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  1. Our season also started at H to falkirk. Loves first game Love him and been naked in that order
  2. Maybe not wanting to risk playing him partial fit like Ally love recently who will be a very welcome return..
  3. Howie out. I would start wae 10 men instead o Petkov at back if its allowed.. If not someone phone Allan Neill Ffs. All is forgiven
  4. Thing is he had the LB on toast who was on a booking and could have easily got him in turned inside out inside the box with higher chance of a goal or even a pen.. Why he reverted to turning back and bending a cross to no one at back post on at least 3or4 occasions i do not know....[emoji85]
  5. Injuries and poor squad recruitnent us crippling us.. Plays McMullan on Amatuer terms before 3 o his signings in summer tells me even i think he knows.. Were not a bad team but good teams can go down
  6. Injured. One leg. One eye. Doesnt matter / Just send him. We.ll return him fit within 28days return policy Moan tae
  7. Evening. Since your in a good mood. Gona send us Lang please Thats all i ask.
  8. Agree regards Wallace and perhaps Smith who looks a bit part L1 player but the former i just dont know his position at all and neither did dozen guys n gals around me when i asked recently... However Mcmullan i thought had a very good 1st half and perhaps tired 2nd before replaced by a summer signing..! We were 1up and should have kicked on,Poor defending and severley lacking someone to put the boot in when they were stroking it around very comfortable in long spells didnt help either.. Concerning but im sure DL will sort it
  9. When were playing well and winning at Home were one of the nicest teams to watch on the eye.. Johnston. Grant. Mcstay all feeding Goodwille...Quick sharp passing and lot o teams cant handle it at a certain point or week... However we have no nasty part of our game which wasnt addressed in summer and we currently have two full backs who play there and naturally not their position ... Lost count amount of times they had numerous chances down our right hand side with both goals coming from left back areas again. 1st goal could argue they got lucky but where was mcniff as mcmullen had to cover for him (Yes they got lucky with the break as did we with ours) & 2nd goal another cross failed to be cut out like so many games previously this time allowing layne a tap in... Howie injury doesnt look good and could probably add him to the list. Send Petkov back and ask Dunfermlime for a loan o Lang please... Hopefully we.ll address other 2 or 3 positions in Jan.
  10. I think one of the historic problems with Broadwood is a certain area is shaded by the stands and freezes over. All weather pitches ma bahooky[emoji2960]
  11. These sort o surfaces i think are of a higher risk as ice normally lies on top of pitch as oppose to melting into grass... Im probably talking load o man ure but thats my thoughts
  12. Mate. Get over your bottom lip. He got a song 30mins before his trade of a tackle He deserved the song. We won..No1 was hurt and no animals were hurt during this documentray[emoji6]
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