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  1. Very similar to Maloney's goal against Ireland. Can only assume Mark McGhee is hanging about the Argentina coaching set-up.
  2. 2010 Clint Dempsey in that USA team instead of that waster Pulisic, and England get sworded.
  3. For the sake of sheer chaos I wouldn't mind Neil Lennon til the end of the season, but I'd want a bigger gap between us and 9th than the current 8 points before doing so. For his own safety though, probably not the best idea if that fat c**t Duncan Smillie is still involved with our board - the video of him manhandling a paralytic Lennon out of that airport gave me the chills.
  4. Exchanged a few texts with Jason Cundy during this first half. We are in full and unfortunate agreement that this The Chels side are insipid, boring, and far too big a step up for Mr Potter to manage - we don't need a school teacher, we need John Terry. Cunders may put it more diplomatically on Talksport, The Sports Bar on Monday evening at 10pm of course - tune in to find out, or call 03717 223344 to contribute (calls charged at national rate).
  5. We finished last season on 52 points, an average of 1.44 points per game. In the transfer window, we were one of the only teams in the division (if not the only team) to bring in a host of signings, a few of whom would have no doubt interested all other teams in the league and will be with us on decent contracts (Milne, McMillan, Dowds). I posted at the start of the season that 60 points should be an attainable target given the signings we made and the decision to retain a largish squad (despite the injuries/suspensions atm, we have at least two players for just about every position in the squad). That should really be the barest of bare minimums, not least because of the quality of the rest of the league. If, out of nowhere, we got to the halfway point of the season having won our next 3 games, we would be on 29 points, still averaging less than required for that target. As it is, we are currently averaging 1.33 ppg, less than last season. The number of players out just now is about McCall's only defence, but the dreadful defensive record and chucking points has been a constant regardless of what team we had on the pitch. Most damning for me is the goals conceded from set pieces - if someone put up a table of all professional leagues in the world and sorted by that statistic, I'd be stunned if we weren't the worst of the lot. TTG.
  6. I think British Football has now seen quite enough of 'Jesse Marsch'.
  7. Off to plug into the Barclays Premiership to see football expressed as it should be. Daft little ground, silly game, f**k off.
  8. ^^^Jamie O'Hara He's a good lad, Jamie. His Talksport show with Cunders is always a celebration of football, banter and common sense and I find myself regularly calling in on weeknights to contribute (03717 22 33 44).
  9. I feel the whole series would be improved considerably by completely removing the Harfoots whose scenes have offered nothing but insufferable characters and cringey, contradictory dialogue. In LOTR the Hobbits and The Shire give a sense of 'home' and set the stakes for what would be lost if Sauron was to regain the Ring - there is a point to them. Here it's just wandering about aimlessly to find some apples and is just a boring distraction from the other interesting plot lines in Eregion, Numenor and the Southlands. The rest of the plot needs the extra time aswell. Granted there is maybe space for Sauron to return to Eregion as Annatar in S2, but the whole forging the rings and his manipulating of Celebrimbor should be the main centre point of the series and instead felt very flash-in-the-pan. Albeit I enjoyed the inevitable Halbrand reveal much more than I thought I would. The main revelation of the series for me is that the Balrog wasn't in fact awoken in a fit of fiery rage by the Dwarves digging too deep, but by Disa's Susan fucking Calman accent echoing down past everyone's cringing toes and into the pits of the earth. Hopefully it takes her out pronto.
  10. Not sure if it counts as refusing selection, but James McArthur retired in 2018 citing back problems. He was one of our better players in a pretty miserable period and even until very recently I think he'd have added value to the squad. He'd have been a far better option in central midfield than Stuart Armstrong was against the Czech Republic in the Euros for example. Also in 2018 it seemed about 95% of the squad pulled out of those Mexico/Peru friendlies. Can't blame them.
  11. Put on their knees and spunk sprayed all over their cretinous *** faces.
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