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  1. The general performance, at least in both first and final thirds, was pedestrian and shite but bloody hell we give away some fucking calamitous, easily avoidable goals. If we could avoid letting balls bounce in front of centre halves and over their heads; throwing the ball directly to opposition players in our own box; or indeed slapping the ball in the box for no reason, that'd be grand.
  2. This game is nothing more than a pleasant reminder that Gretna died
  3. It's almost as if Mourinho knew what he was doing leaving Dele Alli in the stands every week. It's also as if Tottenham are still putting in complete nothing performances and routine defeats in big games, despite a more media friendly manager.
  4. Remember when the Sellick thought they had the next Jurgen Klopp because they beat Dundee and St Mirren at home?
  5. Champions League winners: Abernethys, McVitie's Gold and those Fox's ones with the hole in the middle. Junior thickos: Rich tea, garibaldis, lemon puffs.
  6. Yep, she can post as many tear-stained statements and videos as she wants but she will never be able to do so without showing contempt for the people who have called her out for her bile. If she had any kind of appeal in England she could make a Roy Chubby Brown type career by just embracing her racism and playing gigs in failed, Brexity seaside towns. But the Rangers equivalent in Scotland hate her and the cuddly Liberal elite have been hounded into disowning her, so hopefully that'll be that.
  7. I love a shithouse c**t of a striker, but it has to be backed up with some kind of gravitas. He thinks he's Ibrahimovic when, barring a handful of matches at Inter, the biggest club he's played for is West Ham.
  8. Last night was the kind of game where, in previous campaigns, we'd have managed a battling score-draw at best or routine 3-0 defeat at worst. For all that Austria applied most of the pressure after the goal, I never felt like we weren't in control after the penalty and we didn't concede any clear-cut chances. With a more clinical presence on the right and up front we'd have gubbed them on the counter. I'm still haunted by the ghosts of shite campaigns past, but it's refreshing to be going into the last few games without worrying about permutations or needing a stupidly good result against a top seed.
  9. That'll be their pinbadge w****r manager getting Der Sack
  10. Carthorses. Fucking carthorses.
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