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  1. 1-1 Stuart Mciver and Hugh Stevenson OG
  2. Martin Lauchlan record Rossvale - 2nd bottom when he arrived ,Won their First ever title within first year... EK - 5th when he arrived and lost 2 best players , Won 4 trophies and first ever league title shortly followed.. Let down by owners promise... Petershill - 2nd bottom when he arrived ,First full season league title after covid and Scottish cup semi... 2 from 3 of these clubs on shoe strimg budget.. EK slightly different however money going into that club very untrue and current/previous seasons league positions since ML left confirms with the exception of maybe one... Conclusion. Lauchlan can putt a winning, successful, hard working and entertaining teams on park from a low budget - us nezt season... I hope he reapplies and club give it serious consideration, Him or someone like him for me... Yer Mithers Pride
  3. Martin Lauchlan for me - Young and ambitious manager Applied twice and rightly or wrongly never got job Won league with every team (Provisional) he took over within 2 years Rossvale Juniors. EK and Petershill. Hardly big spending teams at their level Watched a few of his teams , They all played on the front foot and a veriy good watch Yer Mithers Pride
  4. Club Statement as clear as mud but of no real suprise... On the basis DL doesnt return & for the purpose of conversation... This has got Jim Duffy written all over it in my opinion... He got a tune out a very basic squad witt a much lower budget and made us hard to beat & remarkably got us into L2 play off.... Not my first, 2nd or 3rd choice but we have to be realistic based on our form, our financial situation which is going to be even more strained now and lower budget next season... Finally really is a sad end to DL time in charge If/when he departs, One of the nicest giys ive ever met in my life and thank him fot evetything he has done for our club, Nothing lasts forever indeed
  5. Some c**t phone Paul Shields This is dragging on too long not to welcome him back Ymp
  6. Has Danny taken us as far as he can....... Didnt go as knew outcome and were on a bad run with no one due back to change it... Allan our more recognised no9 keeps getting benched and someome needs to tell DL their aint a player in this squad capable of playing the lone striker... Only Oct and now checking other results. No good and perhaps manager whom ive very fond of has taken us as far as he can ?! YMP
  7. Still losing the same goal(s) as peterhead 2nd every week... I called it after we got "very" lucky coming in goalless in 1st half v Kelty when the same move put them in several times.. Edinburgh and Alloa yesterday waltzed through us with ease.. Improvement need quickly and a stronger Centre forward when chasing game
  8. Parry saved us 3 times in 1st half and on another day the game could have been out of sight at HT They were dropping tbe ball in behind us far too often for my liking like Peterhead done last sat in particular their 2nd goal 2nd half miles better and overall delighted with result and football on show Believe Jordan might be back next week and hopefully we get an update on Duthies injury as those two back will improve a well balanced team Roll on Montrose away, always been a difficult venue but dont see why we cant go up there and get a positive result Yer Mithers Pride
  9. Last seasons squad from Feb obwards would have been comfortably beaten by Queens on Sat... If we play with two up front and Dobbie is nowhere near palmerston we have a chance at least.. Looking forward to sat , always been o good away day
  10. Quite suprised he never got off bench espicially yesterday or away to Cowden.. Pace to burn and eye for a goal Contributed plenty to our cause last two loans and can understand he maybe wants to try and stay involved in 1st team squad but even more game time will bring him on im certain All the best
  11. Evening all Send LJ back please. Noticed he was an unused sub today and Away to Cowden & not even stripped for Airdrie game going with live score info! Now you would think if he had a fighting chance he would have got some game time today ot at Central park Far too good a talent not to be on the pitch Ta much and best wishes for season
  12. Cunnigham not good enough to play on his own , in fact no CF in our squad could lead the line themselves Get two up front or bring LJ back on loan before someone else does in our league or above August huge month in relation to opposition were up against and points on the board very important before harder games come around
  13. LJ unused sub AGAIN v Edinburgh today Previous two games v Airdrie/Cowden either not in squad or unused sub in those two high profile games like today Would bet my last quid he.ll end up loan to someone like Ayr. Morton or Accies Certainity in fact and that lad has to be on the pitch somewhere as clearly not fancied in paisley Roll n Dumfries and Cuppa T
  14. Heard same and not a rumour down pub, believe player spoke to one of the managemenr team and advised the above... Personally wish he was still with us but fair play being honest than taking a wage then deciding week(s) later heart not in it like some have done & contractul sruff becomes a nuisance for all comcerned.. Not bothered about Adam livingstone and time we closed the book on that chapter, been apparently ignoring DL over summer and another who may be struggling with the fact he aint playing for a PL team no longer or currently good enough... Moving swiftly on. Noticed LJ unused sub for Stmirren last sat at Cowden and not in squad for Airdrie game..Worth a wee phone call ?! Efter All. Still Yer Mithers Pride
  15. We have 21 players signed including two lads on Amateur terms... Fair chance or more thats our squad complete due to numbers and reasons above.. Last wage i assume was spent on keeping Cuddihy but do agree we seem to lack or or two or is that simply down to some unrecognisable players/signings.. Season starts at Dumfries n beyond... Yer Mithers Pride
  16. Around same price from Glasgow east end to Croy and without a 30min hike (one way) in summer or even worse winter Hope as many supporters find their way to Hamilton as seems match day experiance at current stadia is night and day Yer Mithers Pride
  17. Two atrikers have let DL down at last min. Robert Jones seemingly accepted reduced terms to return. Pay as you play deal or similiar
  18. ED was pish like our kit I dont get upset but do question the marketing sence and the level of interest and sales i.d imagine would be low Saw suggested template based on early 80s and would have brought in much needed revenue Yer Mithers Pride
  19. Sorry cant post anymore. Ask Danny at next home game during his usual pre match fans chat. Im confident he.ll back it up
  20. Splaine told Danny he hates fitba and only does it for the money Hes in Spain and perhaps another Hopkirk scenario Suppose when played at higher level this comes to certain players Good Luck to him and forever grateful for lad playing with a broken toe and Motm that day
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