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  1. Willy, would you just please weesht!! I want to read about the court case and hearts getting slagged and you’re making this thread insufferable.
  2. I think Scottish footballs attitude towards John Collins really highlights why we are where we are. Reconstruction, colt teams, project brave etc etc will make no difference because the main issue is purely mental, our players have the ability but seriously lack the mental attributes to make that step up and until chairman/managers/players and fans understand that massive change is required in the set up of our clubs it will never ever change. I personally love listening to JC and think it’s a real pity he is ridiculed as much as he is. I think he does have the character to make it happen but if no one is willing to go along with him then there’s not much he can do. I hope he does buy a club and introduce that sort of culture. I reckon he’d prove a lot of people wrong.
  3. That was incredible, delighted for Drew.
  4. Maybe a daft question here but what’s it like at an ICW event? Thinking about going on Saturday and dragging along the wife who isn’t really a wrestling fan. Never been before so haven’t a clue what to expect.
  5. Think he came out and said he can use it but chooses not to. Was happy to get the rub from it but wants to build on the American nightmare Cody brand
  6. I’ve subscribed to FiteTV for it. Less than a fiver a month seems like a good enough deal
  7. Just noticed that the second hour is on the Network. Suppose that’ll need to do
  8. Anyone attempting to find a stream for this? Really annoying we can’t watch it live
  9. You’ve fair lost your head there eh! You were moaning about not being able to celebrate your Irish history because you can’t attend a republican march and gave the example of you being able to go to Polish events without any hassle. Why should you be able to celebrate one and not the other? It’s simple really, one is offensive to no one and the other is extremely offensive to half the city and rightly should get to f**k. If you want to celebrate your Irish history then go to the pub and get pished on the 17th March like normal people.
  10. Poor stuff? You categorically deny that Rangers died when it’s fact. How am I then supposed to believe your version of history when you can’t get something basic correct? Rangers enforced a policy of not signing catholic’s almost right up to the 1990s but we’re all to believe that Celtic were formed because they were the sectarian ones. I think you actually believe that Protestants didn’t discriminate, just opened their arms and said mon in lads, here’s a job and just pop along to the local schools, they’ll be glad to have you. Do you look at other situations the same way? Those darn sexist women forcing us poor men to let them vote. How dare they!
  11. Yes that’s right. It’s all a myth just like Rangers dying is a myth.
  12. Not sure you’ve understood the point tbh. In saying that, I have no idea what your point is with that comment
  13. I’m sure then you would support the Germans living in Poland performing a pro Nazi march every year? Your Protestant grandparents and great grandparents should have thought about that back in the day. Maybe we wouldn’t have needed catholic schools.
  14. Why? I stated the price region that people are upset about. I don’t see the issue with paying £20 or say £28. The prices are fine as they are.
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