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  1. Ukraine so used to surrender that they can't even take a point from their own stitch-up.
  2. If McTominay doesn't play at RCB we will concede. Our defence is both more settled and more able to play out with him in it. I'd rather we addressed Gilmour's absence with a like-for-like (or at least as close as you can feasibly get). rather than creating another issue by moving McTominay there.
  3. AMMjag

    Third place

    Well, this is going well.
  4. AMMjag

    Third place

    I've always seen Group F as probably the more likely for 3rd place to drop out. Germany look hopeless at the moment in comparison with other top level nations and they'll need at least a point off Portugal to have any more than three points. Obviously if they do get a point they should go through with a positive GD, but I fancy Portugal to beat them tonight - people seem to have forgotten 2018 and them showing no real signs of improvement since.
  5. Gordon Strachan also admitted to personally advising Gilmour and his family that he should stay at Rangers. Imagine it - a child of 15/16 whose clearly showing serious promise and has been given a tremendous opportunity to improve himself financially and professionally, and he's being pressured by the SFA 'National Performance Director' and the National Team manager to turn it down. I hope he fulfills his potential to the fullest, because the more he does the more those two are shown up as the Jurassic, national disgraces they are.
  6. It's all about us of course, but just a reflection on England's confidence about going deep into this tournament. Why? For all the 'attacking talent' they have, they can only play so many at once and, as evidenced tonight, can be made to look like the useless sand-dancers they all are when matched man-for-man. Southgate's only ideas when this is displayed right in front of him is to change like-for-like. They will get absolutely creamed when they come up against a big gun. Fun facts: Phil Foden has dyed his hair to imitate Paul Gascoigne, and has done absolutely sod-all in the tournament. English Lion Jack Grealish got creamed off Motherwell and former Partick Thistle right-back Stephen O'Donnell. Connor Sammon has found a cracking Harry Kane mask and has taken his place at a major tournament. Every England fan has a slab of honey-glazed gammon for a face. They are winning absolutely f**k all.
  7. I woke up shitting myself and decided to go a four hour round walk from my house to Hampden and back. I feel better for it, although probably just because I came to terms with the fact that we'd get beat along the way. This will be out the window when we start positively, make a good game of it then get sucker-punched late on.
  8. Jermaine Jenas is infuriating. There's just no excuse for being so cripplingly boring.
  9. Danish fans love chucking their pints of 12 quid, non-alcoholic beer onto the pitch
  10. Ryan Jack's absence and the lack of depth in his position has fucked the balance of the team. If you're looking for an out-and-out 'defensive' midfielder, beyond him I think you really are looking at the likes of Ross McCrorie and Liam Bridcutt as the more 'natural' replacements. Understandably you'd rather ask McTominay to do a job he's not necessarily suited to than call those up to a Euros, but you're taking away his attributes of playing out from the back, or making driving runs and keeping pressure on in the final third in a midfield role which he does well for his club. It's largely why I think Gilmour should be a certain starter in this team, as he gives the impression of being an excellent reader of the game and seeing danger before it happens, as well as being very composed on the ball. The only alternative might be Kieran Tierney who could play pretty much anywhere and do a good job, but we badly missed what he does at LCB against the CR and, if fit, he'll be playing there on Friday.
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