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  1. Potentially Ayr v Clyde. Would have gave my left kidney for this draw/day oot.. Pre Covid. Sigh
  2. Theres no better excitement than Scottish cup draw. Trumps the league fixtures and all the Diddy cups from Champions league to Lower league nonsence any day o week... Very bizarre the draw is for Round 3 is on a you tube channel. 80% of OF fans prob dont even know draw on i bet but same could be said for same people when their team are playing every other sat & their wandering around glasgow city centre shopping with WATP tshirts or Queens 11 shirts & so on... Yer Mithers Pride[emoji1267]
  3. Well said mate. Game could have been called off at 230pm if necessary.. Yer Mithers Pride[emoji1267]
  4. Chairman message positive reading. Hopefully club can financially push boat out for 3or4vplayers in Jan. Centre half. Centre Mid. Left back and of course Paul Shields...
  5. Sfa do know were playin a team 20min drive fae broadwood?!.. Old days this fixture had inspections 1-2pm and that was wae fans allowed in/travelling.. Very bizarre time but hope its aff and rearrange it when we might have a few L1 players... Yer Mithers Pride[emoji1267]
  6. More than happy to pay to my cash for Undersoil to be kept off[emoji106]. Re arrange game in march if/when we have stronger looking X1.
  7. Where is Trouten. Have him anytime to score at 5/1. Maybe reason odds that generous[emoji848][emoji1]
  8. If we can stay in the game till 19th min i might call my next wean Mcglashan
  9. In regards to GD i think a LOT of people are missing the hint here... We obviously dont have a network of scouts and a DL has signed a lot of guff (Wallace.Smith.Johnston.Petkov. Gorman.Ferns.Wylde.Allison to name just a few) I would hazard a guess this is Dannys achilies heel which club perhaps aware and this is the reason we brought in GD who ive been informed from a friend within the football circle that he is a fantastic appointment-Not my words.. However time for Action not words come 1st Jan Ymp [emoji1267]
  10. Thanks. We.ll get your team AGAIN no doubt.
  11. Home team cant score it seems v Away team that lose goals for fun in defeat or during a rare win... On that note about time we gave Howie a deserved chance in his natural position of Centre half alomgside TL & afraid drop Rumsby who gives his all every week but just not L1 level.. Cant keep relying on Forfar dropping points every week but sense most weeks will be watching their score unless things improve fast or player recruitment is to the standard of the league... Yer Mithers Pride[emoji1267]
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