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  1. Saturfay result came as no suprise to me and i walked away after the 4th goal.not particular fuming.. Dumbarton strolled in. Montrose dominated 88mins up there and we stole a point thanks to Mitch in goals keepimg it under 4or5 before they switched off Beat off Broomhill (Thankfully i missed that one) Anti Football display at Falkirk and defending deep or most of the game home to Cove just climging on for 2-1 win Airdrie game was again a non event snd what happened on Sat may not be the last Losing 2 goals per game prior to 3pm on Sat makes every game a massive uphill struggle and up at Peterhead we were slightly unlucky not to get a poiny but shippin 3 goals in 30 first half minutes makes you wonder why i bothered leaving hoose at 8am that very morning However What i will add is Ally Love tackled and harassed the opposituon more in 15min of 2nd half than any other player had done over 90mins in majority of games above.. Dont know the answers and worryingly im not sure DL does either with constant team changes every week Decision time indeed for all concerned
  2. Im huge fan of DL but todays fan frustrations long time coming and he has got off lightly (massively) compared to Brown. Clark and beyond since ive went from 84 We all have our opinion and rightly so. Could be argued we have lowest budget BUT that doesnt account for releasing Mcniff and signing that defence. Changing midfield every 2 weeks, Playing Rumsby at RB or constamtly settin team up to allow every team to stroll it. What a difference when Ally Love came on and he closed down more Monty players in 15min that our full team have done all season Horrific viewing and if East fife get their finger oot were fucked... Foreva n eva.
  3. Someome needs to tell DL his tactics since 1st league o season not working. In 35 years H&A ive never saw a Clyde team that allow the opposition so much time on the ball with and our Goals A column or penalties against would suggest its not right regardless of my opinion Can maybe accept us gettin men behind the ball or standing 5/10 yards off a higher league team with few minutes to go. Not league opposition, every fucking week from 1st minute with "that" defence Shape n structure. Nah your ok Thanks
  4. Dumbarton pissed all over us & Montrose were far superior Allloa were unlucky and yesterday "again" was like watching opposition from a higher league Said it last week and previously. Every single time they had the ball not a clyde player within 5 yards, closing down or putting them under pressure. Strange tactic and only matter of time before we conceeded yesterday Never have i ever felt so deflated after only 4 games in 35year o watching my lot H&A and sadly i think its time for change before teams below us do the same
  5. Next season would be his last Ano. Take that in for a minute
  6. Draw would have been a fair result however when DGW is around anything is possible, shudder to think where we would be without him & quicker he signs an extension i can sleep at night Talking to few Alloa supporters way in and HT and not one of them wants BF after only 2 games , im not suprised and he will go through more players than you can imagine Next 3 fixtures difficult and the amount of space every alloa player had on the ball yesterday was worrying and a better team would have punished us.. Finally would someone check Davie Hutton is okay. Angry angry wee man
  7. Three defenders signed who are clearly L2 or below Goodwillie left mid v Dumbarton Utter rubbish v Montrose (Score didnt reflect game) Beat off a MID TABLE non league team, unacceptable for 1st team oe a Clyde X1 again all signed by DL Football is back. No thanks
  8. Wouldnt be suprised if few new faces in and possibly some leaving this month.
  9. Firstly massive thanks to every supporter , player and official prior to kick off for showing their respect to those no longer with us & was very emotional moment 3pm - 4.45pm. Nothing short of disgraceful. Dumbarton comfortable and much deserved winners Pre season Signings nowhere good enough and not one of the back 4 any better than McNiff or close... Finially Goodwille. Left Mid. Thats like asking a baker to build a bridge & putting a recognised goalscorer further away from goal is sinply asking for that result yesterday.. Well done Dumbarton and you can be assured you wont finish below 9th this season with us in the league for now.. Yer Mithers Pride
  10. Noreay to score for Dumbaron & Jones for us. Certainity
  11. Welcome to the Barry Ferguson journey. Come this time next year you.ll have used 42 players. Certain
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