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  1. Same people moaning about every signing were the same people moaning Kevin Nicoll returning last season & looked how that turned out. Yer Mithers Pride
  2. Sean fitzharris and Ross Mckinnon seen at Buchanan st bus station boarding an X3
  3. My priority would be another contract extension DGW whilst funds available. Dont fancy this next year and sweating that could be his last season.. Plenty of Agnews. Grants and unfortunaley Jamie bains in the sea.. Goodwillie is simply unreplaceable, think about it for a second... Yer Mithers Pride
  4. Thanks. Might just do that Mon the City
  5. Im not comparing them. Simply suggesting no need to go bergerac if we sign a youth player when any other so called sesoned pro even worse
  6. Most or all of all the loan signings not any worse than so called season pros in Bain and Mcglinchey who were no doubt on a decent wage.
  7. Im looking forward to a complete meltdown from the usual suspects when we sign a loan player who wont be good enough like Otto and Jamieson apparently before they pulled on a shirt Yer Mithers Pride[emoji1267]
  8. Depends on shorts colour. Red and black hoops would look fine with black shorts (same as H and not a change) but not white... All Pink or Naked would be fine
  9. Good chance be playing against us. We resigned TL when we had howie and 2CBs to play beside him. Shifted natural very good CH to RB and he looked lost. Huge loss but when we didnt play him cant blame lad for leaving when TL funds should have been used for midfield options at time or this season when further funds would have been paid by dunfermline. Best of luck Howie
  10. Howie and strong commanding CH would be fine providing Howie stays - should be our first priority
  11. Thanks for Lewis Jamieson guys. Plwyed a massive part keeping my lot in L1. He will be some player & wish him and St Mirren all the very best
  12. Will our support ever stop talking about Ray Grant. Hes joined a team 5th in L2 who had Leitch and Ryan last season Move on
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