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  1. Rumsby apparently away to EK Livingstone off. Think FT Splaine on PFA list so that confirms hes not staying i suppose Cuddihy. Dont know what hes doing All 2nd and 3rd hand info but thought worth a share
  2. Is Kurtis Roberts an attacking CM or defensive like Gomis and Grant Going by reports and stats perhaps the latter but could be wrong Maybe settimg up different next season with holding midfielders & wingers Really not got a clue about any of three new players today to be honest and fresh start for all concerned not a bd thing
  3. Anyone got an idea of how many of these 8stone wet students fae a Qieens cross bedsit are in the ICT end... #karma #Invernessiswonderful #pleasingverypleasing
  4. Are you/we moving backwards or other teams progeessimg quicker.. Our first season in L1 we played east fife. Im like right here we go, we stole a 1-1 draw and that was a wake up call for me Why?! I thought my lot were bigger and better than eaat fife and i was completely wrong Sad facts were both L2 clubs compared to likes of Montrose. Airdrie. Qots and much bigger club budgets like peterhead. Kelty and QP. . Last night result looked inexucable but maybe winning a few games in L2 better than pissing into rhe wind in L1.. Good luck Saturday. Couple of early goals and you never know
  5. Natural observer here resding and watching on You beat our lot 3 times and were one mim away from 4th victory at New Bogheed Thought you looked no bad and perhaps feelimg effects of losimg few players to airdrie and peterhead in the summer & look at their performances I genuinely thought our lot were a moany bunch but it seems you didnt like Aitken. Murray. Duffy and now Farrell... Would easily have taken 3 from 4 at my club and was actually bit disappointed when JD left us as his coaching brought on many good players like Declan gallagher. Lithgow and Brian McQueen through his excellent defensive qualities... Expecrations maybe too high every season for some reason from you lads n lassies and genenrally every manager doesnt seem to be the one unless ive misread the odd post... Personally i have my doubrs re Danny Lennon at Clyde but realisticly on similiar crowd who else we/you going to get if our manager(s) depart... Good luck sat. Give me stags heed over Meadowbank any day o week
  6. Livingstone apparently off to FT fitba Gomis been offered terms on reduced wages few weeks ago Clear out was much needed sadly including a few fans favourites if we have any chance of fininshing outwith bottom 2
  7. I heard he Played with a broken toe v montrose. Only came off that game due to pain killimg injection started to wear off.
  8. Cuddihy. Mcallister. Splaine and Livingstone would be my priority with of course a goalscorer which arent exactly in abudance looking thro the leagues... Safe to say If were the 2nd lowest scorers again next season were probably not avoiding bottom 2 with Kelty coming up replacing a poor East Fife... Saturdays confirmation of our league status was a massive relief and who ever departs in the Summer will go with my best wishes as they all played an important part Foreva n Eva
  9. 2nil Monty in a stroll.. Need Airdrie and Cove to do us favours, Sadly Cant see Dumbarton losing both as Airdrie probably know their 2nd best (Not my opinion) and Cove will be in Party mood in 2weeks time... One eye on their result and whos likely to finish 4th in league below the attraction of the day Roll on "yet another" clear oot. Fed up saying that to be honest more often than not past 35-40years H&A Yer Mithers Pride
  10. Firstly another poor game, beat off a team who didnt have to do much and as i predicted Alloa would be safe as they got rid of the previous characters just in time In terns o my lot, There wont be a player told there away at end of season with 3 possibly 7 to go...Not a chance. However there is a chance one or two have signed pre contracts and maybe not giving manager 100%. What i do know is were in serrious bother, no shots on goal i can recall from last three games & Dumbarton quietly picking up points and seemingly played well on sat v Peterhead who comfortably rolled us over the previous week! Utter madness we didnt bring in a centre forward to assist young LJ in Jsn knowing fine well DGW was away Roll n sat and Cupa Tea with something strong it as this is going to last game o season for us
  11. Need to be up earlier to catch some of us out with these calender jokes. On yer way bsck to Non league chat san
  12. Bet Ray Grant is glad he knocked back Clyde in the summer. Hows he been for you guys. Noticed not been playing lately
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