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  1. Should have been 5 up in the first half 2-1 doesn't reflect the match we dominated
  2. The St Roch's fans are rancid also one of the worst supports I have come across
  3. Why would he especially the abuse you get from players and staff
  4. Yes we should as thats why you always want the big teams in the cups. Especially talbot that money helps us massively
  5. Still no right they could have left but to take the full team is shite.
  6. Doesn't say much for there characters doing that its actually disgusting
  7. We are certainly not training so stop talking shite
  8. No point moaning the leagues have been drawn just get on with it there is a lot of good teams I am looking forward to it [emoji837][emoji835][emoji837][emoji835]
  9. Whitletts certainly haven't been training was speaking to the manager through zoom he is waiting on the authority's telling us when we can go back training. The club believe its not worth risking the players the coaching staff or any1 associated with the club right through all the age groups [emoji837][emoji835][emoji837][emoji835]
  10. I can't see it being dampark especially if we have a match the next day. Would be better for the 20s to play at ayr academy on the astro
  11. Whitletts have applied for the 20s with Duncan George taking the reigns [emoji837][emoji835][emoji837][emoji835][emoji837][emoji835]
  12. Its no exactly local as you said they will bring more or less a full squad no giving much of a chance for local lads to get into the team. Poor show tbh I am so glad we are keeping it local and giving the lads a pathway into there local junior team [emoji837][emoji835][emoji837][emoji835][emoji837][emoji835]
  13. I actually can't believe all the Talbot fans aren't all over this it no like them to be quiet
  14. Scott Johnson has re-signed for the season coming really happy with this 1 [emoji837][emoji835][emoji837][emoji835][emoji837][emoji835]
  15. Louis kerr re-signed for this season honestly don't think I have seen some1 better at free kicks than this boy [emoji837][emoji835][emoji837][emoji835][emoji837][emoji835]
  16. What are people expecting it is the west of Scotland surely it must have been known that travelling was going to be happening
  17. Issac kerr has resigned the captain [emoji837][emoji835][emoji837][emoji835][emoji837][emoji835]
  18. Why comment when you don't what your talking about ?
  19. The club have resigned Adam Forsyth welcome back [emoji837][emoji835][emoji837][emoji835][emoji837][emoji835][emoji837][emoji835]
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