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  1. Kellogg's fruit n fibre cereal. I just got in from work and ate two large bowls in quick succession, to the point my jaw hurts. I could go another one.
  2. Mind you, the decision has been made a good four and a half hours too early for my liking. A winner from a fully fit Zak Rudden in the rescheduled fixture please.
  3. 'Thai T*ms - Charlie and the Bhoys Night'
  4. A fucker of a result, but you can only sit back and admire Dick Campbell's Arrigo Sacchi-esque transformation. Take the money from our remaining transfer budget, Colin Weir's will and Sean McGinty's wages and get him in as Director of Football.
  5. I'd rather own a genital wart than a ticket for this game.
  6. Being a full back and being a winger are two completely different things: the former normally allows plenty of free space for the player to advance from deep with or without the ball unchallenged, whereas the latter will usually be more closely marked and require some degree of attacking or physical skill and intelligence to find space. I could say with some confidence that Ryan Williamson would not be a very good winger.
  7. I attempted a Moroccan filoux pie with leftover turkey. Very pleasing result
  8. Our most passable performance of the season, although a healthy dose of gloss was added by the standard of opposition with non-existent full backs and unforced errors galore. McCall has had his glitches so far, mainly in and around the farce showing against Penicuik, but to have us out the bottom two for the start of next year is a promising start. We shouldn't lose sight though of the fact that most of our squad are a gang and work to improve should commence immediately.
  9. I've been bed-ridden with nasty diarrhoea so could only manage a slither each of turkey and gammon all day. Perked up after a nap and made myself a soup roll with some turkey, brie and Cranberry sauce but I'll be ruing this missed feast for the next 12 months.
  10. Regardless of the quality of our bench, it's not as if the starting eleven itself wasn't packed with dross aswell. The midfield had two of your ten-a-penny side-to-side passers in Cole and Slater, and combined with Palmer who offers nothing of note, conspired to be completely ineffectual. This is why Miller constantly drops deep to try and start his own attacks, and it's largely why we struggled to break down an Alloa team who were puffing out their hoop the entire second half. We don't have anyone on the bench with the clear attributes to change a game in our favour, but for the level we're at simple things like fresh legs or different personnel or a lump of wood to aim at up front can give you a chance at a decisive alternative to an absent midfield and side-to-side passing to pointless, sand-dancing wingers. If that option hasn't been used to make some kind of point then it's an abdication of responsibility and hardly puts credit in the bank for McCall, when he really needs it after the absolutely harrowing shiteshow at the weekend.
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