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  1. Peter Grant's chest hair is making me physically ill. Button your shirt up you tramp.
  2. I take it from the 7 police vans racing down Garscube Road that the away support left the ground in a state of hilarious meltdown. Pleasing.
  3. Don't tell Granny Danger or Waffenthinmint.
  4. I put in a question to the Clown about whether he was able to say if vaccine passports had a causal effect on reducing transmissions, and why they would be needed going forward if they weren't sufficient to prevent restrictions over the past 3/4 weeks. Apparently we need to divide cities into two, where half use them and half don't, in order to find out if they actually work - rather than just looking at the body of international evidence that already exists. In the meantime, we just don't know; although the suggestion that those settings using passports are 'safer' than those that don't was passed off as fact nonetheless. I was hardly expecting him to say 'yeah they're completely pointless', but it's revealing of the non-existent threshold the Scottish Government and their clownshoes advisors are setting for their continued use; completely contrary to the early assurances that they were an emergency measure and would be kept no longer than necessary. Another policy where Scotland will have to be dragged kicking and screaming back into sanity by backbench Tory nutters, no doubt.
  5. Did the interviewer offer listeners a disclaimer that he was a bald, specky tube?
  6. It's a massive, deeply embarrassing 'L' chalked up by this cretinous racist state in front of the watching world, which is fine by me.
  7. I can't help but think back to ~2018, where the UK Government frontbench were stuck at the bottom of their Brexit barrel, free to be shot at to the SNP's content until they tore themselves apart. Having embarked on her cretinous middle-class love bombing exercise ever since, the FM is now reduced to spending her Saturday nights turning in full-on Gincardine performances on Twitter.
  8. Whether you believe the government have imposed face masks out of genuine belief in their effectiveness against transmission, or whether they do so out of a pure behavioural science act, it quite clearly is a means of government control either way. Since they've never actually been able to evidence a causal relationship between putting a mask on to go for a pish and reduced transmission, I'm far more inclined to think it's a combination of the latter as well as being a handy base measure - that even those who have never taken Covid all that seriously have been largely content to compromise on - of showing that they're seen to be doing at least 'something'.
  9. Bald: Specky: Fat: The three pillars of our true public health emergency.
  10. "Yeah that would really help because that would spread infection even further and that would be not doing anything for businesses!"
  11. Don't forget "full Bolsonaro!!!!" for those who think it might be time for one of the most vaccinated countries in the world to stop fucking over its people via pointless restrictions.
  12. The last two years really have shown up the complete sneering hypocrisy of the values people profess themselves to hold - whether it's self-proclaimed feminists using words like 'bimbo' there, or similarly 'socialists' not giving one single f**k about low-income, low job security employees being trampled on as a first port of call time and again. Twitter bios are where commitment to political causes end for these people.
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