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  1. Word on the street were going back to a mock up of one of very first kits and colours...
  2. So hearts are getting compo which they could have got pre court costs... Now meaning after their bill they.ll end up with Zilch or less. Am i getting this correct.?!
  3. Macron do it AGAIN. No suprise Motherwell tops have been belters last few years through this company, yet to see a snider from them
  4. We signed Smith im like yass. Dancer 54 goals in 3 seasons for stirling. He.ll defo do I dont know if they played him more central or as part of a two , hes defo not a winger thats for sure Wish all the leaving lads the very best
  5. You know yer getting auld when your boyhood players pass away. Rip Rab Donnelly
  6. Always thought airdrie strips with V not as far down like late 80s looked smart. Days of coyle. Lawerence. Balfour. You get the picture
  7. Lamont is a good player and some people may only realise this if he leaves and his replacement not up to his level due to budget.
  8. Ah Never knew. I was thinking he could be one of the 'Pro's' mentioned in interview incorrectly and now confirms my worry that Ally love could be away reading between lines as rest either bit part or Young lads from a fairly obvious list (excluding Rankin of course if his retirement indeed true)
  9. Players released or retired (My list) Cuddihy and Duffie Rankin. Lyon and Wylde Fitzpatrick. Norway and Smith Have a bad feeling Ally Love might be in there, I hope im wrong but thats not to say he would resign but would rather we gave him that option.
  10. Yes echoed same on my own teams thead... Ohhhhh let us is now would you but 5 year ago we CBA and threw away a 2nil 1st leg win against a piss poor montrose team... On yer way. Shawfield sway[emoji2089]
  11. Dancer. You know where i would go if it hadnt already left [emoji1787][emoji481][emoji481][emoji481]
  12. Get well soon Jim. [emoji1267] Have no doubt he.ll be back up on his feet soon and not even a suprise he went to hospital AFTER a heart attack , Tough man and wish him all the best
  13. Giving people a 2nd chance in life for crimes they may have or not commited We dont judge . Your club are a total joke and hinging out the pockets of Hearts
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