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  1. @Tynierose - Not fit to moderate
  2. The normalisation of the “far right” is far more appealing than the pathetic fascist tactics used by the left, let alone the far left
  3. @welshbairnhaving a heads gone to end all heads gones
  4. In Castlemilk they have Jehovah’s Bystanders.... They witness f**k all
  5. Grass is term used by morons to protect idiots
  6. Saddened to hear about the death of Albion Rovers goalkeeping coach Micheal Duke who has sadly passed away Dukesy will be a sad loss to the Scottish game. It was only last year he celebrated his testimonial after 10 seasons at Kilsyth Rangers Such a young man. Thoughts and condolences go out to all at Cliftonhill as well as his friends and family
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