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  1. We aint laid a glove on Falkirk all season & that 45min doesnt give me hope for change.. Thank f**k for Mitchell otherwise could have been 3or4
  2. Split coming up is going to no doubt include peterhead and East fife. Maybe not bad thing their still in about it if we need them to do the business one game v forfar/dumbarton as oppose to going thro the motions if their safe or more n less. Dumbarton n forfar picked up points at Falkirk and Firhill. Time me done same and we look lot more solid to remain positive Great 3points
  3. Lang - best game o season Nicoll - signing o season Goodie - 1st 10 looked knackered but otherwise Simply unbelievable.. Special mention to Otto. Howie. Rumsby and Love for non stop effort
  4. So if effect it did cost us money bringing him back wrongly in my opinion for only a one year deal when clearly that was all he was staying.. We had 3 centre halfs at club before he returned and of course any signing a risk but i would have rather we used it for a attacking centre mid of choice.. This isnt a witch hunt against TL may i add but one year deal and loss of transfer fee wouldnt have been for me
  5. Needs to be one game we have to go for a win. Thankfully goodie might be in that team starting.. Ive said since 1st game o season our supply chain is weak and yes mcstay was frustrating but was very very effictive (Look at 2nd goal v dumbarton before lockdown when mcstay got us park again from v tight position in last min).. Grant was amazing but Mcstay brought goals and brought on players like Lamont who is cleary missing the type around him & Central defender is getting the nod before him to go up top tonight was rather bizarre from all parties... Not going to the old road of players missing that has been spoken about to death but point im making is Nicoll return has been huge in terms of sealing the leak but going other way is still a problem since day1 and never beem addressed... Finally brings me onto to last point, Ton Lang is rightly a fans fav but "buying" a player from Dunfermline for only a one year deal wouldnt have been for me as pre contract confirmed & not a criticism of the lad but wasteful funds that could have been used to address the above... Hindsight eh
  6. Nicoll only been off 10mins and theyre strolling through us. Lang and Goodie up front combo [emoji123]
  7. 1st 20. Looked decent enough & young jamieson had good chance when through on goal and perhaps should have taken it with his right foot... All Cove there on with Mcallister best chance and well saved by Mitch.. Need to get few players on that can hold up and get them turned, its like watching us v higher league team trying to just stay in game.. Love up front to help LJ. Otto LB or Goodie on . Dont wait till we go goal down please Danny!.
  8. Settle a debate please Am i right n saying its an 18 league season followed by 4 game split. 22 in total.
  9. Loving the nicoll seethe (STILL) from some
  10. Starting to get bit concerned re DGW injury/absence... Hoping today were simply giving him some extra recovery time , if hes out for Tuesday/Thu were in trouble
  11. Going on our first half performance we deserved nothing with Howie's header start of 2nd our only real chance over 90 This Sat ensure these lads on team bus and only these - Vajs..Bain. Cassidy...Butterworth. Robertson. McCormick.Ritchie-Hosler. Lamont and couple of trialists if allowed.. Forget Love. Otto. Mitchell & of course DGW. 20k for playing this tie is nothing compared to league survival and hopefully kicking on next season... Dumbarton and Forfar both have cup ties sat aswell as midweek fixtures themselves & we need everyone fit and fresh for Tue/Thu
  12. Strange such a short term deal considering their season finished is it not?!. Anyways 3pts and weans out V Ayr will do just nice
  13. They have signed Greg Spence on loan. 4 goals since 2018 This also could be April Fools
  14. Q . Surely this aint just doon to Archibald. Where did it go wrong / Board change / over spend on average nonsence?! Am i disappointed ?! Obviously not thro healthy fitba rivarly but interested compared to my lot who have much less media and love attention
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