he demonstrated no skill in any aspect of the game. I suspect we held onto him as he was tall and gangling and we were waiting for him to fill out a bit and turn into a beast, but this did not happen. ST) Kal Naismith - Another Deadco loanee with all the swagger of a Murray Park brat thinking he'd rip up the league, whilst contributing absolutely nothing. At least not until starring in the early Banter Years of the Tribute Act a couple of years later. Astonished to see he is now at a half-decent level in England, but then Lucas Akins managed the same thing and he'd have sailed into a worst 00's XI. ST) Henoc Mukendi - A loanee from Liverpool where we reportedly paid 0% of his wages. After a customary sub appearance a Leage Cup game against Ayr, he disappeared entirely and now appears to be trying to get into the Guinness world records for most English pub teams signed for.
  4. You're definitely not wrong, even when we won the league you were guaranteed a good helping of old b*****ds screaming to get it forward any time there was a sideways or backwards pass. The JHS is unbearable to sit in now that there is actually a valid reason to be a moany old b*****d, with a season ticket at Firhill probably being the worst value of any other in the UK atm.
  5. He'll pull some token role with the SFA without much problem I reckon. So anywhere between some kind of Largs Performance Director, to Scotland u21s manager, to Chief Executive.
  6. Absolute top-level shite posters I will just scroll past without hesitation. I haven't read a post from throbber, 8mile or Longtimelurker in years. Only person I've had on my ignore list is Grim O'Grady - given the breadth of his chronic spamming made even scrolling past his posts a chore, this was a practical decision.
  7. Ryan Jack is so far out his depth it's hilarious
  8. The Sellick tattoo on the auld senga doing the draw
  9. A matching tracksuit is the only thing stopping him from putting Jurgen Klopp to shame.
  10. There's no maybe about it anymore. He's the most intelligent, most consistent, and I would even say fittest player in the team. He's chipping in with a steady rate of goals and is doing exactly what we all would have hoped when he signed - working his manager curse magic included.
  11. Scotland in Union πŸ˜‚ 60% of Glasgow against Independence πŸ˜‚
  12. There's no denying the growing validity of the case against him, and I was teetering on the brink myself, but personally with the prospect of a top 4 challenge not irretrievably down the pan I'd have kept him a couple more games. A lot of the discontent against him is quite reasonably based on poor results, but much of it is also laced with butthurt over (correctly) punting Erskine and Doolan as well as spurious claims of dressing room unrest, which if true would only point out to me the unlanced presence of some poison in the playing squad. Nonetheless we have recruited a half-decent squad for the level we are at. A solid enough manager not too hung up on the Steven Pressley Guide to Football Philosophy should have enough there to organise us into a position of some upper mid-table form.
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