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  1. Just wee update. Firstly thanks to everyone for the interest and concerm in my previous post through PMs and posts... My friend should be up once his Bank of Scotland Super squirrel passbook account will allow him to remove enough funds to cover the "advanced" mega bus fare .. Our final concern due to recent regulations & for those ITK , Is whether he will be allowed to bring on a couple packets of poundland sandwiches and a copy of the Glasweigan to break up the journey on public bus now ?! Simply to pass the time as oppose to wasting other peoples time.. Kind Regards SSB
  2. Asking for a pal here who is a wee bit short o cash & wants to come up to Glasgow soon hopefully maybe taking in a game if were allowed and he can manage to raise the admission funds... So was wondering if anyone knows if the megabus still runs from the south of england & if there is anyway of avoiding the 50p booking fee, like a discount code or something would be great for him Probably not the thread to post this on but is Clyde related Many Thanks SSB
  3. Stream was excellent considering teething problems at other clubs prior to saturday.. Thought we played quite well for first competitive back & things will naturally improve with game time.. My only slight criticism was the often long ball and we miss a Mcstay type to link up the play and get us back to our passing game under DL.. Yer mithers pride[emoji1267]
  4. Some players are just meant to be at a certain club... Willock. Knox. Carrigan and Lang to name but a few.... Hopefully this will encourage more interest in ST where affordable & really is great bit of business and ambition from our club... Away to put some claes on for now. Winter nights drawing in
  5. At ze back. Lamont in attack Great wee song. Two great players You just neva know what this crazy year will bring Yer mithers pride[emoji1267]
  6. Nah got a text at 10pm last night. Was heavy giving it big Zzzs & dreamin o paul shields. Friends with one o coaching staff at peasie
  7. Preferred the Sat evening show to the the new Sunday show
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