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  1. Wasn't your previous @As We Rise Again* account banned for precisely this reason? *
  2. Somewhere between 'very comfortable' and 'landslide' for Biden. Democrats to take the Senate. Depending on the extent of the defeat, I'd expect the GOP to converge on some kind of middle ground where moderate reformists (read: snakes who are uneasy with Trump but are scared of getting bashed on twitter) contest for 2024. I would predict a said snake like Nikki Haley for their next nomination - Biden probably won't stand a second term due to being either dead or close to it, but this would give him the most trouble if he did. Trump himself will be left broke and divorced by the summer before tweeting the N word and being cut off from the Presidential gravy train.
  3. A Gretna 2005-esque 6-0 pumping for the nostalgia.
  4. On the subject of former England internationals and undeserved reputations, it was good to see Frank Lampard's attempts at football management take a beating again. Kepa being a useful dud (was he this bad under Sarri?) should also help keep the focus off him and allow the charade to continue a good bit longer.
  5. Carried them to where? He was an ever-present in a side who were by and large languishing about 4th and 5th. Only when they signed actual world class players like Xabi Alonso, Torres and Suarez were they able to compete for leagues or Champions Leagues (even then, winning just one). When they moved on, Liverpool competed for f**k all and their insistence on keeping Gerrard in a key role ultimately cost them a title. A good player, but if he got the move he was angling for he'd have been found out.
  6. Pickitoutford 😂 ETA: Lolverpool 😂
  7. The gammon press line seems to be that he can get away with playing like a complete donkey as 'he has a lot going on in his life'. Wonder where this patter was when they were hounding Balotelli/Lukaku/any other black, non-English player.
  8. Whilst the pishing of skants about match stats and individual performances is to be expected in any Scotland post-match reaction - and I include myself in this after last month's fixtures and the end of the 90 minutes in the Israel play-off - it's time to get with the times. Clarke has picked a system that he fancied would match up well against Norway/Serbia and it's held up against progressively better opponents over the last week. It has been murder to watch in the earlier stages, but we go into our most realistic chance of reaching a major tournament with a whole squad accustomed to a formation that has produced good results and clean sheets - as has been stated countless times across countless threads, give me this any day over Strachan's 2-2 draws and bemoaning the height of Scottish people. Embrace the shithousery.
  9. AMMjag


    I'd rather have covid than a fractured skull or spine tbf. It seems that players being out for chemotherapy was also a thing on the old champ managers. Given there's more than a few fixture related bugs in a 'regular season' game I'll probably give this a miss or at least a good few weeks before being confident that the season runs properly.
  10. He's had a nightmare on the thread tonight. Whilst there are still criticisms to be made of our last few games, I'm coming round to the idea that Clarke is bedding in something that might just work for us - Fraser's movement and the improvement of the wing backs in pushing up with some purpose and McTominay looking more comfortable has contributed. We're testing ourselves against progressively better opposition and it will be interesting to see us against a stronger Czech side on Wednesday - aside from being a big game in its own right, it should be a very good benchmark for what we can do in the playoff.
  11. I can't understand people wanting to dish out caps like sweets for this or wanting to give another keeper a shot in goal. If not for the competitive importance of the next two games in their own right, you're not going to get much better preparation for the play-off than two home games against Slovakia and Czech Republic and we should stay full-strength where possible. I'm not big on either the personnel we have available or the 3-5-2, but I live in hope that it might match up better against a decent opposition rather than a diddy like Israel. I would prefer to see McTominay in the middle of a back three though and allow him to step up which would allow us more flexibility throughout the match. Maybe something like this
  12. What are people seeing in Dykes by the way? The guy is a country mile out of his depth.
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