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  1. Maybe because we got fucking relegated and have lost substantially more as a result?
  2. The only precedent worth noting is the Lib Dems shitting their wee pants and going into coalition with the Tories. They are very responsible for this mess and should not be allowed near government again.
  3. I did a bit of door knocking for the SNP this campaign and came across an absolute melter who was coming out with that. Reminding him that we'd be going absolutely nowhere until we got the result that we wanted was tremendous fun.
  4. You know that guy's still a virgin
  5. Interesting take on the word 'challenge', given you finished in the comfortable double digits behind all of those sides. In fact, Falkirk have only finished with a single digit figure behind eventual champions in one season since relegation from the SPL. By all means hang onto these fantasies of multiple title challenges if it helps relieve the pain, but given it's actually been a sustained period of chronic underachievement perhaps rivalled only by Clyde in the last decade, I would imagine it's probably best to take your medicine and move on from it.
  6. Been waiting ages for a dccent snooker game to come out. Used to play WSC Real 09 and, even though it was ridiculously easy and you could only play as yourself against about four different players, it was a great game to speed through while listening to podcasts. So took a punt on Snooker 19. It looks great and has every aspect of the game today with all ranking tournaments included and 128 players. But the game play goes at an absolute snail's pace and the tutorial's basically just Mark Selby taking three different shots. No real way of practicing except in an actual match either. I went Ronnie O'Sullivan against some sub 100 jobber just to get used to it and it took me a full five minutes to make a 30 break. Things required: - An option to speed through opponent's time at the table. - A bird's eye view of the table. - More indication of where the cue ball will finish, at least tt as an option for beginners. - A practice table And then I'd have a game I could play for about 12 hours straight. It must be very difficult to make a good snooker game and this is certainly a decent effort, but as it stands just feels unfinished.
  7. https://www.liverpoolecho.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/classless-manchester-city-players-should-16276455
  8. Another title choked because of bottle jobs against Man U and The Ev in the run-in. You hate to see it
  9. I don't think I really appreciated what a good and intelligent player Doolan was until we got promoted. His goalscoring seemed equally as consistent in the top flight but the quality of some of the goals was exceptional, made all the more pleasing after Des McKeown wrote some rag column writing him off as a top flight player. The first in that 2-1 win away to ICT was beautiful to watch and possibly my favourite Thistle goal - passed about from back to front, played into him in a crowded box, he takes a touch away from goal and drills it low across the keeper with his second touch. Also remember a looping header he scored in a post-split 3-0 win against St Mirren which is possibly the best headed goal I've seen us score. He would've earned a deserved 'hunskelper' tag aswell if it wasn't for the stoppage time shitebaggery of others. As much as I'd have liked him as an option for next season I think his best days here passed away after our top six finish, along with many other good things about the club. He'll compliment a team who has the skill and patience to drag a defence about and open up space in the box, but our survival this season depended on some serious shithousery which doesn't suit him at all. Caldwell is someone with no prior knowledge of the club who has assessed the squad independently and critically on his own terms - it was clear when he was appointed this was bound to happen and at the very least it's another sign of a step away from the sentiment for the sake of it approach that dogged Archibald towards the end.
  10. Lost count of the amount of Liverpool dives, mostly from Mané.
  11. AMMjag


    Dennis Taylor found.
  12. I absolutely wouldn't want Miller at firhill next season. Can't get in a rotten Dundee team and long past his best. When you look at his scoring record as well it isn't actually that good You could have said similar about McDonald's time at Dundee United to be fair, and indeed many did. I'd be all for signing Miller, on the condition that we keep hold of McDonald and Anderson and puff out an absolute shanner of a promotion via fourth spot, with points total of 50 and an average squad age of 38.
  13. Queen of the South have history for going full Helen Lovejoy at the sight of a 1000+ crowd. The staff around the ground today were acting like a bomb was about to go off at 3 o'clock. At least they'll be more in their element with small bands of yokels from Cumbernauld and Airdrie visiting next season.
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