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  1. Stenny v Mo

    Lol...Can't help yourself 1320.Where is my pal Alessandro the Italian Grow up you p***k
  2. I know both of them. Do you? Cheerio.
  3. He knows me well enough to get the joke
  4. Aye..ok. We can be described as 'a shower of shite' but me pointing out the 'glory' of Montrose is 'unbecoming'. Got it. I notice you rarely pull up Neilly when he is 'unbecoming' toward chancers from rival clubs though. Just banter when he does it? Btw....you KNOW who I am and I'll remind you next time I see you. : )
  5. All in the past.Fast forward to 2018 and we are League 2 Champions pretty incredible if you ask me. Yep.....super......22 years to win the bottom division........pretty incredible. If you are going to throw around inane, petty shite like " He will no be sticking around with your shower shite next season that's for sure." then don't get all high and mighty when you get told the truth about your lofty position, sonny.
  6. ????? "2009–2010 season began terribly for the Montrose faithful, with the team failing to win any Division Three matches at all up to 16 January." "The club finished bottom of the Third Division for the first time in eleven years" "At the end of the 2014–15 season, Montrose came last in League Two, but maintained their status in the SPFL after a 3–2 aggregate win in a play-off against Highland Football League champions Brora Rangers " " 2017/18 season saw Montrose end 22 consecutive seasons in Scotland’s basement division. " Aye...The Glory Years......get a grip of yerself pal.
  7. You fuckers have very short memories it would seem
  8. Stenny v Airdrie

    Yes....you fucking were
  9. As far as I'm concerned he can f**k off back to Falkirk any time he likes
  10. Warriors v Bairns (Scot Cup)

  11. Stenny Versus Airdrieonians

    Absolute shite...you had dozens in the main stand