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  1. Who gives a f**k if we were shite. We’re doing it in Serbia!!
  2. You mean like Heart of Midlothian being an anagram for Ani, the mild fat hoor! Like that? [emoji23]
  3. Wah! Wah! Wah! Wah! Wah! Wah! Somebody phone this clown a wahmbulance!
  4. Signed up App is so much better than last year. Well done FFS Probs worth mentioning that there is a preset PnB league down the bottom of the page with 196 players already entered. Have joined that too
  5. What decline? In 2008, we nearly qualified automatically out of a group containing the 2 previous World Cup finalists having beaten one of them home and away. The last campaign we got utterly scudded by an average Russian team (twice) and a shite Kazakhstan team. We barely scraped past Cyprus and San Marino in 3 of those games as well. What decline?! ffs man, you’re at it!
  6. What do you mean irrelevant, he’s pointing out that this current crop of players is no better than the 2008 team which won 8 games in qualifying and therefore we are no further on. He’s also already pointed out that he thinks the decline is due to poor coaching and other countries being ahead of us in that area. Your claim that we will make a tournament and this is a good group of players is unfortunately questionable given the horrific campaign we just had. We may well make a tournament but it’s not because we are any better than we were 20 years ago, it’ll be down to the fact it’s much easier to qualify.
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