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  1. Clyde Vs Elgin City

    Not denying. Punishment doesnt fit crime
  2. Clyde Vs Elgin City

    Spfl decision to deduct points and fine us.. SFA that decide on appeal If we lose appeal the national team getting my money or support can f**k off & I Hope they fail for every tournament
  3. Clyde Vs Elgin City

    After Scotland game on Thu but soon im led to believe... SFA got a chance to put this right,Decision completely OTT for OUR player Any Clyde supporter that gives these b*****ds any cash if appeal not successful needs to have good look at themselves
  4. Berwick v Peterhead

    McInally team bottling it. Where have i heard that before...
  5. Clyde Vs Elgin City

    Reports n twitter mirroring each other. Someone let them know score at Shiefield and get job done...!!!
  6. Clyde Vs Elgin City

    Win Tue. Geez our points back Makes things interesting again, If only!!
  7. Clyde Vs Stirling Albion

    Another two assists from Blair Yesterday. Involved in 1st and 3rd goals. [emoji122]
  8. Clyde Vs Stirling Albion

    Pleasing result and gets the wheels back in motion... Wasnt there today due to simply pissed off and in the huff about last saturday news but do agree with previous post that peason is a class act & he should ALWAYS be rememered (with JP of course) for picking up from Ferguson,Bringing in a two very good players from his contacts at dundee and most of all securing our league status and perhaps future of the club as wouldnt have fancied some of that shite to get us through a play off.. Saturdays feel good again[emoji106]
  9. The Clyde FC 2018-19 Thread

    Not best set o results again for us last night. Reading reports it seems Peterhead sound best of other two and our only hope o catching them i reckon is this sat when they play Annan and of course Edinburgh two wks on sat, If they win those two and easier one in between its their league... Our achilies this season is other 6 or 7 are poor when perhaps few seasons back it was even steven bar bottom 2or3... Droppin points at Annan. QP obviously not helped but still a grear season and far from over
  10. Elgin City 2018/19

  11. Elgin City 2018/19

    20 odd o us comin up next sat. 501pm train to Inverness would be preferred Google maps say 18min walk. Can it be done less or if anyone has a local taxi number that would be ideal[emoji106]
  12. Clyde vs Edinburgh

    Great result and performance today. Well deserved and we really could and should have been 3 goals up in first 20min.. Losing Cuddihy in warm up and Lang was a blow but full team showed lot of character espicially young Banks probably the most calm out the lot.. Goodwillie tired understandbly and i was personally crying out for Ally to come on but DGW ball keeping possesion in last few mins confirmed what i know about football management... Balloteli best for Edinburgh at either end & they can't have any complaints bar the ref stopping the play to send off Lang.. Next 3 or 4 fixtutes very interesting, Firstly very important we win sat at Elgin with 3 home games and Albion Rovers Away before we play Peterhead at Home... How good would it be if we were level with Peterhead that day or worst case 1point or 2 behind to beat them & go top... Get yourselves up to Elgin if you can lads and lassies. 20 odd o my lot on 7am to Inverness en route to Elgin.. All Welcome to join us Forever n eva
  13. Queen's Park v Clyde

    Should we start banks on start sat perhaps. Fresh things up a bit and get the belief that we can and should be beating QP away if we have aspiratons of going up directly and points difference aswell another factor... Though QP very difficult opponent on there home patch and knowing us we.ll get beat sat but win away to stirling... Fingers crossed for any win
  14. Random Matches You Are Going To...

    Love this thread in particular stadium pics. [emoji122]
  15. The Clyde FC 2018-19 Thread

    Hope Ally Love gets a start on sat with or without Kris...