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  1. June 8th General Election

    Big Eck, Wee Nippy and Gus. The SNP top bois are taking a hiding
  2. June 8th General Election

    Nationalists checking the results this morning be like... http://gph.is/2aZUbOH
  3. June 8th General Election

    SNP: Vote SNP for a strong voice for Scotland The SNP have had almost a full house in Westminster for the last two years and what good have they done...? Fück all
  4. Horrific club photos

  5. Scottish Cup final 2017* Aberdeen vs Celtic

    Celtic are so far ahead of everyone else in Scotland they should be known as the Invisibles Everyone in the meedja was crying out for Sevco to be in the premiership to make Scottish football competitive again... Celtic go and win an unbeaten treble Is it any wonder the game in this country is looked upon with as much contempt elsewhere
  6. Manchester Arena - Terrorist Incident

    Thought he'd posted in the favourite MILF thread type post IMO
  7. Workplace japes

    Just think those manky c***s will be dipping there hands in the celebrations as they get passed round the work, not forgetting when you's have office "fun days" and the buffet spreads all laid out and half of them have made the cakes etc
  8. Tidy Scottish Newsreaders

    Delighted to see Laura Miller back taking the reigns on the STV news at 6 after being on maternity leave She's certainly got her figure back but I'm disappointed she's next to no chebs, I was hoping they'd be nice and big with all the milk that's in them
  9. Favourite MILF Thread

  10. Favourite MILF Thread

    John Terry's maw? Anybody? I'd post a picture but I'm struggling to find where she's no got a boaby in her gub
  11. Tidy Scottish Newsreaders

    She looks like she's been dooking for chips This thread has taken a right downturn lately
  12. Heads Gone (The 8MileBU Awards)

    Absolutely pathetic Lee Wallace levels from Green Teeth there.