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  1. @Tynierose - Not fit to moderate
  2. The normalisation of the “far right” is far more appealing than the pathetic fascist tactics used by the left, let alone the far left
  3. @welshbairnhaving a heads gone to end all heads gones
  4. In Castlemilk they have Jehovah’s Bystanders.... They witness f**k all
  5. Grass is term used by morons to protect idiots
  6. Saddened to hear about the death of Albion Rovers goalkeeping coach Micheal Duke who has sadly passed away Dukesy will be a sad loss to the Scottish game. It was only last year he celebrated his testimonial after 10 seasons at Kilsyth Rangers Such a young man. Thoughts and condolences go out to all at Cliftonhill as well as his friends and family
  7. One simply does not do irony it would appear
  8. I am bothered. Not for me though, I’m bothered for @The Grass Is Greener. Mental health
  9. @The Grass Is Greener. - Obsessed Since 2017 Its really quite pathetic that he still holds this obsession with after 2 years
  10. He does that already with his mediocre hatstand log in A complete an utter toss pot of a laddie whos obsessed with attention via a football forum and as a result has never nipped a bird in his life. The thought of touching a tit would make him soil his breeks
  11. Sadly it would appear that the custodians of P&B hold the disabled with such utter contempt Next time Div is on Off The Ball I’ll phone in and challenge him live on air on the matter
  12. You really are an idiotic moron if ever there was one. You are so dense you can only reply using gifs and memes Are you 14?
  13. As I said, I was lowering myself to your level as your posts suggest you are lower than a snakes belly Mocking the disabled is disgusting behaviour you vile c**t
  14. @Tynierose @Bairnardo Ok mods, why hasn’t this post been removed and poster been reprimanded? Ive challenged the poster head on and been met with contempt, I’ve also reported this post and yet it’s still active If this post was about homosexuals or child abuse or anything untoward aimed at the direction of any ethnic minorities yous would quite rightly be all on it like a tone of bricks This is a sad indictment of what P&B thinks of fellow human beings with disability’s. It goes back to what I was saying regarding mods being complicit in divisions being created within the site. A moderator should be fair, balanced and impartial Its no wonder that this site has gone to the dogs with custodians like yourselves at the helm
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