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  1. The prevailing feeling from the Ukraine and Ireland games were that we looked poorly prepared and easy to prepare against - we folded like a deck chair when opposition put any sort of pressure on our full backs. The attitude in the latter game especially to have come so soon after the Ukraine result - was a disgrace with players pulling out of tackles all over the place and coming nowhere close to matching Ireland's work-rate out of possession. I'm not sure Clarke can survive another couple of those performances in September. I have some sympathy for him though in that this is still a difficult squad to balance. I imagine Clarke sees the 3/5 at the back as a necessity not just as a way of fitting Tierney and McTominay into the team, but also because there's an absence of credible wingers in the squad pool (having fallen out with Fraser) to give proper balance to a 4-at-the-back formation. You're looking at Barrie Mackay as the next best available to us and it's hard to imagine us being much more effective at either end of the pitch. The problem with any 3-5-2 though is that if any kind of good pass is played between the outside centre back and the wing back then it's hard not to concede. That's how Ireland got their second goal and Ukraine, Denmark, Austria, Czech Republic all put similar goals past us. To mitigate that as best as possible you need a settled, consistent defence and we've never had that under Clarke - partly through injury, partly through tinkering with different players. The best thing he can do now is pick his best central defence and stick to it as far as possible - for me that's Souttar-Cooper-Tierney who started the Denmark game, and ideally Patterson can sort out some regular game time for himself as he is by some distance the best option at RWB and improves us immeasurably going forward, taking some pressure off Robertson aswell. Oh and if a good goalie could appear out of nowhere too then that'd be great.
  2. A masterstroke by UEFA to introduce relegation to international football
  3. A third striker who could feasibly start ahead of Dowds and Graham would be nice, but there are more glaring priorities for us in the transfer window just now. In order, I would say: - A dynamic, attacking centre mid to breathe some much needed life into the Docherty-Bannigan pairing; the Father Stone of central midfield partnerships. - Another winger, preferably right-sided. It's hard to find one at this level who isn't a hopeless sand-dancer, but even an Aiden Fitzpatrick type as a standard example should give some much needed balance and reduce the complete dependence on Tiffoney for a creative outlet in the final third. - A goalkeeper who isn't signed as a back-up to Sneddon, but as a credible contender to replace him as #1. Sneddon had his moments last season but on the whole I'm not convinced he's a keeper that earns us more points than he costs us.
  4. Obviously it's a considerable downgrade in opposition, but everything you'd have wanted to see after last week was on display for most of last night - effective pressing, higher tempo, good ball retention and aggression. We could/should have scored more but it wasn't for lack of trying against a very defensive set-up - we hit the bar/post at least 3 times, had a goal disallowed and forced a very good save as well as the two goals scored. It was as comfortable and well-managed a home win as you'd want to see. This subforum is responsible for some of the most stultifyingly ill-informed opinions I've ever seen, but I'm not sure what more some people were expecting from the team last night.
  5. Every fibre of this silly little country's being screams shitebag. f**k off.
  6. Liverpool are set up to be a consistent outfit that'll overpower weaker teams over 90 minutes, most weeks. They're very good at this, as 3 seasons scoring 90+ points shows. They're rarely as convincing in one-off games against a similar standard of opponent. Madrid had their 'high pressure and chuck the full backs forward' sussed and should have added another couple on the counter. Chelsea would have done the same in the other finals if they weren't playing dross like Mount and Pulisic.
  7. Salah has spent the half sauntering about like a pished Sean Kilgannon.
  8. As long as independence is tied to the fortunes of the SNP, it's always going to be a huge ask to consistently poll at >50% - even if the party wasn't a complete rabble. Watching John Swinney just now putting in a ruinously bald, specky performance in the Scottish Parliament is enough to make you want to see the place dissolved.
  9. I quite like Shaun Maloney, but I'm getting strong 'Steven Pressley football philosopher' vibes off him. Needs a 5 year deal to properly implement his ideas IMO.
  10. Whoop for you, but there's no clearer example of why players feel the need to do so because officials can't make an obvious decision without a player falling to ground.
  11. I'd describe a dive as involving a player going to ground without any contact or foul taking place, hence the distinction in this case.
  12. Why didn't VAR pull it though? I've no doubt it does if he dived to ground after contact.
  13. That's why I never get wound up about players 'making the most of it'. I'd be raging with Abraham if I was Mourinho, as he wins his team a 20 yard free kick and a man advantage if he goes to ground.
  14. Trauner looks an absolute diddy.
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