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  1. Offftttttt imagine being punted out the cups 3 times already. Not a great start for king snake eh? :lol:
  2. Oofttt Snake has managed to get papped out of the cup for a third time now in the space of a few weeks. Oh, and yep they are still bottom of the league as well. Pleasing.
  3. Funnily enough we are still top of the league, and you’re bottom.
  4. Ayr 1-1 Thistle Dundee Utd 1-3 Dunfermline Falkirk 1-0 Inverness Morton 3-2 QoTS Ross County 2-0 Alloa
  5. Gaston; Tumilty, Buchanan, Waddell, Iredale; McAllister, Millar, Tidser; McLean, Bell, Telfer. Hopefully this is the team. I know Waddell isn’t match fit yet but the only way he’ll get that is by playing games not sitting on the bench. Liked the look of Bell at the weekend took his goal well and made the right runs, would definitely prefer him over McHugh.
  6. Ross County Dundee Utd Dunfermline Morton Partick Falkirk ICT Ayr QotS Alloa
  7. Very comfortable for us. 5-0 going on 7 or 8. Very poor first game of the group but got a lot better after that. You never know what might’ve happened if we nicked an equaliser at Firhill. Looking forward to the league starting next week.
  8. Strapp, Buchanan, Waddell, Millar, Telfer, Thomson & Johnston all out for us on Saturday. Going to be a couple of youngsters in the starting XI. Bit worrying for the first game of the season as well.
  9. We have McLean on a season long loan IIRC. It’s Waddell we have for 6 months.
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